Former neighbor of Botham Jean testifies in Amber Guyger murder trial

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  1. I don’t know why people are so shocked. This country has a long history of this kind of nonsense and this is nothing new. The lives of black males have always been expendable. It’s more strange fruit.

  2. The will try to paint him as a gang member, bring up his past. He was 28 yr old buisness – everything inhis past was in his past!!! The young man was murdered and we all know by who.

  3. Why is he being interrogated? He practically was asked every question, but what his social security number is and if he was circumcised. Amber was questioned less.

  4. She looks worried and disappointed…"surprised he came " is what she said. She knew his blood was next. He was crying for Botham but himself too

  5. Wow, he probably was like he got to meet the guy who sing every morning, found out he was cool, probably could have hung out with him later, and then he's dead

  6. He was shot in the mouth cause Freemasons are forbidden to testify against other Freemasons or eastern stars, if you do they remove your tounge or shoot you in it👈

  7. RIP. No matter what, he did the right thing and all is well with his soul. This woman and the people who murdered Joshua Brown will have to account for their sins.

  8. maybe he was killed because of those clothes…. it just doesnt make sense to wear such a childish outfit in court… maybe they are the clothes of a victim of his that he is mocking!!

  9. This is a horrific crime. I will continue to pray for his family and that justice prevails. He was too young. 🙏🙏💕💕

  10. Mr. Brown is an angel who defended another angel of the most high. His flesh might have seemed weak, but his soul was strong. He testified against one of the fallen angels of satan and even though they destroyed his flesh, they didn’t destroy his soul. He’s in a higher place that they’ll never reach past death. They may seem like they’re above the most high (our father) now, but when they wake up on the side they’ll be traumatize at what awaits them. Therefore, we should celebrate his death and see it as an honor of loyalty, bravery and strength. It’s something we don’t often see anymore. So, don’t feel sad for this men, but indeed rejoice in his victory. I tell you he didn’t die in vain, because his message was brought from love. My message to him: We may not have known you personally, but we love you for doing what was right. 💫💫💫👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜.

  11. They killed him for standing up to the agenda rip black beautiful smart godly Man U r in a better place now u n the Man U stood up for

  12. R.I.P 👑King, you were brave and its unfortunate that you were killed due to hate👹! May they find your killer or killers and bring them to justice!🙏👑

  13. This was a conspiracy! No such thing as a coincidence. So WHO did he make mad with his testimony?? Shot in the mouth. Somebody wanted to shut him up.

  14. We Don't know if a cop killed him. Let's not rush to conclusions, everything's racist. It could be somebody in the neighborhood thinking They're getting even because of his testimony.

  15. That's crazy he got gunned down. A college graduate wearing a dragon ball z shirt!!? There's nothing gangster about this man and I don't buy that this was gang related! Sure there is a chance he could've been at the wrong place at the wrong time but this definitely seems fishy!

  16. Watching this again– this time after his death– breaks my heart. Please, PLEASE get the FBI involved. Something just doesn't seem right about any of this. R.I.P. Botham and Joshua.

  17. I cried when Joshua broke down and started crying. He knew Bo only a brief time, but I'm glad he got to hear his gospel singing. Kemp should be ashamed of herself for offering aid and comfort to the murderess who brought all of this about. Guyger also destroyed a marriage with kids involved.

  18. At 19:00 the Judge says “I’m surprised he came” and looked away. She knew that he was gonna get hot for testifying.

  19. I am utterly disgusted and disturbed by this entire situation. RIP to both men. I pray that your deaths will not be in vein.

  20. I watched this late Friday night, not knowing that someone was going to take his life that same evening. I’m so sorry for you young brother.

  21. Shot in the mouth too, every witness should get extra protection especially from gangs and police which are one in the same

  22. He is murdered because he knows what happened, PERIOD!!!
    FBI needs to get involved ASAP!!!


  23. Everyone reading up and watching all these videos and following up, etc. JB feared he’d be next because he had already been shot and another person (a friend of his, I believe) was killed at a “ Gentleman’s Club”. Those same guys are prime suspects in finishing the job.
    If the police wanted to “protect their own” and were “dirty”, they’d off ANYONE they’d want BEFORE the trial. Wouldn’t you think? They have the facts, people interview them for possible testimony.
    Why are y’all spreading such unspeakable, and damaging rumors that could cause SERIOUS RIOTS and even more separation?
    To just say he was shot in the mouth to “SEND A MESSAGE” is SO irresponsible!! That did NOT happen, but just like Trump- whatever hate he spreads is considered gospel by the white supremacy groups- just to spread hate.
    Love always wins.
    Truth wins… find it first. Peace.

