Finally Taking a Summer Vacation! | MOM VLOG

(upbeat music) – Special thanks to Fabletics for sponsoring this video. (chill music) Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. I am packing right now
because for this vlog I am taking you along with us. Me and my mom and Ziya are taking a little weekend trip, weekend
getaway, mini-vacation type of thing. I had really wanted to take, like, a big, fancy tropical
beach vacation this summer but my plans kept getting
messed up and canceled and having issues with
passports and booking things and just all types of bad luck. It just wasn’t meant to be. I still wanted to kinda do something so we’re just doing, like, a mini little weekend getaway. I’m actually excited, though, because this is like
kinda a stress-free type, chill-type trip, ’cause with planning or at least, like, trying to plan, like, a real vacation, it can actually get really stressful,
especially for someone like me who does social
media for a living. There’s a lot of pressure to, like, basically turn your whole trip into one big photo shoot or video shoot and you’re, like,
planning all these outfits and looks, and like, I dunno. It doesn’t end up being too relaxing if you do it that way. So this little weekend trip is going to actually be
chill, actually be relaxing. I will tell you a little bit more about where we’re going in a minute, but right now I’m packing
and I actually wanted to do a quick little
try-on hall, real quick, while I’m packing, because I just got a bunch
of stuff from Fabletics. I’m actually wearing one of the outfits right now, too. I’m gonna show you guys
the rest of the stuff that I got. So, in case you don’t know, Fabletics makes really, really nice active wear. Stuff to wear to the gym. Obviously, exercising, running, yoga, all types of stuff for all different types of activities, but also it’s just great for leisure of if you
just like to be comfy and have a good pair of leggings even if you’re not
necessarily working out. I know for me, I live in
leggings no matter what. So, definitely for this little chill trip that we’re going on, I’m
definitely going to be bringing comfy clothes like this. Right now, they have this
really awesome VIP perk going on where you can
get two leggings for $24. And basically, the way that it works is you guys can go on the website and you’re gonna take a
really quick, 60 second style quiz so they can kind of recommend certain styles for you, and then make sure to
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definitely enter your email after you take the quiz. Don’t forget that part, because you will be missing out on some discounts and stuff. And then after you take the quiz they will be recommending certain things for you based on what
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already wearing right now, this is called the
Delta Seamless Midi Bra. It’s just like a really
soft, stretchy sports bra. It’s not pulling me too tight or, like, super, a lot of compression, so this is one that I
would definitely just wear every day, just chilling. It’s also got kind of
that longer length to it so you can kinda just wear
it as a crop top or whatever. This is what the back looks like. And then these leggings
that I’m wearing with it, these are called the Winn
II Solid Powerhold Leggings. and these are in the 7/8th length, so all their leggings
come in different fits and materials and lengths
and styles and stuff. So these Powerhold style leggings are kinda like thick and
they really feel very, like, secure, like you’re just
all secure up in there. But they’re still, like, super stretchy without being, like, too stretchy. These are definitely
not see-through at all. Like I said, the material
is really, really nice and thick but it’s also
really soft and smooth. It definitely just feels, like, very high performance,
like, exercise active wear. Sometimes when I buy, like, those really, really cheap leggings from Forever 21 or whatever
they’re just so thin. And they’re, like, way too stretchy. Like, stretchy to the point where they lose their shape
and they rip really easily. Like, they always rip in the crotch. So, you know, you can buy those for $3 and wear them, like, once or twice. But if you really want good leggings that are gonna hold
you in right and tight, they’re not gonna be thick, they’re not gonna be see-through, they’re gonna hold up for a long time, then buying, like, actual
active wear leggings is probably the way to go. And this style of
legging, the length of it is supposed to be a
little shorter, so, like, right above your ankle which I think is cute for leggings. They also have a longer
length that does go all the way down, so for my taller girls out there, I’ll show you that in a minute. They fit really nicely. Okay, so, next up we have the Winn Low-Impact
One-Shoulder Sports Bra, and this bra has removable
