Fat & Curvy in Korea | My Experience, Perception, and Advice!

HI you guys It’s Natalie here once again and today i’m going to talk about being…curvy ^^ slash fat in Korea so if you wanna know my take and And my experiences And my view point of it . Then Stay tuned!! I just felt like looking extra fabulous with extra big hair today. So please don’t mind the crazy hair. OKAY! Anyways, as you guys know i have been in Korea for a little under 2 years and i’ve had my share of experiences due to my size. um Of course a lot of it also had to do with the fact that that i’m a foreigner as well. But lot of people are really hesitant because Korea is known as a land of beauty you know over twenty percent of the population undergo some kind of plastic surgery in their lifetime there is nothing but facial creams to make sure that their skin doesn’t age and and and that their skin stays nice and white and that’s another conversation but, we’re talking about fatness and how it’s perceived in Korea I can say that overall I haven’t had an overly negative experiences in regards to my weight but it does come up in conversation sometimes I’ve gotten comments from even my co-workers so for example one of the comment i had gotten was from one of the upper head teachers and she came to me and she’s an oh Natalie you know you’re so beautiful your body *Blah Blah blah* whatever whatever and she’s like oh do you have a boyfriend i’m “oh no no no” I don’t have a boyfriend she’s like you should go hiking with me i’m like oh you know that’s how you know that’s a nice suggestion that the nice offer yeah sure yeah yeah for you to slim slim you get a boyfriend ok i I’ve even got a comment where somebody was asking me what am i doing this weekend and I’m like oh nothing i’m staying at home and lay in bed she should be running by teacher okay by a teacher he said that anyways you can hear all this stuff you just have to take it as a grain of salt or grain of sand whatever the phrase saying is and just keep it moving I can’t tell you how many times I get stared down especially when people are looking at my thighs I goes a little something like this (what?) can I help you only I wish I could say that because that is just rude. But probably if i was in the United States I would probably do that particularly here in Korea when you see somebody who is bigger in size in the media they’re either one they are disgusting they are desperate they are a glutinous they are either a lonesome or ostracized for you know for their weight and then just sloppy and I don’t think that that message that’s in the media it’s going to help anyone who may relate to that character who may relate inside to that character just puts out a negative image for them and they at least the people in Korea they don’t what I’ve seen at least seventy percent of time people don’t embrace their body now I’m not saying that you know people should be proud that they’re unhealthy but just because you’re fat does not mean that you’re not healthy ok i just want people to know that the idea that is centered around fatness in Korea is negative and what I see our.. the majority of people who have extra weight don’t embrace their body they are shameful of their body to the point where..the majority of people I see wear such lose clothes it looks like a tent like they are wearing a tent and that’s what I just don’t find I don’t understand this yes there’s the idea of broad that there that all people in korea are skinny but let it be known that know there are some chunky people i’m seeing more people that are plus size but there are no clothing stores that are catered towards these young girl and so therefore it there’s forced to go out and buy these big ole shirts and things that don’t flatter them and just make them look a lot bigger so in walks me looking so extra it’s ridiculous um and what I had told to me at least by my teachers are that they feel jealous of the confidence I exude and the comp because of what how I how I wear my clothes I don’t wear them loses and saggy wear them to show my shape and for me I know that like i am somewhat confident with my body because I am very curvy but I didn’t realize how much people envied that at least in Korea because they don’t get that kind of speech they don’t hear that speech from other people like all you look good and that you do this you do that they don’t see that is therefore there are there broken down to a point where they feel low and this again this is just my it this is just my observation from what I’ve experienced in the people that I’ve met so I will definitely say that the image in regards to fatness in Korea yes it is negative but it depends on how you if you hold yourself a certain way with us good and exude a certain confident about your body people are going to admire that and they are going to envy that no matter what your size is or what you look like ok be confident fabulous because I’m gonna tell you they are not ready for all of this they are not ready for all of this ok but this gave you a little bit of a boost because i know that this is such a nerve-racking thing before you can come to Korea especially for bigger size but listen you need to own every little thing about you okay because what makes you you is your personality and your confidence and how you impact others lives this is temporary okay it doesn’t matter what they think stop thinking about what other people think ok because if you keep on worrying about what everybody else things you’re never gonna get anywhere and you want to be consumed with what everybody may be looking at you thinking okay tunnel vision straight on tunnel vision I’m telling you right now that is how I operate ninety-five percent of time because i know people are looking but girl I look fabulous okay so anyways thank you guys so much for watching I really hope this helps you guys out ^^ BYE^^ (Beyonce music)


  1. First of all, Lets appreciate how Bomb you look!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Second i feel like we would totally become friends because honey! We are pretty much so similar. Love your videos!!!