  24. Please someone catch the judge out and about I and everyone wants here opinion on what she thinks about this young man killed 🤔🤔😤😤😤

  25. Dallas cops did this so there will be no real investigation. For some odd reason they womt find a shred of evidence.

  26. The judge said at 19:00 Im surprised he came here, she knew he was a dead man by the sad look on her face, Texas rangers and Dallas police are guilty.

  27. How you dont know your neighbor whom lives across the hall.. how haven't you ever seen your across the hall neighbor…

  28. Lord Jesus I pray right now that you Lord will bring the person or persons to swift justice. You lnow exactly who did this…I pray that you will allow their conscious to get the best of them . Dont let this go unsolved. I declare Swift Justice!! In Jesus name!!! Bless his Family. RIP Joshua Brown!!!

  29. Now we know why she shot him she didn't like the music he was singing every morning bothering her sleep that's what I think.

  30. While hugs, well wishes and bibles were being passed out, a plot was already underway. Dallas still corrupt after 5 INNOCENT DEAD COPS AND 2 INNOCENT BLACK MEN.

  31. 19:00 Surprised he came? Is this why Bunny never testified she made the video of Amber on the balcony giving CPR NOPE, its her killer boyfriend cop.

  32. Can anyone please tell me what Joshua whispers at the 29:38 mark?
    I heard “Ambers going ……
    Not sure what the rest was!!!
    Today’s date is 10/6/19
    I heard this morning this young man was shot and killed on this past Friday

  33. Now my curiosity in this whole case where Amber Guyger is concern is this, and check it real closely. The video recording showed that Botham came in 9:25 pm. Amber Guyger came in 9:42 to 9:45. The other witness, not Joshua, but the chemistry teacher. He came in 9:54 pm, correct. Now look at it. If Guyger came in 9:42 to 9:45 and the chemistry teacher came in 9:54. One would expect Guyger to actually see the Chemistry teacher coming in parking on the 4th floor. However. that wasn't the case. It was the other round. The Chemistry teacher saw Guyger parking her truck and getting out with her bag. Thus, my curiosity is, where was Guyger within the complex between 9:42 to 9:45 when she came in; and also what was she doing at that time? Was she at her own apartment? Stopped somewhere while communicating on the phone then went to Botham apartment? If she was on the phone at that time when she came in 9:42 to 9:45 pm, who was she speaking to/communicating with on the phone?

  34. It has nothing to do with dallas pd or any law enforcement agency at all. I think It's all a set up to make law enforcement look worse than it already does. Think about it, this story is being seen all across the nation and has allot of publicity, whoever killed him was probably against law enforcement such as activist group or some kind of political party and thought what better way to get political gain or sway people's opinions in the masses on law enforcement than killing a key witness in the trial and make it seem it law enforcement's doing.

  35. Were there any apt numbers or letters on the door?,,,,what kind of apartment don't have number on teh door..why didn't know one ask that question or did i miss it…….

  36. Another brown murdered in cold blood #peoplestandup for justice for all these young man and the future! If hong kong can do it we can to!! They took away our rights a long time ago! Stand for something or fall for anything!!!👂

  37. At 19:00 she said “surprised he came” and she looked very worried and emotional… this story is definitely heart breaking I don’t trust my own people anymore

  38. Hey. Love all colours. You're loved by somebody so special. You were worth dying for . Hugging you all big time
    Being white isn't so special
    Whites f'd up everything.

  39. They need to investigate them crooked cops and the brother of the victim who in in the navy who can be involved in his killing

  40. A “coincidence”? This is absolutely infuriating. The Dallas Police Department is incredibly corrupted. Another innocent black man is murdered. Disgusting!!

  41. I had to testify against a police officer while I was in college. Both cops went to jail. I have been harassed and beaten by police I do not trust them and wheneverbyou go against them you better leave the state!

  42. So I hate to say it but it sounds like it kept alot of info at Bay. Maybe because he was threatened. He saw & heard way more than that. They knocked on both their doors to see where they were at the time. So they waited until brown left. He seems upset because he can't tell the truth.

  43. Who killed. Joshua. Turn yourself in. Before voodoo reach all families. Watch. The movie scream blacula. Scream. U will know .

  44. I can’t believe this!!!!!!! I’m so saddened that this happened! This world is only getting worse 😔😫 #justiceforourbrothers

  45. I know that judge can’t sleep at nights. She too feared of losing her position. And get blacklisted like bunny who video taped outside then got fired from her job. Luckily she not there anymore.

  46. This isn’t even about his criminal record this is about his neighbor’s death !!! He system so twisted it’s annoyinnnnggggg

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