straps on this side so you can put it like this, so they just hook off and then you can unhook it in the back as well and then just take that off and wear it like this which I think is so cute, like, okay,
I could hit the town in this sports bra. These leggings are called
the Cashel Foldover Leggings, so for the waistband you
can wear it like this, like high-wasted, or you
can also fold it over. It’s made to fold over like this. And what’s cool about
this is the bottom leg, so it has this ruching detail with this drawstring so
you can scrunch ’em up. Pull the string like that, and like, tie this is a cute little bow
and then it creates, like, this cute little scrunchy
effect right here if you wanna wear ’em,
like, more as capris. And again, for me with my style this is all just everyday clothes. Like, this is just cute to just wear. Okay, now, this next bra, this is called the Devore
Seamless Sports Bra, and fun fact about me. This is, like, my everyday bra. This is what I typically
wear on an everyday basis, like I said, even if I’m not working out, whatever, this is what I just wear underneath all my t-shirts and most of my, just, shirts in general. Ever since I got my boobs
done I just got used to wearing soft bras and,
like, sports bras like this, because you’re not really supposed to wear regular bras after your surgery, and I kinda just got used to it and now I just feel like regular bras are very uncomfortable
and kinda unnecessary for me, personally. And this is actually
really cute in the back. It has that cute little detail. And then these leggings are the same style as those other purple ones
that I just showed you but just in this kinda grayish color which I think is really cute. Okay, now, these leggings
I absolutely love. They’re so cute. I love this color. You guys know I love blush pink and these are such a cute shade of pink. These are the High-Waisted
Powerhold in the 7/8th style, so that means they’re,
like, the ankle length. And they’re Powerhold so again, that really nice, thick material. Again, even this light color, it’s not see-through at all. You can do anything in these leggings and you don’t have to worry about it. This top that I’m wearing is called the Jaymee Mesh Top. It has all these really cute mesh cutouts all along, like, the neckline. This, again, is cute. Like, this is not even active wear to me. I mean, it is, because it’s made out of
the active wear material, so you could do anything in it, but I would just wear this! Like, this is a cute crop top! Okay, and this last outfit which I think is the one that I’m just going to keep on while we go on our little mini road trip because it’s super comfy
and I really like it, this is the Parker Boxy Tee. It says cute AF, but the
F is, like, Fabletics. Get it? And these leggings, y’all,
I saved the best for last with these leggings. I love these leggings. So, these are basically the same leggings as the pink ones that I just showed you. These are the Powerhold leggings and these are just in regular
solid black, but these are the full-length version so
they go all the way down, and even on my long legs, I even have some extra. They bunch up a little bit so they’re definitely long enough. And they are high-waisted,
like, a really nice, cute cut. And let me tell you something about these leggings right here, y’all. So, some of you guys may remember, I think I talked about this on Twitter and maybe my YouTube channel too, but I kinda recently went
and tried lululemon leggings for the first time because
a couple of my friends told me that they’re, like, life changing, like, it’s worth the price, like, I promise, they’re such good leggings. So I went to lululemon and I bought a pair of plain black leggings. Yes, they are meant to be high-quality and all that stuff but they were still just plain black leggings, right? Those leggings cost me $99. $100 for some plain black leggings! Were they nice? Yes. Did I like them? Yes. But! These leggings right here? These, I feel like you literally get the same thing, if not better, for a way better price. So, I definitely recommend checking out Fabletics. All you have to do is click my link in the description box down below. Take that quick 60 second style quiz, and also remember to enter your email address for
additional, exclusive discounts and sign up for VIP so that you can get up to 50% off of regular prices, free shipping, and additional perks. Plus, the big thing right now is that they are doing
two leggings for $24 for their VIP members. Yes, two leggings, for only $24. That’s a $99 value. I obviously just showed you a bunch of really cute leggings. I love all of them. I would definitely
recommend the black ones and the pink ones that I showed you, the simple Powerhold leggings. They’re gonna be the best
