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– Special thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this video. (ardent music) (zestful music) Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. For today’s vlog, I just wanted to do like, a follow me around, spend the day with me, a day in the life, type vlog. So, I’m just taking you from morning, you know, all the way
through my whole day. They’re doing construction. I’m in my garage right now, because I am getting ready to A., take Zaya to swim lessons, B., take her to school, C., I’m loading up my car, because I have a bunch of
stuff that I need to take to Habitat for Humanity. So, sorry again for
the construction noise, but this is all the stuff that I am taking to Habitat for Humanity. It’s like, my old light fixtures. Not old, they’re actually brand new. It’s just the light fixtures
that were the standard ones. That kind of like, came with the house, but I replaced them. So, I have two of those
big light fixtures. I also have my shower, like my plumbing fixtures, since I replaced everything
with matte black. I have like, that towel rack
that I took out of my bathroom, in one of my last videos. So, this is all stuff that I could try to sell on
Craigslist, or whatever, but I wouldn’t make that
much money off of it, and I really feel like
Habitat for Humanity is a better place to just
go ahead, and donate it. Ready for swim lessons? Little nervous?
(distant murmurs) That’s okay. You did good last week. Today is your second week, and you’re gonna do really good. We’re going to swim lessons, and then to school, okay? Alright so, psyche! No swim lessons today. We literally pulled up to the pool, and right when we walked up to the gate, someone was like, no, don’t go in there. Someone just pooped in the pool! And I was like… Thanks for telling us. So, I saw Zaya’s swim teacher, and she was like, yeah, swim lessons are canceled for today. There’s been an accident. And then, I see like, a guy fishing around with a net, and he pulled out like, a big (mumbles). It was disgusting. So anyway, no swim lessons today. I’m just gonna take Zaya to school. She’s just been going to school late. Like, she’s been taking
swim lessons in the morning, and then getting to school late, and then having the
rest of her school day. But today, she’ll just get
to go straight to school. I forgot something at home. So, I’m grabbing that real quick. And then, my mom had actually
met up with us at the pool, because she was wanting to see how Zaya’s swim lessons were going. But, swim lessons got canceled. So, now my mom is just gonna ride with us to drop Zaya off at school. And then, we are going
to run some errands. We’re gonna go shopping. We’re gonna have a little
bit of a lunch meeting. You know, my mom is my momager. So, we do everything together. Okay, so I’m with my mom, and we just pulled up to Marshalls. I wanted to look at
their home decor section, for obvious reasons, but I also wanted to look
at their clothes for me, and for Zaya. So, just do a little bit of shopping. (energetic music) – [Mom] They’re so cute. – Tiny (laughs). – [Mom] Ooh, they’re so cute. – They’re only 2.99, each. – [Mom] I think those
would look good like, all three in a row somewhere. Like three in a row. – Get three of ’em? Oh, they’re only $5, so… I am planning a housewarming party. It’s gonna be like a little, a little grown up appetizers, barbecue, you know? So, I wanna get like, some nice… What do you call it? Trays, and things. To make like, a (stammers). I can’t say that word. Charcuterie (laughs) display, of like, all the cheeses, and the, you know, appetizers. So, I need like, boards and stuff. Like this. This would be cute for the party. To like, put appetizers on, or whatever. I’ve seen on Instagram, where like, people get like, a few of these things. Like, lay em’ out all on my bar. And then, have like, food on here. And, this one actually spins around. It’s like a Lazy Susan. – [Mom] Ooh, yeah.
