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hi guys it's reached a day I have another us hole for you this time it is clothing I'm actually gonna split my us clothing hauls into two because I bought a lot of stuff and I just thought it would make for a slightly shorter video although I'm sure they both gonna be quite long I also decided to change up the background a bit just so you guys can get a different angle of my bedroom I don't know I will insert clips of me trying on the clothes as well so you can see them a little bit better because me just going like this is gonna make it quite difficult for you guys to get the full effect so today's video I'm gonna be mainly including some work clothing that I picked up people teased up at the outlets and then I've also just picked some other random stores and I'm including all the clothes that I bought from that particular store and then my second haul will include more casual clothes and again just clothes from other stores that I shopped at while I was in the u.s. so without further ado let's get started the first shop I went into while shopping at the Citadel outlets and probably the first thing that I purchased outside of Disneyland was clothing from Ann Taylor I had never shopped in Ann Taylor never really been interested but I found some really cute things one of them is the dress that you saw me just starting to show you before this is just a nice navy blue and white stripe it's fitted but not too fitted it is a nice length that goes sort of towards the knee and then has this little detail in the center here it cinches in at the waist even though it is strikey which can make you look quite wide I think these side panels here give you a nice sort of cinching in and give you a nice curvy figure and I just like the way it fits on me perfect for work in both summer and winter time since they're almost the clothes over there with spring and summer themed I did notice quite a common shade thing which was chartreuse navy blue and white this skirt in particular caught my eye was on the mannequin in Ann Taylor it's a nice kind of fitted skirt it has the chartreuse navy blue and white stripes it does have a zipper at the back it's good quality material and then it hits about mid thighs sort of slightly under just above the knee I thought this was really nice and it looked really pretty paired with this particular top here however the top that they had it with was in the chartreuse color this came in a whole heap of different colors but I couldn't get my size in the chartreuse so I decided to get it in the Navy because I think it goes well with the skirt as well it has just a pocket detail in the front and is quite long and it can be one tucked in which I think looks nice for work but then you can untuck it as well and it kind of you hitch the skirt up a little bit it just looks really like casual so I was going out after work and wanted to sort of casual down my look I could wear that as well so these two paired together look really really nice but then I also really loved these chartreuse sort of sit trying to color so I decided to pick it up in this peplum top again from Ann Taylor I have never been into peplum but I just like the way that this one fitted and it seemed to suit me quite well I wish I had picked up more and again I can wear it with this skirt paired together and it looks really really nice but then I can also wear all three items separately as well so there are things I picked up at Ann Taylor most of them were priced kind of around Portman's pricing maybe a little bit more expensive looking at kind of like Jackie Lee Eska type pricing here but most of them were discounted and then discounted again which made them really affordable I think the dress was at $100 and came down under most of those the skirt and the top were around 40 or 50 or $60 ticketed but then again came down and they made them quite affordable speaking of affordable I stopped in in Armani Exchange and then you should pick up this really nice kind of love it's silk I think it might be silk shirt here this had been ticketed down and ticketed down and ticketed down until it was $19 $19 for Armani Exchange just amazing I really like this again I can wear it for work or I could wear it over jeans and have it really casual as well another place I hadn't planned on shopping but ended up buying quite a bit from was Banana Republic again at the outlet so they had things that were ticketed down and then everything was pretty much 50% off so it came to really good prices first thing I have here is actually this little jacket and skirt I guess you could almost call it a suit I'm never matching matchy at work but I just fell in love with this particular print I actually fell in love with the skirt but realized I really didn't anything that would go with it so decide to get the jacket as well it ended up fitting really really nicely again it's just like a short ish kind of fitted skirt it looks very kind of old-fashioned but in again if that makes sense I can just wear this with a white top and then of course it has the blazer jacket to match just has some nice button details and pockets and like a turned-up color there it looks actually really quite smart together and I was really happy with that purchase also from Banana Republic I picked up this skirt I actually picked it up for my mum because if you work in an office you know that you really just need a basic black skirt you don't necessarily need to be high waisted you don't want it to be a tube skirt you don't to be too long you just want a basic black comfortable skirt and my mom has been looking for one I have one that I got from Target years ago and I want its death and my mum's ever been able to find one similar we came across this one as you can see it's not going to look like much on screen it's just a nice feel it kind of office skirt comfortable not too tight not too revealing not too short not too long and my mom tried on loved it and I tried it on as well and decide to go back and grab one for me something that we've managed to find just randomly in Banana Republic was this sweater here it's just gray with this bright kind of corene coral Orange so I asked making up a new color color called Korins color orange get it I really can't speak today I'm having terrible troubles I apologize but I just fell in love with it it's just three-quarter sleeves and I thought they would be really cute especially since we are going into autumn winter here and the last thing I picked up from Banana Republic was kind of a random purchase and I'm still kind of unsure about it again another winter type item it's this material I call this always like tracksuit pants material kind of skirt but so it has it's gray with white polka dots I thought this would be quite cute with like black tights and boots and just like a slouchy cardigan or something like that still man a hundred percent sure but some reason I just I fell in love with it it wasn't too expensive and again it was 50% off on top of that so I decided to pick it up and hopefully I'll get to style it and play around with it this winter we stumbled across a store called max studio calm and I had never heard of it before but then later on in the trip were actually at Santa Monica in first promenade we saw the actual store this is the stuff we picked up at the outlets they were having quite good sales and on top of that for every $100 you spent you got $25 off picked up a few random bits and pieces one of them is this skirt here it's kind of like a high-waisted skater skirt or just like circle skirt it's quite loose and flowy but it sits quite nicely and on me that is really good because I find that a lot of skater skirts flare out they just don't sit right on me has a nice stretchy waist and this nice kind of knit detail so it's not just plain Jersey or anything like that really comfortable and I've actually managed to wear it to work