Folding Tips: Dress Shirts, Hoodies, Towels, T-Shirts & More! (Clean My Space)

Hello, my friends. This week, we’ve
decided to do another video all about folding because you guys seem to have so
many great questions on the subject. So today we’re gonna cover how to fold
something with a hood a.k.a. a hoodie, how to fold your towels beautifully and
perfectly like they’re in a laundry commercial, how to fold a dress shirt
using a humble magazine. And Chad and I are gonna break it down
for you and show you, “Does the Japanese-folding
t-shirt trick work better than the initial folding t-shirt trick
that we showed you?” So stay tuned to the end to find that out. Oh, and I
have one more cool, unexpected folding tip for you, which you have to stick around
for until the very end. All right, let’s get to it. We’ll start things off with the
hooded shirt. And the issue here is when you’re stacking your hooded shirts and
this is a pile of hooded shirts folded in the method I’m about to show you,
oftentimes what happens is you get unevenness, you get lumpiness or you get
this old-dog-tongue-looking thing sticking out of the side of your shirts if you’re
folding a bunch of them and they get floppy. So I fiddled around with it and I
think I’ve come up with something that makes a lot of sense. Take that hood and
flip it inward. And then this is basically going to create a mock crewneck. And then
you’re just going to fold. Now be aware it’ll be a little bit lumpy because you’re
dealing with that extra fabric. But it’s nothing that you can’t stack and kind of
hide. And I really think that this method works the best. You see with a little bit
of smoothing, we’ve completely concealed that hood. Now I know this is a thinner
top, but this would also work for sweaters. And then you’ve got a pretty
good profile. This is going to be pretty simple to stack, and I think that works
really well. An alternative to this if you want it is that you could tuck the hood
right into the neck and then that would completely bury the hood in the shirt and
then you could just fold it. Again you’re gonna be dealing with a little bit of
lumpiness, but no big deal because when you’re actually folding, you will
completely conceal…let me just untwist that. You’ll completely conceal that hood,
okay? And it’s all about the smoothing. You see? Like smooth peanut butter, that’s
what you got to do. I don’t know about you, but when I am at a fancy hotel or spa
and I see the towels, I just get excited. It’s kinda weird. They know how to fold
their towels. And most of us when these come out of the dryer, we just do a fold,
a fold, a fold. We get some sloppy-looking square.
We can raise the bar. We can do a little bit better than that.
So I’m going to show you how to achieve this look. It takes
seconds to do. It looks beautiful, really high-impact, really simple. Let’s do it.
So you’re gonna start off with your towel. And if you have a pattern as I do, you’re
going to put the patterned side facing down. You’re just going to flatten out
that towel as much as you can. Now you’re going to meet each corner sets together
like so, get it nice and taut, then you’re going to marry these. They have said their
vows. Everything is official. Give it a quick shake. Now what you’re going to do
is you’re going to take the outer edges, flip them in one-third, smooth, flip it in
another third and you’re done. And when you’re stacking your towels, you always
want to have the neat edge facing out, and that way, you’re always concealing this
edge and of course the side. If you don’t have enough closet space to hang these
types of shirts or if you’re traveling and you want to figure out how to fold it
beautifully like the way these shirts are folded in-store is not as hard as you
think. All it requires is something simple like a magazine, and I can even show you
exactly how to do it. So the first thing you have to keep in mind is you want to
keep your buttons buttoned. That is going to help this situation enormously. So
definitely have the top one and the bottom one and just a couple in the middle. Now
that that’s done and taken care of, flip the shirt over. And it is all about
keeping things smooth, because the smoother the shirt is as you’re going into
this, the smoother it’s going to come out when you unfold it. And the less wrinkles,
obviously way better. So you’re going to take your magazine and you’re just going
to place it right below where the collar is, center right below where the collar
is. Now you’re going to fold your shirt as you normally would and linear shirts
like these plaid shirts or striped shirts make life a little bit easier in this
situation. So you’re going to make sure you have a nice, straight line and then
there’s two things you can do with the sleeve. It doesn’t really matter which one
you choose. You can do that and fold it back in on itself, or you can do this
neat, little zigzag, which I think is kind of fun. So you fold it back like this, you
fold it over like that, then you fold it again like this. And of course if the
bottom tail is nice and even, you know that you are definitely on the right
track. So we’ll fold it in, we’ll fold that cuff in like that. So we are in
pretty good shape. You’re going to flip the tail up, the shirt tail up so that you
have a nice, even, crisp line right there. And here comes the beauty shot. Just fold
it in half right up to the top of where that magazine is and then gently wiggle it
out. Put it to the side. You can read that later. Flip the shirt over and you can
stack it in your dresser. You can put it in a suitcase. It looks beautiful and it’s
not going to wrinkle. If you have even one social media account, I am sure you have
seen the like five-second, Japanese t-shirt folding trick somewhere. So I’m going to
show you how it’s done. It takes a little bit of practice but it does work. Pinch
right here at the neck line on the left-hand side of the shirt. That way, you
can have the logo facing up. And then you’re going to come down about halfway,
so just about diagonal from where the armpit is at the halfway point of the
t-shirt. Now you’re going to take your left hand. You are going to flip it all
the way over and pinch the bottom side of this shirt. And I’m going to pull my right
arm through like this. Give the t-shirt a quick little shake. Lay it down on the
opposite side. And then to complete it, I’m just going to fold it back on itself
like this. This is a pretty easy method once you do it a couple of times. I can
show you. You can get pretty efficient at it actually. Pinch, pinch, grab, pull
through, flip over. Okay, it’s a little sloppy but I mean you get the idea.
It looks great. This does look beautiful. It does take very little time to do
once you’ve mastered it, but I am curious as I’m sure
you are. Does this method work better than
the first t-shirt folding method I showed you in our first folding video? So to
settle the score, I’m going to get Chad to fold some t-shirts like this, I will fold
some t-shirts like this and we are gonna show you who wins. Chad put the camera
down. Let’s do this. ♪ [music] ♪ And one little bonus tip I wanted to
share with you because you know we’re classy here at Clean My Space. I wanna
show you how to fold your toilet paper into a point in case you’re having a guest
over. You know, it’s just a nice, little way to say, “Hey, I care.” All right, so what you’re
gonna do, let’s imagine that this is hanging on its little toilet paper roll
holder. You’re gonna take that bottom piece and flip it up a third of the way.
And carving that line out with your fingernails will just help everything stay
in place. Then you’re going to fold one edge down to the end of that piece of
toilet paper. Then you’ll flip the other side over, creating a perfectly pointed
triangle like this. And then when you lift it up, boom, pointy toilet paper, classy.
For the third installment of our folding videos, I hope it has been educational,
informative and fun for you. Let me know in the comments down below what else you need to figure out how to fold because we’re gonna do more of these videos. Don’t
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case you haven’t seen them yet, you should definitely check them out. The first one
talks about doing that cool t-shirt thing we were talking about. The second one
talks about crazy, cool ways to hang up your pants and doing ranger rolls on your
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  1. you're my new hero. I SO wish I'd found u sooner! I'm in the process of moving now and ended up throwing everything from my wreck of a home into storage and plan to read Marie Kondo's first book while I find my new space. hopefully that way when I'm unpacking I can throw tons of stuff out so I don't end up living in such a cluster next time. plus I'm going to read everything on your website and I already subscribed here and now I'm going to follow u everywhere else! I hated the disorganization and clutter but bc I didn't know how to fix it, I just sat amongst it cursing!!! lol. never again. Do you guys have any articles or videos on moving and/or unpacking and organizing in a new space? that wud be really helpful to keep in mind while apt hunting… ur brilliant BTW, I 💗 u! 😘