  2. How much is the rate of people who commit suicide. Outer appearances are not everything. You look fabulous

  3. Korea is probably based on ur appearance…they just judge u on how u look ..
    Be skinny ,white, 😏

  4. You can go home and be curvy 🙂 Pls do not use a stereotype you choose to attack because of your insecurity. Thank you!

  5. The thing is, I’m actually pretty skinny for my age except for my thighs. My thighs are like, huge. I don’t know why.

  6. thank you so much :(( your confidence and positivity comforts me so so much. i just wanna give you a big big hug as it is one of the few things i can give to you as my thanks. we need more ppl like you ;—; i hope everything is going well for you!! sml!!

  7. Lord my size 22 behind
    Would be able to buy nothing but a paper sack their? Lol 😩 But I love your videos and I too have been told from others they wish they had the confidence I've had —for a big girl (whatever that means) and they are NOT ready for allllll of this 😍🙌🏽

  8. I'm korean and I believe the korean society should really step out from that beauty frame. Everyone is beautiful in their own way but some just don't get it yet. You're hella bomb girl ure such a strong woman and i respect u for ur confidence :)) keep it up ❤️

  9. Hello 2019, late subscriber here! I like your boosting words, don't change that lovely bright side of you. I love it so so much! I do have insecurities too but urgh YOLO have fun and be kind!

  10. I love your videos so much! Planning to visit S. Korea in 2020. I'm a curvy gal too, so this perspective is very helpful. You've encouraged me to be as extra as I want and not care what people think lol!

  11. At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding. The Koreans and Japanese have one of the world's longest life expectancy

  12. Young woman, you are so BEAUTIFUL. Don’t let ppl give you your self worth. GOD made you and HE don’t make no junk. Aloha from Hawaii.

  13. Deuteronamony 28: 68 bible Korea is known to have slaves for 2000 years which was abolished in 1800s but officially stopped in1903 dats why they looking at u like dat miss, u in land of your enemy read bible

  14. I agree girl, you do look fabulous, in the U.S you would have men all around you. Japan is not ready your right, still I bet some are curious about you they just don't have the confidence to approach such a powerful, confident, beautiful, smart woman.

  15. "Can I help you?", omg I laughed a lot. Seriously, I also discovered Koreans are obsessed with their appearance. They depend on their beauty standards too much. If u know u are sexy, no matter what clothes and body u have, u just look in the mirror and smile feeling happy. Maybe they can`t believe they are already beautiful? It`s totally luck of confidence. P.S If I were u, I would say sth like "Can I help u?" too

  16. I’m moving to Korea soon, and I’m a size 22. I actually bought a lot of cute clothes that flatter my figure prior to starting my job overseas. I figure I’m If happy and confident, that will show. I can help show people that those who are overweight can be active, happy, lovely people.

  17. Im going to Seoul in less than 5 days and i am honestly terrified. I’ve never given a damn about how people see me and their opinions of me but im so scared that Seoul might just break me bc of their mentality of what “healthy” and “beautiful” should look like

  18. I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! I am headed there in Oct and I am having such hard time about my gain. I had double reconstructive foot surgery and double carpel tunnel surgery In a spam of 1 yr and a 1/2! 260 total now. The last time I was there I was young and "healthy"…Now…anyways…thank you for your advice! it helped a lot! I wish I could chat off line about a few things before I get there in October…but this helped tremendously!

  19. thank you for this video. i leave for korea in two days and this exactly has been weighing on me. i feel a lot better after watching this and will definitely be more confident about myself!

  20. I think people who wants to live in Korea have to be mentally strong ☹️ in order to live a happy life all you need is self confidence, which is the most difficult to get, specially if you live in such a society where their physical standards in beauty is everything.
    Girls have to be small like bones 🦴 and honestly not everybody has the bone structure to achieve that, the V jawline, pale skin, etc etc… so crazy.
    I really admire your self confidence, if it were me living in such a society, I would be crying every night to sleep 😭

  21. Hey girlfriend you are stunning!!.. keep smiling, keep glowing your beauty shines from within.
    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia🐨

  22. I'm half Asian and Latina, I think thicker ladies are hella more attractive. Size doesn't really matter. If she's pulled together, smiling, kind and funny. Sexy AF.

  23. I am Asian and White and my most recent ex is also Asian and White. His mom is Korean and his dad is White. His Asian mom flat out told me that she thought I had anorexia. I was surprised to hear that coming from his Korean mom who was probably as thin as I am. Asian people are not afraid to comment on your weight, which is unfortunate.

  24. You are so beautiful and thanks for sharing. Funny you brought up curves in Korean. I’ve been skinny most of my life just recently I put on weight mainly because dudes in America told me I was too skinny. Go figure. America standards of beauty are changing Confidence is beautiful. Being smart is beautiful. The ability to have your own money 💰 is just right Gorgeous to any Man. So please ignore the opinions of others you can’t change. What matters is how you see yourself is what the world sees you. I love my curves skinny just not happening anymore.

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