Flitz Fabric Armour

what's up YouTube friends thanks so much for checking out grams garage this is my first official video that I'm doing with a sponsor once again it's flits polishing products thanks for coming on board guys I really appreciate it they sent me a little care package and I'm going to show you a couple things they set me and one of the products that i got in this box is someone going to do a video on for you guys pig set me off some products called speed wax brasilia carnuba super fast to become our wax got a product called metal pre-clean for removing all different types of oils and grease on metals and diamond plate and stainless sounds pretty awesome one thing I was really excited that they set me was some of these buff balls if you watch some my videos in the past I've used these I love these things thank you guys for sending me these I use a heck out of these and I get them pretty dirty and I wash them but also take fresh brand new ones awesome thanks I feel like it's like Christmas time or something here you got a tube of the Polish love this stuff probably see me use this in the past as well this is a product going to talk about it's called fabric armor when I got this in the box it really sounded pretty cool i really wanted to test this stuff out it says repels liquids resist soils it's good for a lot of different things i'm not going to go into everything that you can use it on but protects against damage from acid rain dust dirt grease lotions body oil hard water spray on do it overlap it says let cure for like 12 hours apply if need be non-toxic which is good so i'm not going to die from this stuff odorless when dry so um so this is the stuff i tested and i'm going to do hopefully a couple of special effects the new camera i got hope you guys like what you see i think it was an awesome product it's a lot of fun and again i hope you like what you see on this stuff news thanks again guys for checking out the video i hope you liked what you saw I thought it was a lot of fun again doing it so if you want me to review a product of yours you know I'm all up for it so i'll have my email address at the bottom of the screen so you you know send me an email yeah I'll get back in touch with you guys again hope you liked what you saw look forward to doing some more videos with flits as well as some other different goofy how-to videos and things like that so thanks again appreciate it Graham out

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