"Golden Arms" – 44 Yrs – "BEASTMODE" Requirements" – NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – Weequahic Park

stigmatism in my soul yeah we gotta hear no we gotta hear no plans we are here live assembled right here I'm I look with the book with a good brother brother got gold in homes very handy big space gonna get the Beast no workout just look at the list baby push out 25 pull up 40 push-ups 20 pull-ups are so long line watch these young brother work okay okay we got here know when you take off these Motown 20 pull-ups 30 push-ups 15 pull-ups 20 push-ups 10 pull-ups 10 push-ups 5 muscle ups one must dip 5 second hold on muscle up to ditch 5 side of oil all the way to ten dips golden arms y'all know if New Jersey is 11 o'clock in the morning the parkas for you want to give money you would judge know what no matter where you at man you be you've got damaged South at South Africa South America daddy somebody on Saturday morning come to know we quit park you got a 25 pull-up check out golden arms last video we did there's no mercy joint over Garfield money good there's 25 pull-ups y'all straight we waive parking no man what's next 40 push-up fucking nigga right here this minimal ratio this minimal rest numbers 40 other symbols feel together now trying to get you close god bless a magnum stay focus on this workout all right 20 pull-ups be small challenge what's going on right now you don't all right ten snack 15 pull-ups we've got things all in this let's go here Norma 15 full of be smoked out come on next 20 push-ups seen it yo y'all every Jersey man come in a week we pop man some to say it's a lot of money out here to get maybe she'll be standing around a lot of money to get yes Tim pull up you see see see baby dig dig dig temple up and dig what's next a push-up six minutes on focusing on time – huh five muscle-ups whoa bad muscle ups what's going on I muscled up hustle up Oh arrest good okay just work out a musty on poor got a must oh I 7 minutes right now huh some y'all I said man 8 minutes 12 seconds one day put it in your Barbie see that shit see that shit yeah no you do shit money now OOP three two come on then last one last one all right next thing these with one muscle up one dip fuck one muscle up one day at five seconds oh baby you out here one must of that one dick five second hole one muscle up one dip five-second whole muscle up done for one two three four five oh well muscled up to tips so if I say go five four three two one all the way to ten tips for muscle up for dips yeah okay okay right right okay so oh so that's how you doing man one muscle up for dips then one muscle a bad get all the way to ten yes sir okay okay now see how we go the thing yeah there go the motherfucking thing so y'all can see it what you are to see mr. just to work out so that was three that was three dibs right there right still good job eleven minutes forty sports yeah yeah y'all ready on the bullshit I got a shit ed that to my time last year to bar the belt check that duh it's all good sir to take a mojo to come out give money nigga one two three four five six all the way to ten yeah okay so as we go back to seven start back the ASL there is sup man let's go there it's going on you see what's going on door week yes sir yes I did okay yeah seven you know all out here in the park man part for man women in the park all right guys let's go take off one muscle of seven dips it's a master workout yeah one three six seven five six seven two three five six seven so yeah we're gonna fill okay last job I said one must love ten tips be bold challenge Diane week wait well there's Essex County they can swirl up you see 20 minutes oh oh you definitely 20 minutes with five minutes 16 seconds and you got to put in some wait time for the bar subtract over a few seconds yeah but shit a minimum fuck like you do this shit you pay all day all week so Joe whatever don't get jumped to muscle up up 1 2 3 6 money please Beauchamp there's no challenge complete the RS now with that exercise where you feeling the most pop over here like from here over here it's high I can't film no so your pecks back on back – yeah Oh joint yeah what about the cardio piece when it's puppet right now you know man minimal rest try any anyway you know I failed on the first five muscle loves try and get up there I was filling myself some time you got to take a little short breather man habit once I worked out hard yesterday my cousin guy seemed to work out so I want to work out I got to be smooth tomorrow yes I can't say no oh she worked out yesterday – yeah I did attend out pull ups go home pull a bunch of fruits in the blender have no juice juice drink no I'm saying what song have you – vegan raps and call it one – laid off no protein shakes no that's just straight-up juice no protein no whey proteins in the food have a couple of almonds of Sun man that's it slow if that's all you need yo dairies check it out man what I'll do uh thanks for coming down man fuckin with me look that y'all fuck with golden arms you follow him on his Instagram golden arms one at her golden arms one on Instagram they'll fuck with him man these will be small requirements complete baby yeah dude Aries peace out kid without all right


  1. At 40 plus even tho I consider it still young my bro still beasting cause that routine is killer 💯 respect fellas

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