hi everyone welcome to my channel today we are gonna be doing something super exciting so I'm gonna take my super girly girl of character Lea my name and I am gonna make her switch outfits with Rainn my goth alter-ego for one week do you think she'll make it through a whole week Justin up with goth outfits I mean that would be kind of crazy I mean I'm feeling like dressing up in all black and looking real cute that's just my mood today so we are gonna do that if you want to see rain aka the goth girl wear girly outfits for a week let's get this video to 6000 likes and I will do that video for you guys also I've seen you guys freak out when I don't wear my cat ears but I spilled coffee all over my kitty ears so we're wearing these poof's that I have a weren't in a really long time but I think they're really cute and they match with my shirt and also before we get in this video we gotta make sure that highlights on fleek okay hold on got to make it sure it's extra poppin cuz we got a we got a blind the haters I'm gonna use the color unicorn yes look at that no it is not sweat no it is not grease this is highlight on fleek okay now we're officially ready to get into this video so let's get started I'm cleaning the camera screen okay so this is the current outfit we have on right now it's my prom my little prom outfit cuz cuz we just went to prom let's go into our dorm and let's get started with this roleplay oh I can't believe I made this bet with rain to wear her clothes for a week I don't even know if I'm gonna be able to go through with this you know what I am looking forward to the day where she has to wear my outfits for 24 hours then this will all be worth it okay so let's go ahead and pick out her outfit for the day so she gave me black hair dye temporarily I still want really cute hair I mean I'm not saying rain didn't have QB hair but I'm gonna miss my pink hair okay I kind of like this shirt I'm gonna sneak in some pink I hope she doesn't notice or like say anything so we're gonna keep this up skirts I want to wear it yeah I was still gonna look like wear skirts and stuff in heels is she gonna have a problem with that all-black so I have to do this for Monday through Friday and go to school every single day she said she said she wants me to see what it's like to be her now I gotta put on my makeup I have never wore my makeup like this ever in my life this is just this is just next-level okay this is my mood I'm a little bit annoyed here how perfect haha rain I'm gonna wear this for a day rate see what you say no she'll actually get really offended if I do this okay let's keep looking for a makeup look all right I like this actually so now I want to wear wings so I could just hide behind my wings all day so dark wings let's do the silent death wings and we're we're ready okay we we got our first outfit of the day our hair is really dark I've never had my hair this dark in my life it's time for glass hello everybody's in computer class right now did I really miss class oh that's not good oops I already missed our first class of the day I mean might as well get a snack or something cuz I still gotta eat a chocolate-covered marshmallow sounds good to me doesn't really sound that feeling but I need something sweet and I need chocolate to distract myself from what I'm wearing right now oh thank goodness this is delicious Oh yum yum yum yum so what's the next look oh I like her wings I'm gonna tell her like maybe I can make some friends alright well I guess I got to go to English class because I just got ignored all right English quash let's go time for a pop quiz click the option on the board that is spelled correctly before the timer runs out oh I'm not that good at spelling um um I'm gonna study in the library the life library oh oh thank goodness okay I was it was an amateur mistake okay amateur yeah mmm-hmm I can't see the haters with my great spelling I accidentally bit my tongue let's go bring out the next one oh my gosh camouflage the chameleon went into camouflage to protect alright one last one oh no I always get this one wrong I wanted another piece of cake because I love is it with two S's oh thank goodness I always get that one wrong school's out okay thank goodness what is this bed no no no where's my amazing bed what is this okay you know what we're going all out you know what I am ready for a nap okay I'm just so ready for a nap pajamas all right I mean I guess this one works all right gotta take off the heels cuz I know for sure but rain doesn't sleep in here heels like I do all right I guess I'm gonna take a nap and in the morning we'll make a new bio and change her outfit cuz we gotta let people know it's morning already oh my gosh okay it's time for a new outfit slay Queen I like this look already you know what I want a dash of red for this look I'm gonna go all out today and it's gonna be the cutest look ever if I have to wear rain is closed for a week I'm gonna make the best out of this and look as glamorous as possible you know yes Queen she is fierce it's so it's so dark in here I can't see anything you know what I might need to I might need to go shopping for this look I gosh I gotta go to the bank all right well let's see what diamonds how much diamonds it's gonna cause for me to get it some new wings cuz I I kind of feel like going shopping let me pick my heels of the day first I want something really spiky because I'm edgy come near me you get poked with my shoes now wings I want something black and red dark wings ooh red destruction I like to torn dream so you know what I'm gonna get some more diamonds slide the credit card three thousand diamonds oh my I look like a Evil Queen don't you think let's see what the other ones are gonna look like