(board clacks) A big one that spins, and a smaller one that just sits there. – What I love about shopping at Marshalls, is that they have such a nice
variety of different items. From home decor, to kids clothes, clothing and shoes, for me, bags, beauty products, so much different stuff. And, everything is at such a great price. I know that every time I go in there, I am bound to find a Marshalls surprise, (laughs) For my vacation
that I’m never going on. ‘Cause, I don’t have time for vacation. But, I can look like I’m on vacation. Pretend like I’m on vacation. As you guys know, I only have one type of
bag in my collection. If you saw that other video that I did. So, I probably need to switch it up. So, I think I’m definitely gonna get this. It’s a really good price, compared to the ones
I’ve been seeing online. So, I was really wanting to take like, a big Summer vacation trip, but that didn’t really follow through, but I am going on a little trip with Zaya. You guys will actually see, coming up in a future vlog. So, I’m gonna get like some, some little like, mini vacation type outfits. Not full-beachwear, but I think I deserve to
at least pretend like I’m taking a real Summer vacation. So, I’m getting some little crop-tops. I got my little beach bag in here. And then, I’m also gonna
look for some stuff for Zaya, for the trip too. – That’s cute. That’s for Zaya, for vacation. Here’s a really cute little
windbreaker for Fall, and it’s like $14.99. – $14.99?
– $14.99. (upbeat music) So, I found some really good basics. ‘Cause, you can never
have enough of those. And then, some cute options
for my little mini vacation. So, I’m just gonna try everything on. (beatific music) Okay so, I’m pretty
much getting everything. They were pretty much all yes’s. It’s just the dress didn’t fit me right. But, everything else fit, looks really nice. I think it would be really
cute for my trip too. And, I got some really good basics. These body suits, y’all. I have a problem with finding
body suits that like, fit me, ’cause I have a long torso. But, these fit super nice. And, I also found a bunch
of stuff for Zaya too. So, I’m excited about that. We gon’ be lookin’ cute on our trip. I found so many items that
are perfect for my trip, and my housewarming party, at really great prices. And now, I challenge you
guys to head into Marshalls, and find your #MarshallsSuprise. Okay, just left Marshalls. Now, we are going to take a lunch break. This is technically a business lunch, because I have to talk to my manager about some business things, okay? (bouncy music) (bystanders murmuring) So, this housewarming
party that’s coming up… In a month, I guess. Well, we have like a month. That’s a good amount of time. – [Mom] Gonna be the
first week of September. How many people? Yeah (mumbles). – [Raven] Yeah, looks great. Thank you. (bystanders murmuring) So, we are literally mapping out how my housewarming
party is gonna be set up. And like, how I want all
the food to be displayed, and stuff like that. So, I have like, the kitchen area, living room area, and my patio. So, this is the patio that
my mom is drawing (laughs). – It is not to scale.
– Kind of. And we’re like, looking on Pinterest,
of course, for ideas. So, I think this is cute. Mom wanted a drink station. I definitely wanna have plants, and fresh flowers maybe. Lights, and candles, and stuff. For when the sun goes down.
– Candles. Like, sitting next to the floor. Lanters, or candles. – Okay, just pulled up
the Habitat For Humanity donation drop off. My mom’s driving, ’cause I did not know where
the heck this place was. But, it’s like this… Let me see if I can show you. So basically, if you don’t know, Habitat For Humanity is
where you can donate like, house-type things. – [Mom] ‘Cause, the build
homes for low-income people. And, you know, if they’ve got somethin’ new, or nearly new, fixtures to put in, and that’s a couple of less fixtures that they have to buy. – [Raven] Oh, that’s fine. – [Man] We’ve been really lucky. I had to get stitches on my knee. – Oh.
