Fix it Up! 10 Smart DIY Clothing Ideas and More Girly Fashion Hacks

What are you gossiping about ladies? *chuckle* After a few glasses Emily excuses herself for a restroom break. Ohhh, girl… Take a look at your butt and see for yourself… Umm, yeah… If you’re having one of those days, be more aware of the time you spend sitting. Be right back! Well since there are no more eyes watching you Let’s use this one blanket that we have wisely. For this you will need a scarf that is long enough to wrap around you twice. Fix one end of it on the side of your real skirt. As soon as the scarf is in the front again twist it up once for a stylish touch. Fix the last end of it on the back of the skirt. Smart move, girl! Even for an emergency option, it looks awesome on you Emily! It won’t be enough for an all-day marathon but it will surely do as a temporary skirt So… Where were we? Ha! The girls are having an amazing time on the swings! I can almost hear their cheerful shrieks! It’s time for that final leap of faith… But apparently, Emily wasn’t as smooth as Emma. Oh no! What a bummer… I guess, you’ll have to get rid of your favorite shirt, Emily… This is where you’re wrong. The hole is on the shoulder – no big deal. Just crop out the ruined parts… No sleeves, no problem! While we’re at it – make your shirt a bit shorter as well. Fold the edge a little and grab a pair of scissors. Let’s cut some small triangles on the folded part. Now, stretch it out and there you have it! From old to new! You’ve managed to refresh your old worn out t-shirt and put a fresh and cool touch on it. Stay cool and stylish, girl! Emma is working on a chemistry experiment in class. Just a drop of this liquid should start a new chemical reaction! That is now all over the screen… And your shirt… I see you’ve forgotten about the existence of lab coats, Emma… Yeah, I doubt that stains from chemical liquids will wash away that easily… Good night, beloved Emma’s shirt… Ha, got you! Grab a paper stencil with cropped out circles and attach it temporarily on the shirt using paper tape. You’ll want to use some glow in the dark fabric paint and, using a small sponge,
jab it inside the holes. Let’s imitate the calendar of the moon phases by adding a different amount of paint on each circle. Lastly, remove the stencil from the shirt! Now, instead of saying goodbye to her old shirt, she added a shiny twist to it! Wanna check out the dark side of the moon though? Wow, this looks astonishing! Too bad you can’t see others’ reactions in the dark. *chuckle* Well, now you can! Once you start munching on pistachios there’s no stopping…
Right, Emily? But the only thing that Jessica sees in this is a mess someone will have to clean up later. What? Ugh, forget it… This girl may be a messy eater, but she knows how to use these pistachio shells to her advantage. I mean… She’s got enough material for experiments! Let’s make something pretty out of those leftovers! Start by coloring some of them yellow. Grab a semicircle-shaped piece of paper. Use an awl to punch a couple of holes on the corners. Pierce a ring through so you could add a chain necklace. Lock the rings up using a couple of pliers. Now add the first line of hot glue and arrange the coloured pistachio shells. This is where you can get creative. Align them
anyway you like The more shells you use,
the prettier it gets. Perfect! So, Jess, any comments now? Just wait until you see the present that Emily has made you! A couple of stylish earrings should brighten up your day. I mean, if you’re looking for something authentic try giving those leftover pistachio shells a second life! Jessica is planning on going out
and will not leave pantless. Are those even yours though? Because they look way too big for you, girl. This situation gives our fashionista a new opportunity to express herself! Let’s use
some pieces of the jeans like the side pocket
and the waist part. Crop them out and save the waistband for later. We’ll work with the side pocket part first. Start by turning it inside out. Sew the bottom end of it. It’s really easy if you own a sewing machine! You’ll want to fix up the corners as well. And now, turn it inside out again. We already have the base, guys! Let’s put a vertical line of glue to attach this cute red belt. This way, you’ll be able to properly secure the contents
of the bag. Now grab the denim waistband and cut it in half. Connect the two ends and sew them up. That’s it! You’ve successfully turned your old jeans into a stylish handbag. And this cool denim necklace choker will add a nice touch as well! You look astonishing, girl! Who needs those pants anyway? I’d rather have a handbag for my Pringles instead. For Jessica, the weekend is the time to enjoy her favourite beverage and stop caring about her appearance. Even a fashionista needs a break from time to time. Unfortunately, Adam doesn’t need any time off from his girlfriend. I suppose you’re not ready to show Adam your cozy self, huh? Better think of
something fast, girl! The only clean clothing that you have right now is this baggy blouse
that you’re wearing. Can you manage to turn it into something stylish? Don’t forget your snack, Jess! *chuckle* Redesign the blouse by cutting off the sleeves. Let’s reveal those pretty shoulders of yours! On the back of it, let’s cut the upper part into strips. Use two sheets of paper and make a sort of sandwich. And now, ladies and gentlemen, this will be a bit tricky so I’d rather shut my mouth for a while. Don’t worry, it won’t get any trickier than this. Adam is almost there! Just one more last touch we still need to fix up the braided pattern. One by one, align the strips onto the collar and sew them. Well, I think you’re all set up for a date! And the braided back pattern looks really cool as well! This redesigned dress is nothing like that old baggy blouse you had before! Jess made it just in time! Jessica and Noah still have the same daily jogging route to share. Not only did their relationship get complicated, Jessica’s sweaty shirt doesn’t help with the conversation. Your armpits are soaking wet! Oh girl, be aware of what you’re wearing when you’re jogging! Or we can just upgrade the old one! Grab the shirt and cut out some parts as shown. Leave strips on the corners so you can tie them up. There you have it! Now that the sides are open, there will be no more sweaty armpit problem! Girl, you never stop impressing Noah with your awesome fashion ideas! Better run those extra miles for a longer coversation. Emily just came back from a hiking trip. Her backpack is full of mountain climbing equipment. Hmm… It looks like her shorts got a horrible stain. Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to do the trick… Let’s lay down some baking paper and use a marker to outline the pockets. Use some material from
an old skirt and cut out pocket shapes using our
baking paper outline. Squeeze on some fabric glue be generous – and use a brush to space it out. Simply stick the fabric pieces on top of your stained pockets and you’re done! Emily can now continue going on hikes with her newly redesigned shorts. Oh let me guess, Emily got another nasty stain again? Yup this time it’s an ink one. Lucky you… This is where our colored glue sticks come in handy. Use utility knife to cut out several button size coins. Place it over the stain along
with some additional buttons for a cool
pixelated dot image. Hold a hot iron over the glue buttons for several minutes to melt them onto the shirt. Voila!
It’s done! Emily what a genius idea! The glue buttons give a lovely reflective effect! Feel free to create your own collaborative t-shirt designs! Your imagination is the limit! Hey Stylish Pandas, I hope you enjoyed these Fashion Hacks, let us know which of them you’re gonna use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more, feel free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more! comments down below if you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more


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