red destruction oh I like this I like this but the other one makes me look like an evil queen so alright hi Anna I'm gonna try to scare Anna oh right um boo nothing oh I'm just gonna leave now it's a little bit awkward okay you know what let me see if I could switch up my makeup look he's a good look all right this is it PE class oh no how am I gonna do PE class in these clothes well that guys really buff what is his BIOS a frost Reaper half eyes half dark allergic to cupcakes how can you be allergic to cupcakes what you you're lactose intolerant or what oh okay alright I don't think I'm gonna be able to sum no I'm not that I just got my new outfit wet no I can't do this I can't even get out mmm ah it just knocked me back in no I am NOT doing this get me out of here I can't get out of the water No someone please I cannot do this oh my gosh no no get me out of here somebody Oh No oh my gosh I am NOT going to class today there is no way I'm just gonna go in my dorm and get ready for Wednesday okay because I cannot handle this I can't even fly until PE is over how dare they you know what I'll do one more class and then I'm gonna say no no more for the rest but they no no no please all right so let's go get our computer bug okay let's go to computer class all right last class of the day can't do it no mo tie in the script type the code at the top of your screen as fast as possible you'll be graded against your peers okay okay let's go come on I'm gonna win oh gosh where's Zeke come on it's not working aw I'm gonna get the best grades come on I'll see we'll see guys if I get the best grade 133 points I'm getting out of here I gotta go to bed let me get this outfit up I just want my pink hair back I just don't know what I'm gonna do I don't care if it's 10:00 a.m. I am done for this day good night ah good morning why don't we just rock the pajama look for the day huh let's go ahead and do what we were gonna do today we are going to change our bio dark fairy really mean when hungry I keep a cupcake in my pocket at all times trust me you won't like me when I'm angry put a mad face so you better watch out okay got it good I gotta be intimidating likes cute dark fairy princess cupcakes dude I don't know what rain would put what else does she like wearing all black and I guess that's it all right and we'll make it there we go cool I officially have a bio all right well bio is complete let's just pick an outfit for the day because I just told her I'd pick a new outfit every single day to wear her outfit I want this to be a simple look uh I feel a bit lazy today I want just the basic overall look with cute wings and simple makeup okay just like this this is pretty simple makeup right maybe something a little bit more toned out this this is my mood right now so why not silent death I'm bringing you back because this is this is my cash you will outfit you know what I feel like doing I am just gonna spend the rest of the day in bed until Thursday because I no one even wants to talk to me man all right I'm sleeping in these clothes there's already okay I think that rain should just be happy if I just go through Thursday cuz I just wanna wear my pink I just want to be normal again I am gonna go all out for today just so she could be happy I already have my perfect outfit picked out like this this I would wear this isn't too shabby but we aren't gonna make it even cuter all black okay she better be happy with this this is the last day I'm not doing Friday I want my Friday look to be my normal look baking class fine I think I could bear to go to cooking class I normally would do a cashew we'll all pink look I don't even know I don't even know how rain would make her cupcakes I didn't have my book oops let's do chocolate with red um cherry all right I like that perfect all right hey do you want one of my cupcakes no what about unicorn princess well the unicorn and Princess want a goth cake hey want a goth cake hello no you know what I can't even see with these wings on I am over this I need to go back into my room and change it to my normal face who can even function with these I can't wait until she spends a day in my shoes wearing all pink every day I bet you she's gonna throw up every single day get off these wings get off this outfit I can't uh-huh and my bed ahh I need to change my bed back to normal well at least I have a cupcake to eat okay guys if you want to see rain do a week challenge bring super girly clothes just like we had Leah we're really really goth clothes for a week she couldn't do it she had to give up she had to go back to her pink aways so like I said in the beginning of this video if u want to see rain do a whole week wearing girly clothes let's get this video to 6000 likes okay guys if you enjoyed this video make sure to push that like button on subscribe button up velvety so much for watching I love you guys bye


  1. Disney
    Disney is great’s missing something…

    IT’S MISSING PRINCESS LEAH ASHE!!!!!!!!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

  2. Leg can u followe me on public it's savored pls and wanna l love u gays I followed and liked u bothe pls l love u

  3. you are the best leah i watch your videos all the time
    when i can FaceTime my cousins but u and sanna are so inertanning
    to me

  4. most have been difficult….i wear black alot but that doesnt mean im goth i wear other colors but completely black?!? idk just not my type…

  5. "I feel like wearing black and looking super cute"

    Says the girl who is wearing white in real life

    And in game

  6. I was just in a bad mood but right when I played the video I was so happy πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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