Freddie Gets A Vintage Fashion Makeover From Curly • Ladylike


  1. Clicked cause I saw the word vintage.
    Then they said 90s and I froze.
    I was born in 89. Apparently my childhood it's vintage now I guess that means I'm old.😳

  2. "this is curly everyone knows who he is and hes here to style me." Curly: "I'm gunna take you to everyone that tells me what to wear."

  3. I would like it if each of the girls from ladylike went with Curly on this adventure. I would love to see what they each would find. that would fun and interesting.

  4. Haven’t seen a video with Freddie and Chantel for like a month now and with Devin and Chantel for about two months now. I wonder if there’s something going on between them.

  5. Love this concept! Both stylists are incredibly talented. Let's retire the term "wife [email protected]" though. There are so many alternative terms — weekend tank? Sleeveless undershirt? Thanks for the upcycled inspo. 🙂

  6. wish there was more diversity. we saw the same outfits twice in one video just so you could make it longer. kinda disappointed.

  7. All these looks look cute, but idk if I'm the only one who caught it, but Freddie Please put on a bra!!!! There were a couple looks, u could see the whole nip situation. Totally unflattering. Cover them up. Plus it make the outfits more girlie with a push up bra and that u have boobs then sooo flat chested looking like a girl version of a guy and seeing nips.

  8. Final look number three is my favorite! I used to dress like that! I love it! Wish I still looked like that in the outfit!!! 😎😎😎

  9. Okay but freddys pink pleated skirt and cropped shirt look is exactly like one of blackpinks concert looks. Freddy’s a blink!

  10. Surely Buzzfeed has cut a lot of Ladylike's budget. I miss the group/more grand videos. I feel like things used to be very real and deep and now it all feels a bit shallow… clothes, hair, makeup, etc and the content isn't super original anymore. I don't feel like it's a reflection on the ladies, more on the company as I'm sure there are things happening behind the scenes we're not aware of.

  11. I feel like Freddie is a little bit over the beauty roulette and other quite basic videos. I really could see her and Quinta starting their own channel together. I feel like they should use their time in front of the camera, making videos with a meaning. Someone else could handle most of the editing etc.

  12. Curly: I don’t want to be over the top.
    Also Curly, this cross was made for a wall , but I’ll put it on around my neck

  13. Theses are two of my Buzzfeed favourites! Curly is so divine and Freddie is my queen. I'm glad the ladies are mixing it up, these stylists are to Die for! I'm obsessed with Freddie and Jen videos 🙂

  14. This was really interesting to watch, these styles, I feel like, aren’t very common in the USA, but I moved to South Korea a couple years ago and this style is the basic style for many young people here. It’s interesting to see how these two cultures differ in style, and how what is considered very fashion forward and unique in the USA is very standard and commonly worn over here in south korea

  15. I say this out of love and as a viewer. This is my opinion of the "LadyLike" channel….. It does not hold the same vibe and feeling as it once had. Because everyone is more seperate and not doing videos together it just does not hold the same. Also, videos are starting to get more repetitive, the same kind of thing every week. As a large company who have been on YouTube for a long time and should know their demographic, BuzzFeed should know that the LadyLike fans are crying out that something is off. As one of those fans I've always enjoyed watching you girls TOGETHER! When do a really cool series together or something new together it's just so much more engaging. I think the people are dying for some entire group type videos to come out! People understand change happens but if that change isn't working perhaps take a step back and realize whats NOT working.

  16. I'm so glad that they're making videos about utilizing slow fashion and environmentally friendly styling options.

  17. Someone please educate me. What does POC mean? I hear it all the time, but my use of context clue has failed me. Thank you!

  18. I love vintage/thrift stores, I'll go to 8 stores in a row, I just wish I could find stuff in my size.
    -Sad little 5"11 size 10 1/2 feetsie self

  19. Freddita and Curly and Co..All the looks were fantastic! Curly needs to get the rest of Ladylike done up! New Collab series❤️

  20. This video exceeded my expectations! I loved all of the looks… but I wanted to see that leopard shirt and green pant combo!!

  21. I would love to see a “Day in my life” from all the lady like ladies. If there is already please someone link it please! Love all you beautiful ladies ❤️ and your awesome videos

  22. Wow 0.o Huge coincidence! I literally had a writing proficiency exam the day this came out and my prompt was talking about the environmental damages of fast fashion and how shops like this are the better way to get trendy clothes, because they don't hurt the environment! That timing is so crazy!

  23. It’s cute but I wish they had done the 70s or older it would have been so cute to see a more classic vintage style on her. The 90s doesn’t feel vintage to me. It’s all very cute and Trendy it’s just not what I expected
    All in all I love the idea of Freddie hitting up different decades and doing some more fun fashion videos

  24. This video made me want to go pick up some blazers and I've never even thought about wearing one before. They looked so good on her

  25. 1. Whitney Houston 2. Janet Jackson 3. Ashanti 4. Chili/Janet
    3. Janet
    I love my loafers. I was looking at a pair last week. I'm going to get them. Reliving the 1990's.

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