GTA 5 Online – How to Create MODDED OUTFITS using Clothing Glitches *After Patch 1.43* XBOX ONE PS4

what’s up boys and welcome to the
segment right here I’m your boy a sheriff you guys I put out the question
earlier today asking you guys saying do you guys want me to bust on a fake
glitch and there’s a lot of them in the community you want me to do a modded
outfit or do you want us to document the BMX glitch again one more time in order
to make things clear now it looks like a lot of you guys are downloads a modded
outfits and I’m good with that because I got a killer modded outfit lined up for
you guys for this video let me remind you have a few things in the beginning
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want to ask you one thing I’ve been working on a V blog a V blog usually
when I do something as a V blog I try not to do it as a one day thing I try to
do it for a couple of days and then piece it together let me know if that
would be something that you guys would be interested in it is a piece of my
life and maybe you guys have the time you would like to sit and watch it just
let me know in the comment section okay let’s get on was a smart outfit always
hook up with me I’m always reading your comments let’s do this baby like the
king squad always does so the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
go under the special tops that are unlockable to celebrate what rockstar
always gives us for free and we’re gonna take the t-shirt that they just recently
gave us there you’re gonna go ahead toward the
caps and you’re also gonna match it with the red hot little cap the one that they
also gave us for free make your way to paints now under this option right here
one of the most hottest outfit that’s going around right now is the one that
has the white joggers everybody wants the white joggers well unless you have
20 minutes on your time and you willing to sit there and tries to glitch it in
in the director mode this is the closest thing that you’re gonna get to it so
grab that pants that I got then go under tops and get the ice plate carrier from
there you’re gonna be matching super cool go under boots and under the boots
get the one that’s gonna be in black it’s gonna match this outfit and it’s
gonna give it some nice contrast the black harness boots are gonna be working
perfect here make your way over to accessories and now equip the white
gloves after you equip the white gloves you need to start equipping the cuffs
we’re gonna go for the cuffs that are black in color okay from there you are
set make sure you have the goggles that I have on but you don’t have to worry
about it grab the skull tactical ski mask and
from this point boys and girls you need to save at least one time I’m gonna call
this outfit white out and we are gonna make our way over to the telescope you
need to put the mask first and save because if you don’t put the mask first
it’s gonna cancel the other options so just follow the steps that I’m doing
from there you need to run toward the telescope holding down the interaction
menu and the right d-pad or the right d-pad and the interaction menu and then
equip your hat first once you quip the Hat go down to the
goggles and equip the pink goggles that’s gonna match it from this point
you can also go all the way down and equip a scarf most of the times we go
for the black desert scarf I do like it a lot
but because this outfit is called whiteout I wanted to completely have a
white outfit on more than the black outfit so the mask is gonna complement
the scarf and the vest that you’re wearing and the outfit is almost done
from here you need to go ahead and save it one more time because now we’re gonna
try to glitch the duffle bag on top of it now if you guys have the outfit with
a duffel bag already in the inventory and you
because you’re part of your Sheriff and we always have outfits like this off top
you can go ahead and equip it right now near the chopper get inside the chopper
and get yourself a good height once you’re up in the air jump out of the
chopper holding down your interaction menu and flag the outfit that you need
to transfer the duffel bag over in our case it’s gonna be white out as you’re
about to land and he takes one strap of the parachute off you click on the white
out outfit and that’s gonna transfer the duffel bag now you guys let me know if
you want me to document the video to show you how to get the duffel bag make
sure to let me know in the comment section and we can go from there but if
you do have it in your inventory it should be fine one last step that you
need to do of course is go back into your CEO tower or your apartment and
save this outfit one last time when you load into any lobby you’re not
gonna have the duffel bag all you got to do is pull up the interaction menu and
load the outfit one more time the duffel bag is one of those things that rockstar
is trying to blacklist like the cop outfit so let’s hope we have it and we
can freeze it on our outfits for the time being a lot of people couldn’t get
it for awhile but there is a method to get it right now like I said if you want
me to document it you can go ahead and tell me and I’ll have it documented for
you guys I hope you enjoyed the video do drop a like if you liked it this outfit
is one of the cool outfits that I’m gonna have in my inventory for a long
time I hope you guys enjoy it and I see you playing around with it when I jump
on GTA 5 online I’ll see you guys on the next segment peace baby



  2. I just finished watching your old gta in the hood videos and damn those are actually pretty funny bro😂 it would be really cool if you made a throwback rp episode one day, but anyway, thanks for these videos bro, we appreciate it!

  3. Heck yes we wanna see a vlog man (side note also document the duffle bag pls senpai) and nice modded outfit I might change the cap tho to change it to a white or black cap tho but tbh I usually just rock a nice suit hope you had a good 4th of July man. Happy Friday.

  4. hey yasherif I just want you to wish my happy birthday day(7/16)(im turning 14 ✌✌💥😁😁)and I wanted to say keep up the good work I'm proud to see someone documenting on a old active game

  5. If you needs the space helmet or anything modded outfits I got save wizard I can do it it's not free tho add me Blakknee_Grow1 tell me the amount of outfits you want I will determine the price am not doing 2 outfits it's a waste of time and I also make custom modded outfits so whatever you want on your outfits I will make if you are not interested then please have a good fucking day I would like PayPal but maybe we can work something work IF YOU GOT ANY Question ANY PRICE OR ANYTHING DM MY PSN Blakknee_Grow1 thank you very much

  6. Hey man I’ve been a gta5 player for a long time and I completely understand what you’re saying and I fully support you

  7. I need help. I have a modded outfit but I can’t save it, I go into a new session but I can never save it 🙁

  8. Lol i came from another youtuber channel that made me not like you lol now i see he wasbthe fake one mybad bro i like what you do lmao

  9. What kinda car is that in the thum nail?!?!?! I HAVE TO KNOW PLEASEEEEEEE😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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