boy I'm gonna be so cute tonight hey y'all what stops me and welcome back to my channel for today we are doing a full get ready with me hair makeup onstage girl I haven't made one of these them forever and I really like doing them vlog style so I literally just got done doing a face mess like teeth mess everything it's in a whole separate vlog I was sugar all the products that I used to achieve me bouncing back from a long week okay so now I'm about to go ahead and get ready for tonight tonight is my stylist like birthday parties birthday was Wednesday Tuesday to that yep it was on Tuesday so we're gonna go out and I need you're ready and I can't be looking like a basic beach so I got this shirt yeah I kind of want to show y'all how I spice up my outfits from being uglies books from basic like basic is fun basic a shirt so I'm gonna cut this after I get done get them ready and stuff I'm gonna cut it so yeah I don't want to show y'all just like how I put my office my hands feel like that so y'all can get some what about idea of what you should do and I really been into the under booth look like I really feel like that's sexy but not doing so much non-singing so yagura so I mostly do eye makeup and yes so let me do mine at somebody because we got in chop-chop money so let's chat because I kind of want this to be like a chit chat get ready with me like always y'all don't mind this I just had like this under-eye face mask on in it like irritated my skin just a little bit y'all is a skin I can't be putting a lot of product on my shit so anyways y'all see there James Charles and the girls sake get into it sis see I watched the whole video Oh anyways so basically like my you know it really doesn't fucking matter what I think but I'm gonna say my opinion any fuckin ways because I wanna know what y'all think about it so basically James Charles did some shady shit wait sugar bear bear y'all I actually take these vitamins but if my friend had vitamins think I would definitely promote her but the point is that James Charles at Coachella or something and he needed security and sugar bear here was there was like bitch will give you security to protect child ma fuck me Nast and Yankee best clothes like okay and I'm pretty sure they was like but you got to do this so he basically promoted their vitamins in his Topsy has some vitamins like and this girl really goes hard for gender I was like she goes really hard for him and it's just like damn James you one hungry like he probably thought her though we asked wasn't gonna go nowhere from their friendship after he did that he was like oh she he thought she was probably gonna be super understanding and she was gonna okay cheese that's okay I understand no that bitch was so emotional she's emotional I would have been emotional too like especially in a big ass industry like this like the whole beauty world or whatever like it's so hard to find genuine people and you think that that's your genuine friend and you going hard for them they need to go hard for you and she and then James Charles didn't reciprocate that back to her so just like Xena but oh good I don't know I don't know too much about the girl taxi but she's a big left she has her own company and she's a youtuber and yeah and bitch Jim charles following is going down I'm like damn but I really like Jen's house I really love his work ethic and stuff like that his creativity like a say in a day he creates his own videos and stuff like that I'll give that to him but the girl was saying like she helped him even though people wasn't like you know fucking with him and she was like her her husband was my heart for him to get him some some money from YouTube and stuff like that like Sam and you crossed her like why would you do that and then I guess his other gay boy had to put his two cents into it or some shit like that like it's just like boy shut the fuck up why is she wait I didn't even know him so I don't know why he's talking about I was like damn and then she was saying like James be turned buck on straight boys and she she's feeling an oddity she done she don't fit up this is fed up okay my sister so she knows you're I cannot you know and happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there I'm not a mom yet but I don't know if anybody that is my girl be a mom is probably the hardest thing you probably ever fucking doing life and I salute all the single moms out here and happy Mother's letting y'all y'all deserving y'all deserve the recognition that y'all get all the sacrifices you know me make just to make your child happy and have a better life and one day one day hopefully I'll be one but I don't know oh yeah I'm fell in love with the baby no I think he's so fucking wrong and he might he's a up-and-coming artist and he's played he like he's late like he has that sound and it is doles like I know money rep like him and I really like how he read hopefully one day so you can take me out on oh yeah okay that's what I wanted to talk to y'all about kylie is a new skincare routine I mean skin care line that's coming out May 22nd I believe this is Debbie Chisos I swear that I don't know she just really like doing her thing I really salute her buses sometimes shit I know it's not gonna work but I do want to try her on vitamin C serum and what was they her moisturizer I'm gonna try her moisturizer how moisturizer oh no it was her under eye cream it looks so dope because you know how under-eye cream is like in a little tub thing or whatever and gotta stick your hand in and then put it under your eye bitch this bitch is really fucking smart she has it and like a cute little tube thing and like it squirts out and then it can just go under your eye and I'm like you did this song real quick you just did II and I'm like I wanna try that so I'm gonna get her under eye cream her vitamin C serum and made me the moisturizer I don't know but those two things I'm gonna