Fresh Top Huge Aliexpress Clothing Try-On Haul 2018 ♡ Dresses, Two Piece Sets And Tops!

hey guys it's dannika so today I have another Aliexpress clothing haul I actually have a bunch of stuff to film probably like 30 pieces of clothing and bathing suits so I'm going to film two parts this first part is going to be clothing and then the second part is going to be bathing suits so I have this huge pile of clothes that I'm going to go through and I have my phone and I have my phone and I'm going to show you guys how much I paid for each one and then of course everything will be linked down below so if you like this video is going to be super long so let's just get right into it the first thing I want to show you guys is this two-piece how can I show this this two-piece set I got it's actually like a tube top and then a long maxi skirt so all I've been wearing basically this summer are two-piece sets and a lot of them I got off Aliexpress this was only 1146 and I think it was free shipping a packet shipping I love it it's such a cute set I get compliments every time I wear it and I got a size small so I also bought another two-piece set from the same store and I always try to buy stuff from the same store just because I know that the package will come together and like I don't have to wait you know for like track multiple packages so I did get another two-piece this is what the top looks like it's super cute the material the material the material is um just like stretchy printed fabric I mean it kind of like feels weird but when you're taking pictures or like wearing it it looks totally fine and then this is what the skirt looks like it's kind of weird how like the buttons are just like placed on there's no like actual scene here um and I did buy it with this two-piece that I'm wearing now and it was 869 the next three items are all from the same store I got this leather cropped off I literally wear this like every single week that's why it's like super wrinkly cuz like I pulled it out of my hamper this looks exactly like the picture on the listing and it was 489 and I got sighs medium so the next item I was kind of upset when it came because it looked nothing like the listing so I thought the shape was going to be different and the material was going to be exactly like the picture but when you're buying off Aliexpress you kind of have to like take everything with a grain of salt is that the expression I kind of have to be like skeptical when you buy everything and then when it comes you're kind of just like okay this is what I get I'm gonna insert a picture of what I thought it would look like what the posting is and then this is what it actually looked like they do look pretty similar but in the photo it looks a lot more like opaque like you could just wear on its own and the stars look way bigger and the material looks a lot thicker but this is super sheer I mean it's still super cute I've worn this like twice this summer already but I was just a little disappointed it wasn't exactly like the listing but oh well this was um 618 and I got a size small so yeah so the next thing I've worn so many times ever since I got it because I've been wanting a pair of Bingham pants forever so I looked all across deep hop I looked in like forever 21 H&M and I couldn't find anything so I was like I'll just order off Aliexpress like hopefully it will come in time I probably worn these pants like 20 times since I've gotten them but they are so cute they are just these gingham pants actually the perfect length they're not too long I'm like five foot one and they come up to like a super nice part of the waist it's like super high waisted so you can get away with wearing crop tops and don't have to worry about like your belly showing or anything my gosh size small and these were 11:33 and they shipping was free so yeah so the next thing is another gingham print item that have been wearing all throughout the summer it's this is awful dress it had this awful tag and everything but I think it's like a dupe for brandy melville because I've been wanting one for brandy for such a long time but it's like $35 and this one only 11:55 hexing it's something that I might wear to a music festival I'm not sure yet I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear but it's this sheer floral dress oh well it's more like an oversized shirt and then because you soft aware like shorts underneath so this is what the front looks like there's all these like threaded flowers on it and then the back is super simple and it has like this banded caught in material on the arms so this was a size large and this was 636 but I wish I got a different size because it is a little bit tight around the shoulders but it's okay I'm still going to wear it the next item I got with the floral see-through shirt from the same seller it's this USA crewneck sweater I think it's like a dupe for a brandy melville I'm not really sure but this had like a lot of reviews so I was like might as well get it you can't go wrong with like buying a hoodie especially in those like chill summer nights um I gotta size large and honestly I thought the material was going to be thicker like an actual sweatshirt the pin on this is okay there's like one single white spot I don't know if you can see it but from like far away you can't even notice I did wear this multiple times and it's held up in the washing machine like I said I got a size large and it was 761 I got another two-piece set but unfortunately this is too big on me I did wear it just because I was like I don't want to waste my money but I am going to sell it on my deep hop just because it just doesn't fit the way I want it to I should have bought in a size smaller so this is what the bottom looks like it's this plaid skirt it is a bit short but it has pockets in the front and then it zips on the side here and then this is what the top looks like they're not actually the same print exactly but it still matches pretty well um the bottom fit me okay it was just a little bit big and then the top I have two safeties in it because it was kept sliding down I got a size Laura I should have just bought in a size medium I don't know like what I was thinking but this one was almost twelve dollars it was eleven seventy so next is this white top and I actually haven't worn this because it is a little too big for me I thought it would be a really nice beach cover-up but it's way too wide so this is what it looks like it's just like this white crop with like lace on it but it's way too wide and like I don't know it's just I don't like the way it fits so I might just sell it if you're interested I paid for Oh two for this so I'm gonna sell it for like five dollars I'll put it on my depop it's just a lot it's just way too big and I did get a size medium and I should have just gotten a size small I went to the Taylor Swift reputation tour and I knew I wanted to like dress up because I'm like a huge Taylor Swift fan um so my cousin guy decided that we wanted to dress up in like snakeskin print but I knew that I don't want to spend like $30 on something at like forever 21 that I was going to literally wear one so I just bought the first two snakeskin like dresses that I found out Aliexpress I didn't really like do much research on it so I bought two dresses the first one is this really pretty blue I think this is a dupe for like I am Gaea or something I know that there's like a 2-piece set version of this but I knew I wanted a dress because I was gonna be super hot and it has straps this is nice medium and honestly I could have bought a size large so this one's super small but I really like it and then I got one for my cousin because we wanted to match so I ended up getting this tube top one and it is a size small but it is so big it gets more like a medium but the material is super nice I don't know if you can see there's like glitter in the fabric and they lit a little bit big it still looked nice on but I'm gonna end up selling this one because I wouldn't wear it I'd rather wear the blue one but this was so this one was 590 and then this one was 847 this is size large and then this oh this is a size medium and then this is a size small is another dress I don't know why I got it I just wanted like a fancy red dress I guess my family was going on a cruise and there's there was a formal night and I was like oh I wanted like just look like super super fancy so this dress didn't end up coming in time for my cruise but I'll find a place to wear it eventually maybe like the holiday season it's this silk red dress it has like a v-neck thing here it's like a halter the back is like stretchy so um there's some leeway with the sizing and then the bottom it's just like it shows some leg this is a super nice dress for it only being 672 and it looks exactly like your picture and I got a size medium so there is a dress that I bought that I don't know where it is I think it's like somewhere in my closet but I'm going to find it for the Tryon part and insert a clip right now but it's this blue sequined dress that looks like one of the dresses that Taylor wears on tour which is why I bought it so I could wear it to the concert it's a super pretty dress and the only thing is that it's super low cut in the back so it shows like a lot of cleavage along side boob so what I ended up doing was wearing like a bra left just to give me more like coverage um and it was 1084 super cheap for such a nice pretty dress so that was all the clothing that I bought off Aliexpress for this summer I'm super happy with everything I got there were a few pieces that I ordered um off Aliexpress that I ended up not fitting and I sold them already so I didn't put them in the blog so thanks again for watching um hopefully this video was super helpful let me know if you end up buying anything off Aliexpress or what your favorite stores are I love discovering new places and new things to buy off the website be sure to follow me on my Twitter and my Instagram my handle is danica del Bray the same as my channel all the links will be down in the description for all of the clothing items and my social media and my D pop thanks again for watching and I'll see you in my next video I you

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