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hey guys welcome back to my channel is Galen Michelle and in today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys how you can find my fashion open inspired clothing our Ross for cheese-like instagram inspired pretty little thing all those little online stores that we like at Ross Dress for Less for cheaper so if you're not ready subscribe to my channel go ahead hit the subscribe button turn on my post notifications so you are aware of when I post a let's get into it as you can see I got this bag full of clothes I just went shopping yesterday and I was like I always see like Instagram type clothes or fashion OVA type clothes at Ross and sometimes it's literally the same exact brand and everything because sometimes fashion OVA dispose their name on top of the tag when it's really just another brand so I'm gonna be showing you guys basically how I shop for clothes that look like online fashion and yeah let's hop into it and basically off it was like $100 and I got all these clothes when on fashionably probably spent like 300 let's get into it okay guys I haven't talked about any of these clothes yet so I'm super excited to see how these look on me so the first items are gonna be these army pants and they're so cute and I got army pants because I know these are like really trendy on Instagram so army parents are really trendy or I see them all over Instagram I see these all over fashion OVA I thought these are really cute because they have the pocket detailing and it's kind of like that if I see it has the pockets have these two little belts and they fit perfectly and they stretch up at the bottom these I got in a size small and they were only $15.99 they don't have any pockets on the back with that spine but these are super cute it's not like that it comes with a belt so as we go through this video I will try to include prices of how much stuff will cost online versus in-store so like I said these army pants are only 16 dollars there's so freaking cute and yeah I love them so I'm actually happy they fit because the mediums looked way too big so I said let me go with the small and they fit perfectly these are so cute and comfortable and they're actually by a brand called American to Zilla and they're called the color twill jogger so let's get into my next item okay guys so the next thing out one part of the jean skirt this is usually not my stuff but I've seen that jean skirts have been making a comeback I see them all over fashion Nova I always see them in forever 21 so I decided to pick up a pair I know if I should know but always carries the brand blackstein's and they have you got Ross and they actually are wax jeans so I'm going to show you guys this is really cute on so this looks like this it has a little bit of distressing on it which I like I look at this in a size medium I feel like it's a pretty good size and it's a little so maybe I could've went for small this high-waisted and yeah it's on trend it's super cute these pockets on and you know they only come in like small medium large and then these were only $10.99 so these are what they look like and it's in a dark wash it's stretchy material good quality so yeah not bad at all okay so the next thing a lot in fashion OVA is graphic tees and Ross has been having so many lately so I actually went ahead and picked up this one it just has hot wheels on it I thought was kind of cute kind of tomboyish it was the most decent one I liked I'd see that they have like the Selena and the Tupac ones just like fashion over but I actually preferred this one a little bit more and this one I feel like I could've went ahead and got a smaller size but I believe it was let me see over there struggling on so the shirt was actually a size medium and it was only $8.99 and then I also paired it with some biker shorts that I found you guys know biker shorts are super trendy so I just made it all one outfit and then just looks like this and these biker shorts are so amazing I actually own these already not have box box before they're so comfortable they actually come down long and they don't keep rising them at this dance length which I like and they're not made out of like a regular legging material it's like more thicker so it's actually a nice quality and last longer and biker shorts I got the sizing medium for only 399 you cannot find a good quality pair of ladies I mean by tripping this for 399 and the first time I bought these things I've cared I paid $4.99 so now not even more cheaper which is great so yeah I feel like this is like a super cute outfit you know that's how they usually do it on the fashionable websites who they usually have cropped graphic tee with some biker shorts so this is cute and I like it okay guys next I actually was able to find a matching set and I know it's Ross is beginning more and more matching sets and just like you would see on fashion Nova's website now first I found the topic okay this is like a cute like going out top so it's kind of like that blousey rib type filling and then I also had like the zipper option where you can kind of like zip it down I thought that was cute so first I got sets and then I found the shorts later and I was like all this lip said so I came up on this and it's actually matching biker shorts X is so freakin cute I love the way it fits and hugs on to my body the pants I found them in a medium and they were actually long with clearance right so they were only $5.99 but the top I found on the regular rack and I'm gonna have to show you guys the price in a second but it's so good so cute I see this has a nice going out outfit and yeah I might even save this for my birthday or something I don't know this is so cute like a biker shorts been amazing I like that they have the zipper detailing