leggings you have ever tried for the price. Trust me. So definitely use my link down below, sign up for VIP, and take advantage of that two for 24 deal right now. So, yeah, for the trip we are gonna be driving, and like I said this is not one of those,
like, slay the ‘Gram type serve looks type little trips. This is a very comfy, chill trip. So, I’m gonna wear this
to go into the car. And then I think I’m definitely gonna bring the pink leggings and I’m gonna bring the
turquoise sports bra. And I’m actually wearing
the other white sports bra underneath this shirt,
so I’m bring that too. So I’m about to just
finish packing this bag. My mom, in case you were
wondering, my mom is actually with Ziya in the other room right now. Her bag is already packed and ready to go. So, I just need to finish
getting my stuff together and then we are gonna hit the road and I will tell you guys a little more about where
we are actually going. (downbeat electronic music) Ready to go? Okay, so now that we are
all loaded up in the car and we are on our way, let me tell you exactly
where we are actually going. And so we are going to San Antonio which is not too far away. It’s usually about an
hour drive, but we left at a bad time so we’re
not hitting traffic, so it might take us, like,
two hours. (chuckles) But anyways, it’s not that far away so it’s not much of a
road trip, which is good. Ziya is back there, like, falling asleep if she’s not asleep already. But we are going to the JW
Marriott in San Antonio. It’s a resort hotel type of place and they have, like, a
mini waterpark basically and, like, a lazy river. They have a spa, so it’s like, a really kid-friendly, fun place to go that I think Ziya will have fun at and I want to take place
in the spa activities, so. My mom is going to be
watching Ziya while I go to the spa, and then we’re just all going to chill and relax in the pool, lazy river, waterpark. So it’s just a fun place to go for, like, a short weekend getaway. ♪ I go 16 12 ♪ ♪ That’s the code to my heart ♪ ♪ I go one six one two ♪ ♪ Star ♪ ♪ Aquarion ♪ ♪ Ford Taurus ♪ ♪ A strike on the box ♪ – What’s the room number?
♪ Ford Focus ♪ – [Grammy] 2386. – Ooh, we by 2333. This is a long hallway.
– A long way. (Ziya hums) – You ready to see the hotel room? You love hotel rooms! Ziya doesn’t care where
we’re traveling to. She just cares that we’re
going to a hotel room. That’s the exciting part for her.
(Grammy mumbles) ♪ Ooh, hee hee ♪ ♪ 1612 ♪
– Dun dun dun dah! Go ahead, Ziya. ♪ That’s the code to my heart ♪
– Wow! We made it to the hotel room! Okay, so quick hotel room tour. Just got in here. We have a nice little entryway. Ziya is demonstrating the closet. The bathroom, very nice. The sink, wow. And then the shower, and the toilet. Very nice. And then we just got a double-bed room. And over here by the balcony you can see that we have a view of the pool, lazy river, waterpark area. Wow, does that look fun Ziya? – I can’t wear a dress
because it’ll get all wet. – Yeah, you have to put your swimsuit on if you wanna go over there. We’ll go. So you can see the lazy river that goes all the way around, and then I think there’s, like, a regular pool in the center. You can see the water slides over there. There’s a whole little, like, water park. So, we just got here and it is about, what time is it, seven? – 6:50.
– Almost 7 o’clock. We have planned to be here earlier this afternoon so we
could enjoy the pool, maybe, during the afternoon, but I had a bunch of stuff to do before we even got on the road. Then we got on the road,
it was bad traffic, so it took us forever to get here and now we’re here and
it’s already like 7 p.m. But that’s okay. We just checked into our room. We’re waiting for our
bags to be brought up and then we’re gonna go have dinner at one of the restaurants
here at the resort. And then we will just call it a night. It has already been a long day of, like, other stuff before we
even started this journey. So that’ll just be it
for today but we have the whole day tomorrow
to enjoy the water park and the spa and everything. (chill music) So, at this restaurant inside the resort they have a buffet, so
this is plate number one. I’ve got some corn, some potato salad, some salad, some coleslaw, yes, I like coleslaw, thank you very much. And they had a kids buffet so Ziya got all of her favorites. Mac and cheese, tater tots,
chicken nuggets, corn dogs. You just eating the corn off the dog? You gotta eat the weenie part too! So my mom and I are taking
turns going to the buffet so one of us sits with
Ziya and the other one goes to get their food. And, I’m starving, so I feel like I’m gonna eat at least two places of food. This is plate number one. Okay, plate number two. They are serving prime rib and turkey and beans
and potatoes and bread. And is all of this stuff approved on my allergy list? Probably not, but YOLO. You got some dessert? What is that? – Cake.
