Frozen Elsa & Anna Clothes Shopping with BARBIE!!! Barbie Parody Closet Sitting Part 3 DisneyCarToys

Oh, hiya Barbie! Hiya ladies. I’m so glad you’re here to shop
with me today. After seeing your closet, you guys need to shop. You two really need to
update your wardrobes, and add more clothes to your closet. My goodness, what are you
guys wearing? Are you matching? Uh huh, yeah, we’re matching. Yeah, I spilled some mustard on my princess
dress. And so I’m letting her borrow my extra Anna
princess dress. Ladies, you can’t go out in public matching
like that. And Anna, why are you using a medical bag as a purse? My purse was just much to small for all the
cash we needed to bring with for the clothing shopping trip with you, so I just had to bring
the medical bag. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the cell phone! You’re
telling me that this medical bag is filled with cash? Here, let me one tiny little peek at it. Holy
high heels! Look at all this money. I could buy so much stuff with this. Uh guys, I just
remembered I have to go feed my Chihuahua at home, so uh, gotta run. Uh, uh, uh, Barbie, it looks like you have
a little something of ours. You want to fess up? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Seriously, Barbie, you have our money shoved
in your hat, and down your shirt, in your sleeve, in your pants. Everywhere! Oh, the money…I thought you wouldn’t notice. Oh come on Barbie, who do you think you’re
kidding? I may be blonde, but I’m not as blonde as you. You catch my drift? Now give us our
money back. Even the cash in your pant leg. Oh come on! Sorry guys about the whole money thing. Sometimes
I get a little crazy! Anyway, let’s just start shopping. I’ll help
you two pick out some cute clothes. Ooh, Barbie, we found some beautiful dresses.
We’re going to try them on real quick and show you. Come on out ladies! Uh girls, your outfits…um… I know, right? They’re beautiful! Look, I’m
Princess Jasmine. And I’m dressed up like Belle. Mmm mmm, oh no you didn’t ladies! We are not
here to dress like princesses. We are here to buy clothes to look more like me, Barbie,
the best dressed person on the planet! Now go find something that’s pink! Ugh, royalty! You guys better come out of
there wearing something pink. You hear me? Something pink. We’re coming. Barbie, I think you’ll love these. They’re
both pink outfits, and we love them too. We can wear them to balls, and tea parties,
and other palace things. I chose a dress that is very traditional,
and fit for a queen. And I chose a princess dress, but get this,
it has glitter! Girls, girls, girls, you got the pink thing
right, but you need to dress not like a princess, but like a trendy Barbie. Here, I’ll just
show you. Ta da! This is fashion ladies. Think pink,
think wild, think Barbie! Look at this. The furry coat really completes the outfit, and
of course I have a pink bag, which I could fit my Chihuahua in. Elsa, I’m starting to doubt Barbie’s fashion
sense. Seriously, what is she wearing? I know. I’m kind of scared of her though. Well ladies, good thing you have a fashionista
friend like me. And since you have no fashion sense whatsoever, I’ll just pick out all your
clothes for you. Be right back! All the clothes in my hands are clothes I
want to try on. But…um…let me find some stuff for you
two. Come on, I’m dying to see your new outfits! This is so embarrassing! I hate leaving the
dressing room dressed like this. Uh, Barbie, I just don’t know how I feel about
this outfit. What do you mean you don’t know how you feel
about this outfit? Obviously you don’t look as good as I would look in the outfit, but
you look pretty good, and it was picked out by me. And I know fashion! And Elsa, your outfit is the best of all.
Pink leather jacket with floral print, polka dots with pink, a floral skirt with a pink
bow, it is just perfect. Uh Barbie, I just don’t want to offend you,
but it’s just, it’s not my style. What?! It’s not your style? It’s everyone’s
style! Everyone should dress like Barbie! Well, Barbie, I’m royalty and I need to have
a certain image, and … You just stop there! Are you trying to say
that my outfit is not fit for royalty? Anna, Anna, come here! Yes Barbie. Your sister here says that her outfit is not
fit for royalty. What do you think? Uh, well, frankly Barbie, I’m just kind of
scared of you. So I’m afraid to answer your question. Tell me! Are you saying you don’t like my
outfits? You two have made me mad. And when I’m mad I go crazy! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Rrrrr! Take that royal money! How dare they not like
my outfits! I am perfect! Rrrrrr! Ehhh! And I’m taking the wedding dress with me. Wow! Why do we even hang out with Barbie?
She’s a basket case. Look at this huge mess she made. She threw the chair. Did you see
that? Yeah, I wish I’d filmed it! She is just crazy! Hey Wendy, I’m sorry Barbie
trashed the place. We’ll pay for it all. Sorry! Click on a picture to watch another fun toy
video. And don’t forget to subscribe and like. Thanks for watching, and have a great day!

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