French fashion: 6 clothing classics by French designers | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte


  1. Two piece swimming suits were in use before 1946, probably not much more, but still. I recently watched a documentary in which a woman told a story about how she wasn't going to have her husband going off to WWII with a pinup girl in his pocket so she decided to make her own pinup pics for him. She put on her bikini (conservative by today's standards, even in comparison to the shot you used in the video), went outside and struck a pose and had her mother take the picture. WWII ended in 1945… this man would have been headed off around 1943.

    They may indeed be French in origin, I don't know, but I think bikinis originated earlier than you might think.

  2. Great video Justine! Wow learned a lot and am obsessed about French people
    with their Classic unique of styles 😍 keep up the good work 👍🏽 merci🙏🏽

  3. Lol I agree with Chanel, knees are ugly. I inherited my dad's pretty large knees so I love midi skirts and dresses! Wish they were easier to find, though they seem to be coming back in style.

  4. I came across your channel a few days ago and I have been hooked ever since.I wish I could just meet you and talk to you about fashion, trends and go on shopping. Hehe xx ❤️

  5. Bonjour Justine I only knew for sure that 2 of them were French. The striped Marine shirt and the little black dress. Funny how I thought denim was very American because the very poorest people that tended the fields like my great grandparents in the 1800's wore denim. Maybe it was another material and I just thought it was denim. Anyway, I learned very much from this video! Thanks so much!

  6. New subscriber here and am currently binge watching your videos! Je demeure à Montréal et la mode ici ressemble beaucoup à celle de la France, les mêmes marques de haute gamme dont Chanel, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. Je rêve un jour de pouvoir visiter la France, non seulement Paris, mais également la côte d'Azure, ce qui qui a l'air d'un vrai paradis sur terre!

  7. Please make a video explaining why some bags are so expensive! Chanel & Birkin cannot be worth those ridiculous prices.

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  9. LOVE watching your videos. I think you may be the closest female equivalent of the Gentleman's Gazette channel!

  10. Hi Justine, I'm a 52 yr young😊 woman. I'm 5'2" not tall at all😟 and to make it worst I'm on the heavy side(170😔) I know tmi, lol. Would you be able to please make a video for a more mature, classic & chic wardrobe? I often go shopping and wined up leaving without a purchase. I love the French look always classic and put together. Could you please give me some ideas I've been looking into starting a capsule wardrobe, I'm emptying my closet and starting new with the must haves. I'm ever so grateful for any advise. 😍

  11. Hi Justine: I knew that actually jeans where bora in Italy: they comes from"Jeane", the ancient name of Genova. And is in Italy, not France

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  17. I find a pencil skirt to be flattering and modest at the same time. Did not know it's origin. My favorite design to wear. I also wish to ask a question, okay two. I really like how my flat body loooks in a 20's flapper dress with a lot of thin pleats at the hem. They flair out beautifully as a woman walks. What became of tea length dresses? Always felt like a lady wearing them with a 3 inch heel. You can see I miss my own "classics". Please show me how to move modestly into my mid 50's. I no longer have any of my favorite styles. I must start again. Thank you.

  18. The shade of lipstick in this video looks flattering on you. (Since your gums show when you have a big smile, the dark red & the very bright red are too contrasting to your gums, making them look more prominent).

  19. I enjoyed this video the most! Good to know the origins of most of the pieces in my wardrobe are from France. Vive la France!

  20. Hello Justine, I am an American that is new to your channel.I must say I really love you and your channel.I have learned so much in regard to all things French.I subscribed immediately, as all viewers should!!!

  21. I am american, US…over 50!! And Yes, I knew most of those designers were french! But love the history. Thank you for another great video!!

  22. i loved this series of videos .and like to know more and more .and if you could tell us about the masks french women using on their face

  23. I liked this video, very
    informative, and I so love the culture, am positive I have lived some lifetimes in your country!

  24. this type of video is very cool. it gives you a basic knowledge of fashion and where the things come from. thanks!!

  25. Hi Justine! I am 55 years old and a grandma :)) and I love your channel! What can older women learn from the style of Brigitte Macron? (I can't get enough of her!)

