hello everyone and welcome back to a new
video review the company that I’m going to review today is a jewelry
manufacturer company the brand name is getnamenecklace and they also have a
very interesting website which is getname, they send me this
beautiful gift which is a necklace that I chose from their necklace collection
they offers very trendy and gorgeous personalized jewelry with good quality
and competitive pricing on their online store they have a wide selection of
jewels divided into necklaces rings bracelets
earrings charms watches and you can shop also for collection or for type of gift but the main aspect that characterizes
this jewelry online store is that you can personalize your jewels as they can
engrave your name your initials your picture or your family picture on the
necklaces rings bracelets or watches so they have the name necklace collection
photo necklace monogram necklace mum necklace family necklace collection and
the same is for rings bracelets earrings and watches you can choose between different type of
material for your jewels as sterling silver 925 yellow
gold-plated rose gold plated stainless steel and also platinum plated
silver they have a professional team of
designers to turn names and initials in lovely pieces of jewelry using the
latest jewelry making the technology they also have a customer service where
you can find answers to the most common questions as the size of a jewels as
they have a jewelry sizing guide information about shipping tracking and
return they ship worldwide and provide the tracking information and the
notification by email okay and now I want to show you this beautiful necklace first I want to say that the packaging
of the box is very cute with this light blue bow and I also received a cloth
to clean the jewel, information to take care of the evil and for you I have a
discount code of a 15% of an entire purchase which is XGDIS15 that I put
in the info box below with the link to their website the necklace that I choose
is the You and Me double circle necklace in sterling silver 925 I love so much the
double hoops design which is very trendy I like the color of the silver which is
very bright and high-quality the length of the chain is 45
centimetres and this necklace is perfect for a birthday anniversary wedding or
just to celebrate someone very special for you so if you like to have a personalized
jewel in your jewellery collection I suggest you to take a look at their
website which is and don’t forget you have a discount
code in the info box below thank you so much for watching this video if you
liked please leave a big thumbs up subscribe to this channel and see you in
the next video goodbye

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