Girard bridal shop gives vets free wedding dresses to honor service

One store in Girard…giving back to vets and their families in a special way today. Stephanie Leigh Bridal is giving military brides to be and their families FREE GOWNS. 27 First News Reporter Cameron O’Brien talked with one woman on the search for the perfect dress. She’s live in the studio with the story. [E14]20171109 GOWN VETS NT-STUDIO Katie Schumacher is getting married in a little over a year….but because of her job with the Coast Guard…she’s hardly got time to plan. She says Stephanie Leigh Bridal— is taking a huge weight off her shoulders. [E15]20171109 GOWN VETS NT-PK NATS Curtain opening CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Katie…doesn’t know which dress to say “yes” to. KATIE SCHUMACHER, BRIDE TO BE: I THINK THIS IS MY FOURTH OR FIFTH DRESS…AND I’VE LOVED THEM ALL! NATS This is like the pink one, but in ivory CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: She’s getting married next year. NATS July 28th, 2018 CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: The dress… Just ONE of her worries. KATIE SCHUMACHER, BRIDE TO BE: YOU KNOW, GOTTA PICK A LOCATION, GOTTA PICK A VENUE, A DJ, A PHOTOGRAPHER. NATS One, two, three, send CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Planning a wedding is tough as is. Try doing it…when you’re a lieutenant in the Coast Guard. Katie’s stationed in Cleveland. The wedding is in Indiana. She moves around constantly. KATIE SCHUMACHER, BRIDE TO BE: I WENT DOWN TO THE KEYS THIS SUMMER AND RIGHT NOW I’M WORKING ON SOME PROJECTS IN TEXAS WITH HURRICANE HARVEY NATS Curtains closing CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Stephanie Leigh Bridal in Girard- wanted a way to give back to military personnel and first responders. Four years ago, they teamed up with Brides Across America– so they could give military brides to be the ULTIMATE gift. Right now- they’re the ONLY bridal shop in Ohio working with the group. STEPHANIE FARR, BRIDAL STORE: TO BE ABLE TO GIVE SOMEONE A FREE GOWN…THAT HELPS OUT IMMENSELY IN THE WEDDING PROCESS. BUTTED TO STEPHANIE FARR, BRIDAL STORE: SOMETHING THAT CAN JUST TAKE A LOAD OFF YOU KNOW, ITS ONE LESS STRESS FOR THEM. CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Katie LOVES the grind of working in the Coast Guard. KATIE SCHUMACHER, BRIDE TO BE: GO OUT THERE, RUN, BOOTCAMP. CAMERON O’BRIEN But there’s nothing that beats finding that special gown… NATS AW! IT’S LIKE THE FIRST ONE. I LOVE THAT. CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Getting her one step closer…to a lifelong dream. KATIE SCHUMACHER, BRIDE TO BE: WEAR THE WHITE DRESS, WALK DOWN THE AISLE AND MARRY THE MAN THAT I LOVE. [E16]20171109 GOWN VETS NT-TAG CAM Stephanie Leigh is open and giving away dresses until 7 tonight. No appointment is needed to pick out a dress. In the studio, Cameron O’Brien, WKBN 27 First News.

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