as well with stockings and blazer and a top it seems to look quite nice and can be dressed up or dressed down another shirt that seems to be a mixture of both work and casual is this top here just looks like a plain kind of button-up shirt it has a really nice color and this kind of cuff detail on this side but what I like about it is these panels on the side here that are made out of this kind of stretch material it's slightly different to the rest of the material you can kind of see the seam there and this helps it sit really nicely it makes it a little bit more fitted so it comes in at the sides rather than sitting really boxy which can happen with these type of shirts if they're just the same material has nice buttons and things and again like I said work with a skirt and a blazer or casual with jeans or shorts have a nice fitted it's not really a body con skirt I guess it kind of is again from Mac Studio but it's not too tight so I can actually wear it to work with stockings again if the Blazer Blazers dress things up and I don't really need to be completely corporate unless I'm meeting with external clients so this skirt here again and it can also be casual I love it it's pinstripe but it's not it's black and grey rather than black and white so it's not – doesn't make you look too white or anything like that while we're on the winter trend so you wind up find quite a bit from this store we found this winter dresses here with some like knit to type material the sleeves are quite long so I'm actually gonna have these taken up but it was quite inexpensive and I just really liked the idea again stocking boots it's kind of a common thing for me in winter again you can put like a shrug or something over it and I thought that would look really fun and be nice and cozy but still girly for the winter time the last thing from Mack studios is this maxi skirt here I probably get a lot of wear out of it until these summer months but I really liked the pattern of this again we've got this chartreuse navy blue and white or kind of cream style going on but as you can see it's just like a stretch waist and it has this sort of seam detail that goes all the way down it's cut on the bias so it's really really flattering and makes you look really long and statuesque keeping to the whole theme of bargains there were many bargains to be higher on some high-end brands at the outlet one of them was gifts I mean guests in America is really really inexpensive in comparison to Australia I picked up a few pairs of clothing that I never even thought to look at guest clothing before the first thing is these shorts here they're just navy blue but like a light pinstripe shorts they're not really high-waisted they do go up a little bit I love the button details but it's been really nicely and I've probably paid the same amount if not less than the same kind of shorts that I'd buy here in cotton on so they guess it's just I couldn't pass up that bargain I wore them while I was there again we're going into autumn winter so not super practical for now but come summer I'll be wearing them non-stop the only thing I picked up was some guest jeans again really inexpensive and they fit really well I just got a dark navy blue kind of watch with a little bit of sort of distressed look at the top here these will sort of fade out a bit more they are that kind of material that fades and leaves blue color everywhere but they fit really nicely and again they would guess and they were cheaper than other jeans they've got like from Target crazy crazy crazy and then the last thing that I granted from guest was this jacket I kind of fell in love with it instantly it's just this kind of mild gray look with a tie up waist again it has kind of like a bikie esque style because it has a zipper front but I just fell in love with it was really warm really cozy and came in here because I didn't really take many jackets with me because I thought it'd be quite warm but the nights were quite cool so I used this a fair bit while I was there moving away from the outlets there was still some really good deals to be found at other stores there was a really close to our tell what will staying in Beverly Hills and I'm a used to find these just Calvin Klein they're just like black workout pants little tights that these kind of things again something that I'd buy from cotton on body here in Australia but they'll Calvin Klein and they were like $15 really nice quality comfortable they just have a little Calvin Klein on the top there there's three-quarter length and then they have this kind of ruched detailing right on the like end there that's kind of sits on your calf muscles they look really cute and they're comfortable and they're worth $15 so I thought that was a bargain for really nice basic and then the last place that I'm going to talk about for this particular hall is hate to name the first thing that I want to show you is actually the dress that I'm wearing here it's a really nice like polka dot style dress it is fitted but it is not too tight and I actually wear it to work I wrote with a black blazer over the top some black stockings and then my work heels and it looks really comfy and young but still is dressier nuts for work and then also while I was at H&M I managed we got quite a few or some some basics the first thing I fell in love with were these singlet tops here there are nice singlet top that can be worn by itself or under things I like being up to layer and I find that most of it the tops that I find to wear underneath things are the really tight fitted ones and I mean it shows every lump and roll and I wanted something that was loose but still fitted enough to be worn under things these were 995 each their basics at H&M were really inexpensive so I got one in black and I also got one in white because they'll just come in handy so much I also got a basic black kind of singlet top this one time without these shoestring straps this one is a little bit more fitted and they had two four ten so I got one of my mum got one as well because I use these a lot sometimes I wear them to work adding but it's usually again for layering or underneath things sticking on the basic strain I grabbed a basic gray t-shirt I really like this I like basic gray t-shirts because you can wear them other jeans with a blazer and you can make look has that really cool casual but chic look and then you can also just wear them with shorts in summer when you want to be casual and comfy this one just great it has a little sort of turned up sleeves and a little pocket detail on the front there and then the last thing that I grabbed was another kind of singlet top this one is a little bit more dressy it was a bit more about like a shiny more dressy material this is from there hmm conscious range it's just a really nice orange shade this one was 1495 and I thought this would just look nice over jeans or a little skirt or something like that when I want to be a little bit more dressy to go out to dinner or something like that it's layer all the fashion bits and pieces that I want to show you for this part one clothing haul from the US I hope you guys have enjoyed it if you would like to see these clothes in more outfit of the days or how I style them I haven't done a lot of fashion videos in quite a while but I could potentially get back into them if it's something that you would want to see definitely let me know in the comments below especially there's a particular item that you want to see styled and other than that I'll talk to you guys all later check out the description box also for a whole loop of links to all my other u.s. a holiday hauls there's been a ton of them I know and it's probably still more to come I have no idea what order these gonna go up in but lots of us a holiday hauls a playlist will be there for your convenience I hope you guys are all having a really great day and I'll see you all next time bye where are you


