GRWM : Makeup & Outfit for Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

Hi guys! so, im in jakarta and im so excited cs today ill be going to Jakarta Fashion Week and ill get ready and today, ill go to fashion week with makeover so, ill get ready with all products from makeover so, ill arrange this first first of all, i use makeover hydrating primer all over my face as based makeup as my t-zone is oily, i put makeover velvet mattifying primer and i apply this only to my t-zone as to make it more matte and i really like this primer, it smoothes my skin bcs today’s event is important, i want my skin to look flawless so, i’ll apply corrector from makeover first, ill take the orange one for my dark circle then, ill take the green one to cover redness around nose and other spots the function of corrector is to neutralize skin color as when we want to cover it with concealer, the skin color evens out, it does not look grey especially, dark circle after that, ill use makeover liquid foundation shade ochre dab it on skin and use sponge to blend them the shade fits me as it is yellow undertone and has medium coverage the result will be natural, u might build up to have more coverage and be flawless after that, ill take concealer to cover dark circle now, ill use makeover highlight and contour stick to contour my face when i want to have full face makeup, ill use stick contour first as base then use powder contour to make it look much better and flawless i like this stick contour bcs it is easy to blend and the result is good not patchy at all then, i use makeover powerstay mattifying transparent powder to bake my skin as to make my makeup stay longer, not oily, and flawless while waiting the baking, ill draw my eyebrows using makeover brow style eye definer bcs the color is a bit light, ill use the dark brown eyeshadow to make my eyebrows look darker and even thicker after the draw finished, ill remove the powder now, ill take this brown from makeover nude eyeshadow palette then use it overall my eyelid now, ill take the concealer using brush to make half cut crease and ill use gold glitter from makeover to apply it on concealer bcs this is night makeup, i want to look a bit extra, thats why im applying glitter now, ill take the brown color to darken the upper eyes then, take the dark brown to darken the outer v now, im gonna line my eyes using makeover hyperblack superstay liner i love this product so much cause this is super smooch proof it is dark and bold before wearing falsies, ill use mascara and this is from makeover ultimate lash mascara now, ill take brown and dark brown eyeshadow for my lower lash line then take the light shimmer to apply on inner eye corner for my cat eyes, i like to use the light shade in front to make my eyes look round now, ill contour using soft brown and blush using soft pink this is from highlight and contour palette from makeover and the last is highlighter and for night event, ill make sure my highlighter is on point when the lamp shines on us, our skin will look super glowy and healthy for lips, i use makeover cliquematte lip stylo shade eclair then, touch up parts that is still not good and we r done with the makeup okay, done with the makeup now, ill change my clothes im going back to hotel that was my first time going to fashion show it was an excited experience i like the brand that shows plaid outfit, thats my style i also like jill gloria, the outfit is unique so, thats all for today’s video hope u like the grwm and vlog video of mine dont forget to like if u enjoy this video and subscribe thank u so much for watching and c u next time bye


  1. Make up kakak keren bangettt
    Kaka juga mirip Lee Seol aktris korea kak… Sumpak kakak cek aja hehehe
    Cantik… Make up kakak yg ini yang paling aku suka😍

  2. Mnrtt aku yg bgus dr makeover itu foundation nya.buat lipstik nya saya kurang suka.maaf ya buat yg lain nya mngkin gk sama ma aku.aku lbh suka revlon.

  3. Tante, buatin video make up terus,soalnya enakkkk banget liatnya.
    Meskipun saya masih kecil,enak banget liatnya,karena tante cantik banget

  4. Ce moli ..kalau kulit wajah kulit pakai foundition yg no berapa bikin wajah cerah karna kulit wajah ku putih

  5. Ka knp y klo sy pake Foundation tuh ky ngga nyatu sama muka tolong dong ajarin buat muka berminyak dan berjerawat

  6. Udah cantik bermake up tapi sayang rambutnya cuma di kuncir. Saya paling ngga suka kuncir,mungkin krn kerja di salon ya.

  7. Kamu berbakat jd youtuber
    Angle nya pas
    Suaranya enak
    Music theme nya pun matching
    Hasil gambarnya pun terang dan jelas
    Gini nih bagus bgt youtube
    Dia sistematis bgt
    Good job!

  8. De verdad te mereces mis respetos Dios mío es increíble la personalidad que tienes ,todo lo luces esplendoroso con ese estilo tan sutil , me encanta ver tus vídeos aprendo tanto de ti muchas gracias , un saludo afectuoso desde México 😍😍😍😍

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