on it as well just like the top and it just been amazing but I can't believe I found this at Ross and yeah like I said they have even more matching sets and they also have a section called trends so if you go to that section it's more easier to find what's current and stuff that you actually would find unfashionable okay guys and so the tops was $6.99 so $6.99 and $5.99 for the bottom so we got like a $13 outfit go to Ross okay so next I did find this romper and I usually always see robbers on fashion ovals website so this is more like a striped green romper is nice and loose and comfortable and it has these pockets I thought that was really cute it's like a shorts bottom so comfortable actually got it in a size medium and it is an olive and white and the price on it I keep not showing you guys the price the price on it $8.99 and it's actually like a really thick material like it's nice quality it doesn't feel cheap at all the brunt of it is heart and hips so if you guys ever go to Ross or even beedie's discounts look for the bread hearts and hips they have a lot of clothing that looks just like fashion OVA so this rocker I actually found saying romper on Fashion Nova's website and they did cost like probably $14.99 on their website but they had it in different colors but still this is the look and it's so cute and very very comfortable okay guys so next I got this cute like little blouse type of shirt it's rib and this is also by that brand heart and hips I like that has this button detailing and it kind of cut so it kind of gives it that more sexy vibe this was in a size medium I didn't get it for $7.99 and it comes that 3/4 quarter sleeve oh this isn't too bad they also had it and I believe yellow and like a brownish color but this is a pretty cushy I feel like this would be more probably fall time and then of course on how to pick out a pair of jeans because fashion OVA is mostly known for jeans and Ross does have a cute selection of jeans this one is from a brand called soul so it's going to be s dot o dot n dot G dot and this is really cute it's called their high rise skinny ankle and it just has this distressing at the bottom so they're liking a light denim wash as you can see the distressing towards the bottom I thought that was cute on these and these jeans were only $15.99 and they have a nice little stretch to them so you never feel suffocated in them this is the back we have pockets and yeah I think they look super cute on let me back up get a nice pair of quality jeans for $16 and also Ross does carry wax genes which is also sold on nationalist left site they carry a bunch of the stress genes high-waisted jeans so it's all about finding your right sizing because sometimes sizing may be a little bit off but these actually fit me perfect they all come all the way down to my ankle they actually come up pretty high waisted it's not super high waist but they come up so yeah they came up good and it also has Kirby so it also helps to flatter your butt and yeah I actually like these this desert these are nice okay y'all the last thing I'm going to show you guys actually the very first thing I picked up when I walked into the store and there's just this blouse type of shirt I know I've got shunova and these websites they have a lot of blousy top assurance special and girls go to like brunches and things like that so I thought this was cute it's just white it comes down v-neck it has like this button detailing and then it kind of rucious up so I thought those choose kind of like flirty and has that in effect as well like the stretchy band and it's just flowy and cute I got this in a size small it's by a brand called timing and yeah and then also this shirt was only $10.99 saw so like it was a good price for a more of a blouse II type of shirt so I want you guys to comment down below if you've ever shopped at Ross how do you feel about like discount stores for shopping for like trendy fashion I grew up always shopping our loss beckylyn didn't have enough money to shop at like the mall so Ross has still always been a go-to for me I love Ross well I spend a lot of money when you can find items for cheaper save some points comment down below if you like the clothes that I picked out they have a ton of things to select from so there's way more graphic tees they have windbreakers there they have like the flare blouse pants like they literally everything you find on fashion OVA you can find our Ross now you're gonna have to really look through and search for those items it can be hit or miss some days as well but they happen there you can find them as long and as well with accessories like I've found a ton of fanny packs there they have all that stuff sometimes you can even find the shoes there so yeah just really take a day to just explore Ross enjoy your time there and find you some fashion / boutique Instagram inspired fashion there I also had a video during the winter time of how I found of fashionable clothing at Rossum is basically my sweat suits hot pair them together and everything like that because it was the same exact brand that fashion a little silly so I went there and found the item but yeah guys I hope you guys all enjoyed this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already let me know if you want me to do more of these videos where I'm going to Ross or a discount stores and find more affordable type clothing so you guys know how to shop and anything like that and I will see you guys on my next one bye guys


  1. Waitttt I got those same jeans from rue 21 for 11 just because it was a sale but hold up ima go to Ross when I get paid 😭😭

  2. love ross for trendy clothes & how its affordable so u dont spend so much since things go in & out of style all the time ☺️

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