Fall Favs 🍁 (Thrift Clothes, Music, Movies)

Okay hello and welcome to my room Moody today, it’s really cloudy outside so my room is like a lot darker, and it’s so cozy, and it’s so Fall-like, this is fall is happening. LA is doing the thing where it becomes fall. I’m so happy I’m very pleased with this weather. Thank you, LA. Since it is finally officially fall I’m going to do my fall favorites video. I had to name it nondescript ‘Fall favorites’ because I don’t know which month it is right now My life is a whirlwind, but since moving I have been discovering a lot of new things that I really enjoy so here. This is the thing let’s do it. Ah What? What are you? I got my handy-dandy list? Let’s just get into this first up are my fashion favorites on the top of the list are these Saddle shoes look at em! They’re so cute and so vintage and adorable basically these are saddle shoes They were primarily worn in like the 50s, and they were usually part of like the school uniforms They were also primarily worn just by the women, but what are gender roles? These are adorable shoes I’m going to wear them. Every time I wear these I feel Exactly like Rory Gilmore from like Gilmore Girls because in the show when she’s going to Chilton she like wears these and it’s so adorable! After seeing these on her I was like what are those shoes I need to do my research, and then I found out saddle shoes clap Imma just say though these are not comfortable in the slightest But they do get comfier the more you like wear ’em in. Basically I only wear these ever for meetings when I like have to be in a boardroom with a whole bunch of people Cuz they’re like nice and professional-looking, but also they’re Conan. You know? They’re Conan They look really cute paired with the tall socks as well so my babies Next up is this blue and white striped t-shirt thingy basically it’s a dress shirt, but it’s like really gigantic and it’s kind of like a weird thing for my There’s a squirrel on my tree Does a squirrel on my tree no it’s a bird. Dangit I was really excited I feel like this is kind of like a weird thing for my wardrobe. I don’t normally wear things like this It’s definitely like a new styling that I haven’t done before but I’ve been really liking it I love how like wispy and baggy it is and it kind of just flows in the wind and it’s absolutely perfect for layering I basically just like tie it up in different ways every single time I can like tie it on my way, so I can just like tie the ends of it It’s just really versatile and something new for me, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Next up are Jeans!!!!! Conan has jeans Finally that last t-shirt was sorted and these were thrifted as well I got them while I was in Texas because Texas thrift stores are so much better than California thrift stores I’m pairing these together because they’re both kind of like the same exact cut just like different colors I didn’t have any jeans before and I don’t normally wear pants. It’s just not really a Conan thing I don’t really like pants, but it’s been getting significantly colder And I was like Might as well expand my wardrobe now, Conan you gotta eventually do it or else your leg is gonna fall off because they’re so cold, again, Fall is here, and I think my biggest problem with jeans my whole life is I just really hate skinny jeans I think they look nice, sure, but they’re so uncomfortable. They’re not nice. And so these jeans are big and baggy They’re basically just bootcut jeans because they’re like actual vintage old jeans They’re not like trendy and skinny, but what I do is I basically cuff them in this certain way I’ll show you how- basically I fold over one of the sides, and then I roll it up So it kind of like tucks it and fits it at the same time and then your bootcut jeans turn into these nice Kind of new trendy shape of jean that I’ve been seeing a lot lately I have a problem with pants as well because my body is a very not normal shape. Obviously there’s no such thing as like a normal body But basically the fashion industry in general does not perfectly attain to my body because I’m 5 foot 9 like almost 5 foot 10 So I’m like a pretty average height for a guy But my waist is like this big like this tiny, tiny waist and my legs are super long I’m basically just legs and like this is my torso It’s really problematic so anytime I wear any jeans I have to cut them up because they just don’t fit Those are the last on the list is this sweater I’m sure you guys have already seen this because I’m wearing it as we speak. I’ve thrifted this at the Melrose Trading Post It’s just exactly what fall is like. This is just a fall sweater. It really makes me feel like a private school student I don’t know what it is But I just really love the general aesthetic of a kid who goes to private school and not like a current private school student like a private school student in the 50s I can’t explain it I just love like the cable knit sweaters, and the weird shoes and the weird socks and like everything about it I think it’s just cuz I watched so much Gilmore Girls I just can’t help it. Next up are my music favorites. Since moving to LA I’ve discovered so much new music that like I couldn’t even fit in all the ones that I wanted to put in this or else it would have just been ridiculously long so maybe I’ll like do one of those playlist videos, comment if you want me to do a playlist video I don’t really know if like people like those But I think it would be fun to make, I’ll just like dance around my room to all the music that I’ve been listening to. But top of the list is the song Doses and Mimosas by Cherub I don’t know if you all know this song. It’s a bit older. I think it’s from like 2013 maybe. I discovered this song in my tennis locker room during my freshman year of high school So it’s it’s a little bit older But it is so so good and so ahead of its time too like it sound is so current I don’t.. it’s so good It is my amp up song absolutely like I listen to it in the morning when I have like a big day and I’m like “I gotta do this!” It’s absolutely vulgar. I know I don’t cuss on this YouTube channel but like this song has a lot of cussing and I cuss a lot in general But I choose not to cuss on this channel because I don’t really find cuss words as a necessity for communication. This song makes me want to punch someone in the face I know that this Conan, soft cute boy Conan, doesn’t look like someone who would punch someone in the face But fun fact, when I was in elementary school I had really bad anger management issues, and I’ve always in general been a very angry person It’s just something that I’ve learned to like control and not let ruin my day, but when I was in elementary school I would lash out so many times that like they would have to put me in this special program that like helped me learn how to manage my stress and manage my anger and something about moving to LA kind of like resurfaced that feeling of like anger and like wanting to punch someone and this song kind of just like puts it into a song so that I don’t actually have to punch someone I can just scream the song at the top of my lungs and it suffice. It’s such a good song the production is insane. Yeah Next up is the album What Do You Think About The Car by Declan McKenna Declan McKenna is SO underrated And I’ve talked about like one of his songs before But I recently like finally listened to his new album like all the way through and it’s so good And I don’t know why I didn’t listen to it earlier my favorite songs are ‘why do you feel so down’ and ‘Humongous’, and ‘Mind’. I don’t know all of them are good. They’re so good. Just like give the whole thing listen It’s perfect for like walking around campus and like stamping my feet and dancing like a weirdo and not really caring what people are thinking. And the lyricism and the sound is just absolutely genius, and it’s so good, and I love my boy my boy. Glen his real real good kiddo Last of the albums Stranger in the Alps by Phoebe Bridgers. The whole album is breathtaking and so so so sad. My favorite songs off of it are ‘funeral’ and ‘smoke signals’ I discovered this album when I first moved and it just perfectly evokes that mood of solitude that I met once I moved to LA It feels like being alone, and it just feels like she’s like speaking directly into my ear. It’s so good It’s so good. If you like Daughter. You’ll probably really like Phoebe Bridgers They’re not like exactly the same But Daughter and Phoebe Bridgers both put me in the same mood of solitude if you know what I mean. I’ve been listening to it like crazy It’s so good, and if you need some emo time listen to this album It’s just it’s the perfect remedy. Next up are my entertainment favorites. First on the list is Stranger Things. I don’t really need to say much. It’s absolutely breathtaking. The actors are great the filmmaking is great the set design and the aesthetic of everything is just literally perfect the storyline is amazing if you haven’t watched it yet for some reason just watch it That’s all I have to say. Next is the movie My Own Private Idaho with reverse Phoenix and Keanu Reeves, and it was filmed in 1991 I think. I might just say this off the top Massive disclaimer: this movie is not PG in the slightest like it’s not at all so if you don’t want to see like naked people and sex and drugs and all that then do not watch this movie. I’m just gonna say it off the top. The movie’s about these two guys who are prostitutes and one has narcolepsy and another one comes from like old money And it basically just kind of like follows their lives and follows this type of weird bizarre like super hard to follow storyline But it’s absolutely beautiful if you’re into like really artsy super weird vulgar strange movies then you will perfectly love this movie because I love movies like that and it is a cult classic movie for a reason It’s absolutely stunning. Last on the list is my new guitar It’s so yeah. I love it so much This is a Fender Stratocaster Squire, and I’ve been wanting an electric guitar for so long And I finally got one and it’s my favorite thing in the whole world. It’s so cute. I love the color I love the sound it’s absolutely everything I wanted and that’s all I have to say I just love her so much hehehe *high pitched noise* so CUTE That is everything. I hope you don’t mind that there was someone mowing their lawn probably this entire video Thank you so much for watching this video. It means a whole wide world to me in the comments below I’d love to hear what your favorites for the past month have been. I discover a ton of my favorites through your comments because I absolutely love to read comments I just like scroll through them at night and like try to get as much information as I possibly can. And with that I’ll see you guys in a few days with a brand new video. God bless and good bye!