– (mumbles) Ago. – [Raven] Yeah, I saw you limping. I was like…
– Yeah. Here’s your– (fixtures and boxes rustling) (wind rumbling) – And…
– All of that. – [Man] All of it. Just didn’t wanna take anything– – [Mom] Yeah, all of that. (plastic crinkling) That goes with, I think this lamp right here. (footsteps) Wanna take the mirror? – We can’t–
– Can’t take the mirror? – [Man] Not without the frame. – Okay, so there’s that done. He was super thankful
to receive the stuff, ’cause it was all brand new. And, he was like, they’ll definitely make
good use out of this. I feel good about
donating that stuff here. Rather than, like I said, tryna sell it. But, something I learned, is that these donation places, they will not take frameless mirrors. I have three frameless mirrors
I’m trying to get rid of. Salvation Army wouldn’t take it. This place won’t take it. ‘Cause, apparently it’s
like, a safety hazard. ‘Cause, it can like, cut you if, I don’t know. So, I’m still tryna figure
out what I’m gonna do with all these big mirrors. He did recommend one other donation place that he said might take it, but I have a gut feeling
that they probably have the same policy as every
other donation place. So, if anybody has any ideas, comment down below what
I can do with these big frameless mirrors, please. Alright so, I am back home now. My mom went back to her house. She’s not really feeling well. It’s actually already 4:00 p.m. Which is just like, this day has already gone by, and I still have more
stuff that I need to do. I just unloaded the car. All the stuff that we got from Marshalls. Should I do a little haul? So, really quick little Marshalls haul. Just in case you didn’t see (board clack)
exactly what I bought. I got this tray. Really nice, heavy tray. Just to have it, also mainly for the housewarming party. Then I got two of these
wooden block board things. This one just has pegs on the bottom. This one is actually a Lazy Susan. So, slightly bigger, slightly smaller. Also, for the housewarming party. And, my mom and I like, kind a planned the whole party at lunch. So, now I have a much
better idea of actually what I’m gonna do, and what I’m gonna need for that. I was kinda worried about it, because I just hadn’t planned anything. And, a lot of like, most of the people on the guest list are coming from outta town. So, I wanted to make sure I
planned it way in advance. To give people time to like, get flights and stuff. It’s like this big deal. So, I’m feeling better about that. God these three plants. These are fake plants. Three matching ones. Bowls. You guys saw in the store, I got four of those. I got two sets of these
stemless wine glasses. I got the shorter set. Which I think is for red wine. And, the slightly like, taller, more elongated set. Which is for white wine, I think. These two outfits for Zaya. Got her a really nice
jacket for the Fall as well. Got my vacation purse. Which I’m actually really excited about. I think this is really cute. The checkout lady was
from the Philippines. And, she was like, you know, in my country, you could get these bags easy, for like $5. You can get ’em like, anywhere. One, two, three, four crop-tops. And then, I got the two body suits. A white one. So, they’re just like, plain. Like, tank top type body suits. But like, with a really good material. And, they fit really well. White one, and then the
same thing in black. And lastly, I think
this is the last thing. These really cute little
brown sandals, for Zaya. To kinda go with her
little outfits, and stuff. And yeah, I think that’s everything. So, now I have about an hour before I have to go pick up Zaya, and I have a video that needs to be reviewed, I guess. You guys know I’m working
with an editor now, that helps me, obviously, edit some of my YouTube videos. She doesn’t just edit all of ’em for me. It’s just like, certain
ones that I’ll have her do. Or like, we kinda like, collaborate on it. So, I still am very much so, involved. She just texted me, and said that she is sending
over a video that she edited. So, I need to watch it, review it, and let her know if there’s
any changes I need her to make. Things like that. It’s also a sponsored video
that she was working on. So, it’s a little more like, important, you know, to make sure that everything is right. My office is still lookin’ the same way from when I first moved in. Not put together at all. I have quite a bit left to
do on the house in general. And, I’m trying to decide like, which rooms I need to prioritize first. Because, I still have my bedroom, I have Zaya’s bedroom, I have the office, I have the glam room, I mean, the mail room, the laundry room. I mean, pretty much every