  1. U have really great taste… I wish I could find clothes like u do. I'm kinda curvy and short so finding things that fit and look good is a bit of a challenge.

  2. where are you from? I found your videos and loveee them 🙂 you are so pretty and sweet xoxo Hope

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  5. Ehm – could you possibly somehow take a little trip to ssomewhere with no connections to phones, internet or anything else? Oh and somehow de-activate your  Youtube meanwhile so your videos are not accessible? Thank you. Then I might be able to pull myself together and write my thesis.

  6. So jelly of your purchases – such awesome buys!! Btw, I was always a huge fan of your OOTD videos, back in the day. So excited to hear that you're considering making some in the future. Your style is beautiful Rach!!

  7. Omg great haul, but was distracted by your beautiful pillows in the background. Where are they from? USA has the best shopping places!

  8. hi rach! i'm going to the US soon and just wanted to know where abouts were the outlets you mentioned in the video? 🙂 

  9. I love how work-wear relevant this haul is Rachael! Fantastic to see that practical element in a haul! That said, looking forward to seeing the casual one too 🙂

  10. Great haul rach!! My mum and cousins love buying their office wear from banana republic as their basic are quiet nice and comfortable. Cant wait for the next haul!

  11. loved the video…. just curious, whats that black spot on your cheeks near to nose 12:01 and onwards in the video

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