  2. I get all my shirts folded with a medium notebook as soon as Im ironing because I like to have it stacked perfectly and I like all the shirts to get perfectly folded for the size of the drawer 🙂

  3. tip for mens shirts – if it has a stiff collar, roll up the belt to fit inside the neck and pack that way. Then that stiff collar wont get crushed.

  4. I really love the way you present the material, great voice ( i mean not that kind of annoying) and educational!

  5. how can u fold a thicker shirt? because i have some tick old heavy-duty cotton shirts that are just super chunky when i fold them no matter how i fold them

  6. Nope, you can roll the whole thing. If you type in ranger roll on utube, the guy was in the marines do he knows how to pack more efficiently then she is doing☺

  7. Have you read or watched the Marie Kondo Konmari method of folding clothes? Your hooded sweatshirt folding is the same as the Konmari way.

  8. Can you show how to fold baby clothes and keep them Organized? How much ever I organize, the house becomes a mess with my baby clothes lying all over the place.

  9. Chad does not look like he’s using any folding method I’ve seen in any of your folding videos. It looks like his first step is folding the shirt in half from bottom to top. Which method is that??? Never saw anywhere. Please respond as to where I might find this meathod🙏

  10. 6/23/19….I 💝 folding clothes—
    esp towels & sheets!
    THIS is the same was I have folded my towels—really bath sheets—all my life….so quick & neat when stacked.
    Of course it helps that I am tall + have nice long arms! 😉

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