room except for like, the kitchen, and my bathroom. Like, the kitchen, and my bathroom, and my closet, are kinda like the only spaces
that are kind of like, done. At least to a certain extent. Every other room in the
house still needs like, a lot of furniture, and a lot of work. I think the glam room is
going to be a top priority. Just because I’m supposed to be using that space to create content, and I haven’t been able
to create that content, because the space is not ready. And, that kind of holding
me back with work. I think I showed you guys this already, but this is what the glam
room looks like right now. Literally, just a big ol’ pile of makeup. All these boxes and bins
have all my makeup in it. And then, over on this wall, is just kind of like, the random furniture and stuff, and things that I want to have in here, but it just hasn’t been
set up at all, obviously. And then, through here, there’s you know, the full bathroom, and everything. Which nobody has ever
used this shower yet. Nobody really ever used
this toilet, or anything. I’ve come in here to do
my makeup a few times. Just because all my makeup is like, in this room. So, since the room
itself is not set up yet, I’ve been coming in here to do my makeup. But, it also has the closet. Which is actually where I think I’m just going to keep my wigs in here. Just because, I was gonna
have them out on display, in the actual glam room, but I don’t want the
room to be too cluttered. So anyway, yeah. That is going to be taking
top priority over other rooms. Just because, like I said, I need that room to work in. So, that’s gonna be one of the next… Rooms that you guys see me do. Of course, I’m gonna be
making videos about it. So, stay tuned on my channel if you guys wanna see the
transformation of the glam room. But yeah, anyway. Let me go ahead and review this video. Before it’s time to pick up Zaya. Okay, just… Oh, I almost fell (laughs)! I just finished watching the video, giving feedback to my editor. I’m literally running like, a couple minutes late to pick up Zaya, but I really needed to finish that, because like I said, I’m on a time crunch with that. So, that’s good. Finished, but now I gotta
go pick up Zaya from school. Where are my keys? (groans) I always do this to myself. Like… Trying to rush out the
house at the last minute. Got my keys. Okay. Gotta go pick up Zaya. Aright, just picked up Zaya. I actually made it like, five minutes, you know, with five minutes to spare, and I was not the last mom. There were still several parents, and several kids. So, I was not late. We’re heading back home. Zaya is all dirty from school. She needs to like, change her clothes and stuff. Freshen up a bit. And then, I’m actually going to my mom’s house for dinner tonight. My little sister has a friend in town, and we’re just gonna have like, a little family dinner before her friend leaves back outta town. So, that’s my dinner plans. I’m excited about that, because any time I can like, scam dinner, not scam, but go to my moms house for food, instead of having to make
my own food (laughs), is a good time for me. You are filthy, dirty, nasty! Come back, you gotta take a bath! (Zaya laughs)
(footsteps) You need take a bath first, before we go to Grammy’s house for dinner. (Zaya mumbles) And, I really need to wash
and detangle your hair. Hey! Because, with swim lessons, the hair has been an issue (laughs). And, she has like half of a… Hey! (Zaya laughs) Aright, now she has like
half of a hair style. And, I really just need to wash it, fully detangle it, and restyle it.
(Zaya babbling) (Zaya shouting) You just have dirt everywhere. Your feet are dirty! What were you doin’ today at school? Rollin’ around in the dirt? – [Zaya] No. – [Raven] (laughs) What were you doin’? – And, I was playing (mumbles). – [Raven] Oh. (water pouring) (water dripping) Okay so, Zaya’s literally in the bathtub, but as I was in here, putting her in the bath, I was looking around the bathroom, and I just had the random urge to take this towel bar off of here. Similarly to how I took
it off in my bathroom. I just don’t really like
the placement of it. I’ve never really liked towel bars that are right above the toilet. ‘Cause, it just feels like you kinda have to reach over the toilet. And, if the toilet lid is ever up, it kinda makes you feel like you might drop your towel into the toilet. I don’t know. I just don’t really like that placement. And, there is this other wall over here, on the opposite wall, where the door opens up like this, and there’s just this empty space. So, I really feel like if there was some hooks or something right here, that would be a better like, easier place to access the towel. And, for right here, in between where the
shower and the mirror, if I take that off, this could be a good spot to