get because I really needed so I'm gonna do a little review on the head for sure I really been thinking about like my YouTube plans and like what I'm gonna really do with my platform like as far as something business-wise you know I do do collaborations promoted videos whatever but I really want my own thing with my own name on it I really been thinking about it because this hundred thousand subscriber shade better comes to I'm not fucking playing I'm a necessity but I'm in no rush I love my subscribers that I have now I love sitting with support but yeah I just been thinking about my like plans on what I want to do like do I'm gonna start a business like what type of business do I want because like with YouTube this is basically like a platform to start a business or to start something like that you want to do as far as entrepreneurship or like be a blogger or whatever like basically it's like a stepping stone pretty much and I really love this platform like I really am loving the process I'm really like the love initiated because without that means that like clearly I wasn't an overnight success like I'm people be like oh your channel grew so yah yah I really don't think my channel grew fast or anything like that like I'm at 60 over 60 that will make me feel like I was like growing back but I don't think I'm I feel like I'm moving at a slow pace other than other people but you know what I'm enjoying the process I'm gonna join the process of a means becoming more like consisting learning how to be consistent and you know keeping up with like I like being like just like I'm just being more consistent and being more like business that you know what I mean like working towards something other than having overnight success and being comfortable like I'm not comfortable so I need to work hard and I feel like if I was was an overnight success like I would feel comfortable you know I'm saying like I would be like oh they don't watch me regardless you know but at the same time people with overnight success have to still maintain a YouTube like they still have to upload like cuz if you're not around then what the fuck like what what is me watching you at for like what are you watching for because I was literally just looking at the player forever and she had an interview with this girl named Cara and um there was just talking about like how to get YouTube success fast and stuff like that and the shoes being the truth she was saying that people who are overnight success they still have to maintain like you subscriber count' being consistent and some people aren't like that once I get overnight success I feel like those people get too comfortable and you don't see them within like two months or something don't they don't upload like that so I really I'm really happy that I wasn't because I would have been comfortable like yo watch it by the way but but no I loved one to shade so and I'm not stopping no time soon I did more to help y'all be a beaches and conquer the fucking world okay flying like I can always be cute I can always cut post my picture and talk to y'all comments y'all gas me up all the time period like gas me get me upset give me a ho thank you guys you don't know what I hate I really hate when my buggers really think I'm like look again like I'm that bitch okay yeah I'm not bitch you can trust me I'm not not that vision can be playing around me like I said I'm out I'm getting ready I'm getting ready to play I swear God after my green drink today I've been duking and farting all day you had a green drink – same thing y'all is so hard to do a winged liner where eyelashes on but I think I got a down pat you know because I do the shape but I could because built for and we get the cookie you got good boy oh I'm gonna be so cute tonight and we're on point next I'll be so I feel so accomplished that I get my winged home with lashes it was so hard for me but now what the fuck oh my god I got charcoal in my teeth our job so makeup is done I'm about to do my hair my hair is a New Delhi hair yard this hair bomb I just got a curl last night but I must still just touch it up a little bit this is the second install I'm gonna show y'all once I get done curling it it takes it off because I just want my baby here's to be lay still I haven't stuck it on since yesterday but this hair is so bomb y'all literally like everything like a literally blends like with my scalp like it's literally mine or something I don't know but I really like this hair um I haven't had any shedding problems I haven't had any shedding problems with this hair is super soft and nice I really like it it's definitely one of my faves um yes so check on the Bella here because this here is bomb okay so I'm gonna just show y'all how I curl my no doubt my hair so Alessia sorry look at this lace you are like what y'all gonna really fuck with noodling here like this is amazing wow that's crazy so don't forget to shop noodling here and check the description box below to get all the hair detail because you need I don't know why my camera's blue but this is the finished curl look it's so cute it's super pretty what I was going for so yeah cute so make sure y'all shop New Delhi hair all the details will be in the description box below so this is the finished look so basically that shirt was pretty plain in the beginning on a show job so I just tied it up I was gonna cut it but I didn't want to cut it from me and these these are my pants that I'm wearing see highly these are the pants I highly recommend that you do cuts and your jeans to make your outfit pop in because says like it's 20 19 this wouldn't be summertime it's act up season you're hurt so I'm gonna rush right now but I enjoyed getting ready with job don't forget to shop me go ahead it's bomb so don't forget to like I'm gonna subscribe I love you guys so much and I'll see y'all next video bye


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