Get persistent armpit stink out of your clothes

Slightly embarrassing question alert. Have you got any tops that, no matter how carefully you launder them, they still seem to stay a bit whiffy? Do you know what I mean? I’m Rachel Papworth, from Green and Tidy, and I just want to tell you about a substance which I’ve found works really well on that kind of problem. It’s called “borax substitute”. I hope this
isn’t inappropriate advertising. I just want to share something that I’ve discovered and I think is great. It comes in a packet a bit like this. It’s not expensive (this cost £2.28) and you tend to find it in those hardware shops that sell everything, and they have all buckets and storage containers and drying racks and sponges and cheap chocolate for sale out on the street. And what you do is you soak the item in a solution of this stuff for about half an hour before you launder it. So I’m going to show you how to use it now. You make a solution in warm water (it does have to be warm water or it doesn’t dissolve) of about a third of a packet.There doesn’t seem to be much precise science to this. They say about a third of a packet in a bucket of warm water. So, I mean you don’t want to fill your bucket right up or you won’t get any laundry in, so I tend to bung in roughly a third of a packet into the warm water and give it a good sloosh round. I use rubber gloves for this because it dries the skin Borax substitute seems to be a substance called sodium sesquicarbonate, and I’ve Googled it and, as far as I can make out, it’s very Earth-friendly, and, yes, so let’s get this mixed up. And then you get your item and you just get it in the water, push it in there and leave it to soak. I usually leave it for half an hour, not longer because it does take colour out of things, and so an item that you’ve washed repeatedly in Borax will gradually fade over time and, for that reason, also don’t soak light-coloured items and dark-coloured items together because the colour will transfer. And then, after about half an hour, just take it out, squeeze it out, put it into your machine and wash it as usual. You can put the rest of this borax water in the wash as well, if you want to. I usually save it. If I’m going to do another load of laundry in a day or two, then I just use it for that. I wouldn’t keep it for much longer than that but, if you’re just going to wash again the next day, you can use it for that. I usually use some fabric conditioner when I’ve washed something in borax because I find that it makes the fabric quite harsh if I don’t do that but, with a bit of fabric conditioner, it washes up brilliantly. And that’s it. I find that a really useful product. If you find this video helpful, subscribe to this YouTube channel, and you can also click on the link that’s appearing on your screen now which will take you to where you can sign up to receive a free decluttering masterclass and a weekly dose of inspiration, from me, direct into your email inbox. Thanks for watching and see you next time.


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