Feral Druid – FM Legion

Hello and welcome to this video. This time I want to show you the feral druid. and I have one more person with me than last time Kito and our tester Braindead are with me Could you say hello? Kito: hello Braindead: hi! Bozzi: So, I will skip the explanations of the spells and i will make duels against Cutie and Kito I’ll begin with the shadow. We’ll see how it goes. so… I will stun oah don’t go away, oh no, oh no My nameplates don’t work, I don’t know why. Kito: We should say that Cutie has not as good gear as Bozzi and duels are not scaled. Even not on the official servers. Thus no pvp-stat-template. And now.. – oh my god Bozzi: That was a deadly bite but he’s fearing me! Now is my chance. Kito: I’m pretty aware that Bozzi will loose this duel. Bozzi: Yeeeeaaaah. For sure, for sure. Braindead: heeeeeelp help, help, help *laughing* Bozzi: No, that won’t work against me. I will all of the duels. *mumble* OK! Bozzi: resetting the cooldowns and healing my hp Now we will start. You can attack me while I’m beeing in the bearform. Brainddead: Oh my god. That was… well… planned! Bozzi: That will… oh no, are you serious? oh no oh no, oh no oh no. I fear the worst. NOOOOOOOOO That was no clean execute. *laughing and mumbling* in the end, yes. Bozzi: Well, that’s from this video. Please write in the comment section which class you want to see next time. Untill the next video, bye!


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