  26. How can i find european designers like you are? I live in europe and i like better our products, would be nice to support them by buying their products also.
    Also, what do you think about websites like asos and zalando which in theory do promote designers also? Which are your favourite designers?

  27. what a great video! we would love to collaborate with you for our collection. Built in beautiful Switzerland with a French taste. We are offering a major discount on some our premium watch collections in efforts to clear out for our new 2018 inventory. Sales starting at $10!

  28. I discovered this lady yesterday and she is fantastic. Although, it is important to note the. younger generation in France have abandoned the classic French etiquette on cuisine, fashion, hairstyling etc.

  29. Justine I just can’t. You make me fall in love with France and French culture and people. I’ve always thought French language is extremely hard to learn, but you inspire me to start learning!

  30. Some really terrible things came from France, as we see in this video, but thankfully Justine isn’t one of them 😆

  31. Wow! Lovely…
    You know, the shape of pencil skirt is widely used amongst tango dancers, as it is showing clearly the posture. It is easier for men to check if the women keep their hips in axe – very important for a comfortable dancing. 🙂 Maybe you can explore in your videos how dancing habits influence clothing and shoes, more?
    I've discovered you a few days ago and you still keep me interested.
    Now, I am even thinking if you would be interested in designing something for me, would you?

  32. Justine, I'm thinking of investing when buying and I would like to ask if sezane (which I think is a french brand) is ok from material and fit point of view. Thank you so much !

  33. I'm a well dressed English woman in my fifties. Love the French style but I dont agree with not mixing colours like black and brown etc. I love wearing black and tan for instance and black and dark blue. I enjoy your series very much, you speak just like a lovely French friend of mine who used to live here in the UK

  34. Hi Justine! Regarding the little black dress, I think the reason it wasn't considered fashionable is that until not that long ago, black was considered the color of mourning and women would have to wear it for months at a time, sometimes even years. For that same reason, everyone would have had at least one, even if it was cheap, bad quality. 🤗

  35. Bonjour justine, en fait le bikini ou "atome" son premier nom a ete cree par Jacques Heim qui le premier a invente le 2 piece bathing suit et il y a eu un esclandre car Reard a ensuite mis le bikini sur un mannequin. Grande dispute entre les 2 hommes et scandale de l'epoque. Jacques heim etait President de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Francaise a l'epoque. merci

  36. I have all of these, but all in colors that better suit me than black and white …so I also have none of these, if the color counts.

  37. Liebe Justine, vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine Videos. Seit dem ich Deinen Kanal entdeckt habe, bin ich süchtig und lerne unglaublich viel 😃 Mich würde interessieren, was Du über das französische Mode-Label Sézane denkst, dass gerade sehr en vogue ist. Was hältst Du von der Qualität und dem Design? Ich freue mich sehr auf Deine Antwort (auf Englisch, Französisch oder Deutsch, wie es Dir am liebsten ist 😃) vielen herzlichen Dank, Lena

  38. Bonjour Justine, merci, vous nous informez! Intéressant comme toujours et toujours 'fun'! Une chose: vous dites que le 'surname' de René Lacoste était 'Crocodile'; 'surname' = nom de famille. 'Surnom' = nickname. J'espère que ça vous aide un peu.

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  40. Justine, the biggest shock for me was denim. I was completely convinced it was 100% American invention.🙄. Now it makes sense why French women wear jeans as much as they do.👍

  41. Justine, I love the fact you do so much research and you're not just shooting from the hip. I love your video's.They are educational and fun!!!!

  42. I got zero. Goose egg. Nada. Zilch. Good thing these were not Jeopardy questions!

    Really? Polo is Francais? Heh. Never even heard of the pencil dress. Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot ranks in my book as three bombshells of the past.

  43. Thank you so much Justine, your YouTube's are really interesting, educational and informative! I have subscribed! I hope you'll be posting more of ethical fashion. I adore France and French styling, there is a massive gap in the market for this!! By the way I'm Welsh and live in Swansea! 🙂

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