– Cake? It’s cheesecake. Is it good? (laughs) I just picked out the
prettiest looking ones. This is an apple tart,
a chocolate cupcake, and a raspberry something
something something something in French that I didn’t know what it was. Is this all laced with dairy? Yes it is. Am I gonna eat it anyway? Yes, I am. Alright, so we finished dinner, came back up to the room to
switch into our swimwear. Got my swimsuit under my clothes. Grammy put her swimsuit on. – You won’t catch me in my swimsuit. – [Raven] I’m not gonna ask
you to show your swimsuit. I’m just saying that you have it underneath your nice
kaftan embezzled, I mean, not embezzled. (laughs) Embellished, or bedazzled, coverup. What? What are you doing?
(Ziya hums) You got your swimsuit on? You ready to go down to the lazy river and watch Incredibles on the projector and make some s’mores? Huh?
– Yes. Okay, let’s go. What are we doing, Ziya? – I don’t know. – [Raven] You don’t know? We are standing in line to get some marshmallows
so we can go over there and make a s’more. – Here.
– Thank you. ♪ Is done ♪ ♪ And I lay in bed ♪
– Marshmellow! ♪ I think of all those
silly things I said ♪ ♪ And when it comes to you ♪ ♪ And all that we do ♪ ♪ I just don’t know how
much of it is true ♪ ♪ How much of it is true ♪ ♪ But I knew my head ♪ ♪ I thought I knew my heart ♪ ♪ It’s just sometimes I
can’t tell them apart ♪ ♪ And with that said ♪ – Are you gonna eat yours, Ziya? ♪ I’ll start to dream ♪ ♪ Oh boy I’m not as bad as I seem ♪ – Great s’mores. ♪ Don’t be mad I wrote a song about ya ♪ ♪ Don’t be mad ♪ ♪ Don’t be sad I couldn’t
live without ya ♪ – Okay, it is day two. It’s about 10 o’clock
in the morning, I think. Kinda nice little good night sleep and I’m looking out at our view of the pool area and people
are already starting, it’s getting already crowded over there. Oop, I just bumped my
camera into the window. But we haven’t had breakfast yet so we’re going to go down into
one of the resort restaurants and have breakfast, and then I think just
head over to the pool. I have a spa treatment
later this afternoon, but, yeah, basically we’re
gonna just go chill out. (upbeat music) – Where’s the sun? – It’s super cloudy. It’s not a hot, sunny
day like we were hoping. So, we had our little
breakfast and we came down to the pool, lazy river area. Already had our spot saved and everything. My mom got a spot with an umbrella to block from the hot sun. And, ain’t no hot sun. It is very, very cloudy. No sunshine. So, not quite sure what
we’re gonna do right now. – I think you could still get in. It’d probably feel good. Who cares if it’s raining
if you’re in the water? – I mean, there’s definitely people in the pool, but I’m like, are y’all cold? – I think I’ll put my foot
in, see how cold it feels or how warm it feels. (dreamy music) – [Raven] It’s not cold? The water’s not cold. – I think it’s not cold. – All right, well, I guess we’re just gonna get in the lazy river anyway. Are you gonna get in the floaty with me? – No.
– No? – I don’t like it. – [Raven] What are you worried about. – The water.
– The water? She’s a little traumatized from her swim lessons. We just finished swim
lessons the other day and that wasn’t really too fun for her. It was important she learned what she needed to
learn, but it wasn’t fun. So now she thinks every
time we get into the pool there’s gonna be, like, swim lessons whereas before that she loved the pool. So I’m trying to teach her the difference between recreational swimming and important swim lesson swimming. Okay, Ziya, I’m gonna show
you what we’re gonna do. Go over there and get one
of those floaties, and then you’re gonna watch me come through here. And then I want you to
do it with me, okay? Let me show you first and then
maybe you’ll wanna try it. – [Grammy] She’s in there. (chill electronic music) – [Raven] Yay, put your swimsuit on, yay. Oh. – I feel sleepy again. – You feel sleepy again? Okay, we’ll go take a nap after this. But you’re gonna go with Grammy and mommy just one time around,
and then you can get out if you don’t like it. Okay?
– I don’t like it. (Grammy and Raven laugh) – But you have to see if you like it. – [Raven] You have to try before you know if you like it. You always have to try things. – Try new things.
– You have to try. – And me and mommy will be right there, and won’t let anything happen to you. (upbeat music) – You having fun? (laughs) Oh, booboo, it’s fun! We’re floating in the lazy river! – [Grammy] Was that fun,
swimming on the lazy river? – Yes.
