Fashion VLOG: The Store On Queen

hi folks this is PinkyQ, welcome back
to my YouTube channel. Today I’m going to visit a local fashion store here in
Toronto, it’s called The Store On Queen. Actually I have been admiring this store for a while, and two years ago I bought my first skirt in this store and that skirt
is so fabulous; and it’s one of the fashion items I’m so
proud to own. Seriously I couldn’t stop And recently I found the Instagram
account of this store and every day they are posting some photos and videos of
those fabulous fashionable items. And this store seems to be owned by two fabulous
boss ladies that I would love to meet. I’m so excited to visit a store and find
some fashion item of my own And it would be great if I could get a chance to talk
to the fashion entrepreneurs. It would be a fun trip for
sure, let’s have fun together, shall we? thank you First stop! These pink platform high
heels. When I saw them on the Instagram I was like, it’s exactly what I want in the
summer! it looks even better than the picture! It totally matches what I’m
wearing today since I’m in pink heels, let’s try this
one-piece pink jumpsuit Wow this dress, is everything!! it shapes such a beautiful butt curve I’m so obsessed with the flora off-shoulder details. love these split skirt hemlines Look at this lively jump suit! The green
colour is just so fresh, matching with these pink heels, it’s perfect!
The lovely fashion stylist in the store recommended this pair of heels to me, it
reminds me Hawaii! 😀 this whole outfit brings me vacation
mode in Hawaii :)) Wait… Are these Good American jeans by
Khloe Kardashian?!!! Wow impressive! When I first saw them I was like, hmm… I prefer
pencil jeans better… but why I try them on it fits me so well… the crop-top is actually a whole hot
set with this cute skirt, matching with these black stiletto with red lips on, it’s
just getting hotter and hotter yeah I think it matches perfectly with the jeans too – yeah last but not least this red shiny
miniskirt! Of course matching with these red lips stilettos. I had such great try on and shopping
experience in The Store On Queen today Let me know what do you think in the
comment below! Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my YouTube
channel! I will keep sharing my fashion journey with you. See you next time!

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