  1. I love Conan’s style . The bootleg jeans (I always assumed they were mom jeans idk I don’t know much about jeans) the way he mainly wears primary colours and stripy tees I love his style and I want to idk just dress like him because it’s very me but very cute

  2. I just discovered Declan in pinterest, singing on his concert and saw his wierd outfit and told myself
    I n e e d t o l i s t e n t o h i m i just like paracetamol.

  3. The shoes are so beautiful!! Whenever I go to the thrift store I look at shoes first because I want to snatch up any two tone oxford saddle shoe options.

  4. I just checked to make sure you didn't make a playlist video since this video was uploaded, and it doesn't look like you have so, PLEASE MAKE A PLAYLIST VIDEO THAT SOUNDS SO NICE.

  5. Conan if you ever think to come to Indonesia, please let me be your tour guide! I really love you and I want to be your friend lol, love you love you love you

  6. Have you listened to Trench by Twenty One Pilots? It's pretty good, but I think you would like their Vessel or Regional At Best albums better, more your taste I suppose
    k bye


  8. i’ve literally never heard anyone talking about gilmore girls and i’m so happy you did that show was my life at one point

  9. I'm so shook that you like My Own Private Idaho. It's truly a masterpiece of a film and made me fall in love with River and Keanu, and it's so underappreciated. You have good taste, my friend.

  10. This video showed me a new way to wear pants. So now with all my new pair of jeans, pants, or whatever, I do that cool cuff thing. And It is AWESOME.

  11. my march favorites: this youtube amazing artist smol bean conan gray. if you havent heard of him u should check him out uwu

  12. long legs, tall, and tiny waist?
    damn conan's living my dream
    (sksk i love how i look tho it's all good)

  13. you should listen to the backseat lovers they are a really good band that is like varsity, they are extremely good.

  14. 6:56 Oh yeahhh, he’s not that underrated now! Some people I know like him.

    Edit: I just listened to Why Do You Feel So Down and whoaaaaaaaa. The lyricism is actually genius! 👍

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