– Yes! Well, the sun came out. Very good. – So, I’m happy now
because the sun came out. It’s hot and warm and sunny, and I didn’t know that they
had this sandy area over here. So we’ll just pretend that
we’re on a beach vacation. Yeah, this is what I was wanting, so I’m happy now. (laughs) All right, so I sat out
here and tried to get a little tan out in the sandy area. I’m about to head back
to my spa appointment. I’m supposed to be getting
a HydraFacial, I think. So, I’m gonna go do that and then I’ll show you guys the
results afterwards, I guess. Heading to the spa. This is what it looks like over here. This place looks really
nice, really pretty. Lots of little waterfalls and stuff. Okay, done with my HydraFacial. It was very nice, very relaxing. I do feel like my skin is kinda
looking a little glowy now. I’d seen a lot about the HydraFacial on Instagram and YouTube and stuff, and I definitely think I would go back and get another one. Right now I think we’re just gonna go right back down to where we were. My mom brought Ziya back into the room to try to take an afternoon nap. – Ahh!
– But she did not want to take a nap, and they
kept getting interrupted from the cleaning service and stuff, so no nap today. I guess we’re on vacation. No nap?
– No! – Okay, so, we’re just going to skip nap and just go right back down to the little beach. (upbeat music) ♪ I ♪ ♪ I ♪ ♪ I, I ♪ ♪ I ♪ ♪ I, I ♪ – [Grammy] This is a
nice sandcastle, Ziya. (gasps) Did you make that?
– Yeah. – [Grammy] It’s a spider already? Wow. ♪ It’s over over I ♪ ♪ To multiply ♪ – [Grammy] There’s mommy! ♪ Double double blind ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ – [Grammy] Did mommy do it? You wanna do it next? – No.
– Okay. (chill music) – [Raven] I see you, woo! ♪ I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T ♪ ♪ Do you know what that mean, man ♪ (Raven cheers) – [Raven] All right, back
inside, and we took showers, got dressed, this is my
little vacation look, and we’re about to go
eat dinner downstairs. Ziya has her cute new little outfit on. Let me see your outfit! – Yeah! Tah-dah.
– Pretty! – See that?
– Ooh! Put it down, let me see!
– Now it’s down. (Ziya cheers) – [Raven] And I don’t wanna hear nothing about her hair, because
I’m just letting her obviously mess it up in the waterpark. And then when we get home from all this, then I will do her hair. Mm, this time at dinner we got complimentary biscuits and jam. Go ahead, you can have one. Is it good? Mm, yummy. Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes. This is actually half of one serving because we split is. Can you imagine what it would look like if you just kept the full serving? Crazy. Fancy desert, Ziya. – Thank you, thank you! – Okay, it’s the next day and we are getting ready
to leave up out of here. – We’re going to Austin! – Huh?
– We’re going to Austin! – [Raven] We’re going to Austin? Back to Austin? One more meal here before we had out. We decided to do the family
picnic breakfast thing so they’re just bringing us a lot of stuff to our table. This is the first course. Second course of our breakfast. Lots of food. Is it good? Put the bacon on the
plate, not on the table! One of Ziya’s favorite foods is bacon. You ready to go home? Yeah. Okay, did you have fun? – Yes.
– You did? What was your favorite thing that we did? – Eat.
– Eat? And what else? Remember yesterday you
had so much fun on the? – I dunno.
– On the slide! Remember, yesterday, you did the slide? Back home from our little
weekend getaway now. It was nice to get away
for a couple of days. Now we’re going to get back to the regular daily grind, but this trip was definitely–
– Fun! – (laughs) Ziya’s up there. It was fun and it was
also a learning experience just because I’m new
to traveling with Ziya and seeing what she likes,
and what she doesn’t like, and what works and what doesn’t work. Even with little trips like this. So I learned that she does
like water activities. It just takes her a long time to warm up to it. But she ended up having a lot of fun. We had fun. We got some sun which is what I wanted. We ate some good food. So all in all, I think
it was a fun little trip. And we will be working our way up to more extreme, extravagant,
whatever you wanna call it vacations slowly, but this
was like, a good little stat. So yeah, I hope you guys liked this vlog. If you did, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already, and I will see you guys in my next one. Bye!


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