Fast and easy DIY Barbie dress from baby socks

Ping Ping, What is that? That’s socks. socks. socks? They are too small for Ping Ping, huh. You know what you can we do with these socks? No Ping: No
Pok: A dress? Huh? a dress? Mom will cut And after … What are we doing? We cut, we put that thing like this Look You do not want to watch? Ping: it’s scary!
Mom: Look Mom cut, you see? Here is your socks you know? Mom cut at the bottom, you see? After … What do you choose? I want this ! Ok? Yes ! She He, wait, look first I do not want her Look First ! She just tries it ! Wooowww Is it pretty? Wooowww, That’s so cool !! Huh? Is she pretty? huh huh! Thank you goodbye !! Everybody say cheese !!

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