Fetish Model Wears 18 Inch Corset For Perfect Hourglass Figure

ROMANIE SMITH: I probably wear my corset two–three times a week. ROMANIE SMITH: I just think it’s very feminine.
The shape it gives you is more of an hourglass figure and it makes your waist look smaller,
your bum look a bit bigger, and your boobs look a bit bigger! COMM: Forget weight training, some people
believe the secret to a perfect body is waist training. Romanie’s been wearing corsets
for the past 18 months, but says it’s a craze that can be taken too far. ROMANIE SMITH: Wearing a corset, 24 hours
a day, when you can snap ribs, problems with kidneys sometimes. It also can damage the
bottom of your lungs but that’s only doing it to extremes. COMM: More and more women are returning to
the age-old method of corseting in pursuit of an hour glass figure, including fetish
model Romanie Smith. ROMANIE SMITH: My shape before was like a fashion model. I was very straight, up-straight
down, and to be honest with you, I didn’t feel feminine at all, I didn’t feel sexy,
I felt like a little girl and the whole reason I started wearing them was because I wanted
to look more like a woman. COMM: Romanie shrunk her natural waist line by three inches, and when she’s wearing a
corset her tummy measures a tiny 18 inches. COMM: At the moment, she wears a corset for up to six hours at a time. But Romanie wants
to up her training regime despite sometimes finding it painful. ROMANIE SMITH: Wearing a corset, if it makes
you feel uncomfortable when you’re out and about and stuff, it’s kind of like getting a
stomach ache and you put your power on for it anyway. I would like to waist train because,
it’s quite nice to not wear a corset and still have the same shape. Wearing them all
the time, it trains you to have that shape all the time. COMM: Extreme corseting though doesn’t come
without risks. ROMANIE SMITH: Wearing a corset 24 hours a day, all the time, it does tend to damage
your ribs and you can snap ribs, bruising occurs, problems with kidney sometimes, it also
can damage the bottom of your lungs because obviously it is bringing in all your ribs
so yeah, they’re the problems you can have but that’s only, doing it to extremes and doing
it too much. COMM: Romanie’s making a name for herself as a fetish model. DAN TIDSWELL: She’s vey able to slip into
character and to produce a variety of different looks for a given situation. It makes her very
good at fetish fashion corsetry, lingerie, whatever you put in front of her. COMM: And Romanie’s mom is her right hand
woman when she needs to strap up for a shoot. SUSANNAH SMITH: I think it’s okay, it’s another string to her bow it’s part of her, what she has to model,
so yeah, I’m fine with her wearing corsets. Would I consider a corset myself? If I was younger,
definitely I would consider it, but not now. COMM: But Romanie doesn’t always get positive feedback on her appearance. ROMANIE SMITH: I had a few people criticize
me, but that was mainly on like social media sites where people can hide behind a computer. ROMANIE SMITH: I had a few people go, “Oh,
that’s disgusting, it’s unnatural.” But it’s been quite biggish women I suppose
that obviously are going to be like, well that’s not right. LADY: Anybody as old as I – who’s lived in the 50s – wore corsets. They weren’t as extreme as that. But they sort of helped you, sort
of look nice. LADY 2: I think she looks quite nice and I
think it’s good if it makes her happy. MAN: Yeah, lovely, lovely waist. It’s very curvaceous.
Yeah, I love small waists. Why? It’s just sexy. COMM: Romanie’s got some words of warning
for young girls wanting to follow in her footsteps. ROMANIE SMITH: I don’t think girls, they should start wearing them as young as some of them
are. I’ve seen a couple of girls on like Instagram and stuff and they’re like 15, wearing corsets. Their bodies aren’t
fully formed yet so it’s going to disfigure them in later life. COMM: But she’s going to continue wearing
corsets, in pursuit of an even tinnier tummy. ROMANIE SMITH: I’d love to shrink my waist into a 17, maybe a 16, maybe a 15, I just don’t really
know. Just go with it and see what happens!


  1. She was obviously already very very petite so this doesn’t look as insane as it does on people with a curvier build. I think she’s beautiful and looks pretty proportional.

  2. Beautiful woman, pretty face, seems down to earth, knows what she is doing… the only issue I have is that I don't think she walks nice. It looks stiff and unnatural. But I guess she can practice.

  3. I’m glad she has the knowledge on what it can do!💗 Whereas other woman who do waist training seem to turn a blind eye to what can happen to them!😕

  4. She’s cute and doesn’t have a extremely tiny waist. It’s small but I’ve seen worse. At least she hasn’t got a ton of surgery. More power to her, it’s what she wants to do.

  5. I love this girl. I've seen every episode and she is the smartest of the bunch! She's smart enough to not wear it 24hrs a day and she's a good role model!

  6. Holy crap! Her mother looks fantastic, good genes. I feel like 99% of the people on these shows are very likeable and are for the most part gasp very normal!

  7. Are you serious guys? 18 inches is the size of a baby's waist! If she wants to look more womanly, gain weight. Shes damaging her kidneys hints why people don't use corsets much anymore, it's damaging her health

  8. She has got a very beautiful face. Her lips and eyes are awesome, and hair… such beautiful hair. Oh, I guess, I fell in love, kek

  9. She is literally goals!

    I can get down to 22inches, with a natural 24 (the last time I checked YEARS ago) waist… the ONLY time I've ever gotten negative comments were from fatter women, like my obese aunty (but I wasnt even WEARING a corset, just a material belt on a cute top)

  10. Corsets are actually wonderful and amazing if it's not over do. I tried it, it makes u work straight, control ur eating potions, if ur wearing it while eating which means it's a great dieting tool and etc. As long u are not over doing it, I don't really see a problem with it.

  11. I’m very petite and little. I could probably wear that corset with no problem. I think she looks gorgeous 🌸🌸

  12. Anybody walking around in like 50 degree weather wearing a dress with spaghetti straps is going to get starred at. She looks pretty normal

  13. I think she's gorgeous it's clearly jealousy why they are being negative x ignore them darling and enjoy yourself xx

  14. If she doesn't overdo the corset training, and starts lifting weights to gain more shape, her body will look booomb

  15. She's not at all going to extremes like some do imo! I didn't catch how many hours she wears hers but some wear them 23 hours a day and pull the corset much tighter . She's talking about the risk as well instead of downplaying them. I like her and she's very pretty

  16. I mean she’s lovely but I do worry for her organs. But I sympathize with her wanting to be more of an hourglass shape. I too have an athletic/rectangular figure.

  17. Her waist though narrow looks healthy and in proportion as she's slim elsewhere think a tiny waist (22" and under) only looks crazy on women with a average or above build-if you're waist training definitely aim in proportion for your bone structure/body type..

  18. I don't like the super small waist to where it is harmful to your body . She is a beautiful girl though and that is her choice

  19. Did anyone else notice the photographer's face turning red when talking about her? Looks like someone is REALLY enjoying his job 😂

  20. ”Her waist measures a tiny 18 inches”
    Woah, woah how good do you think men feel when you use a frase like ”a tiny 18 inches”

  21. She’s very pretty but did you guys see her mom?! Not to be weird but her mom is so very pretty and her skin just shocked me with how nice it looked. Her mom could be her slightly older sister 🙂

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