just put a piece of artwork, just to make it look cuter in here. So, this is kinda what she has
goin’ on in here right now. So, I’ve already got all this like, pink and gold girly stuff in here. So, a nice piece of art that
kinda ties all this together, would look a lot better right there, rather than the towel bar I think. So, I actually already
have this little hooks. It’s like a little piece of
marble or something in there. These gold hooks. I have these already from Zaya’s bedroom in the old apartment. I have three of ’em. I think I only need to
use two of them in here. Maybe I’ll use the extra
one somewhere else. I guess it would nice if
Zaya could reach it herself, but then I’d have to put it way down here. And, I feel like that just looks weird. (light clacking)
(water splashing) (drill humming) (light clacking) (drill humming) (light clacking)
(water splashing) So, there’s those. Done. Like that. (Zaya murmuring)
(water splashing) (Zaya babbling) (bar clacks) (drill humming) Okay, so here area a couple of options of artwork to put in there. Just based on what I already
had from my previous apartment. Stuff that I kept. So, I used to have this
in my master bathroom. Start each day with a grateful heart. ‘Cause it’s like, you start your day in the bathroom. So, I thought that was cute. And then, these two used
to be in Zaya’s room. This one has the nice
pink and gold color scheme that matches her bathroom perfectly, but, it says let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains. So, it’s talkin’ about sleeping. Which kind of only makes
sense to put in the bedroom, not in the bathroom. And then, there’s this one. Which just says love. And, it’s just like, gray and gold. So, this one definitely fits. That’s cute with all
the rest of this stuff goin’ on over here. That one I think is also cute. It’s a little bit big. Might be too big.
– Mom! – [Raven] Okay, so actually, I figured out what to do with
the third little gold hook. So, I have these two right here. Right, right? This is lookin’ cute. But then, for the third gold hook, I actually took this towel ring off. It was right here, and that’s where the
towel was for the sink. But, it was kinda like, they put it in a weird place. They put it like really far over here, by the mirror, and really high up. Like, it’s hard for you guys to tell. I can’t get a good angle. But, it was just kind
of in an awkward place. Normally it’s… Like, a little lower down, and a little further towards you. Like, when you’re standing at the sink. So anyway, I just used the third hook that I had left over, to use for the hand towel
right here by the sink, instead of using that ring. And, I was able to move the towel over to a little bit more of an
easier to reach spot. You can see where the holes are. (stammers) How like,
weird the placement was. So yeah, I like it a lot better like this. It also helps to hide the plug right here. And, I know it’s a little bit more messy to have your towels like, hung on a hook like that, instead of folded nicely, hanging on the ring or the bar, but for a kids bathroom, I think it’s okay for it to
be a little bit more like, casual like that, and not have to have everything
like, perfectly folded. ‘Cause, you know it’s not gon’
stay perfectly folded anyway. In a kids bathroom. Zaya’s hair has been
washed, and detangled. So now, I just have to do the other side. And then, we will be heading over to my mom’s house for dinner. And, this is our little setup. Usually, I sit on the couch, she uses her little chair, and either she watches her iPad, or she watches the TV over here. Which just helps her to, obviously, like distract her, so I can do her hair. And, she just sits still. And, I’ll be doin’ more videos
about styling Zaya’s hair, and trying new products
and stuff, pretty soon. So, be on the lookout for that. Turn around. Let me see. Ooh. – Can I turn around like a princess? – [Raven] Turn around like a princess? Okay, go ahead. Wow. You ready to go to Grammy’s house, and eat some dinner? And then, I think we should come home, and clean this up. What do you think? – Dun, dun, dun! (Raven laughs) (door bell ringing) (door creaks) – Y’all like PJ. Y’all can smell food being cooked. (tranquil music) – Aright, back from my mom’s house. Now, getting ready for bed. I’m gonna end this vlog here. I hope you guys enjoyed
spending the day with me. Let me know if you like this type of vlog, where I kinda just take you
around for the whole day, of like, whatever I’m doing. Shout out again to Marshalls, for sponsoring this video, And yeah, that’s pretty much all I have. So, I will see you guys in the next one. Bye.


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