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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel if you are new here then welcome to my channel my name is Bree I am a youtuber model influencer all of the above a dog mom a lover of great clothes great workout clothes and today I am doing a video in partnership with fabletics if you haven't heard of athletics what are you doing are you living under a rock that Lenox is a company that essentially carries a bunch of workout type clothing so you have clothing for someone who is in the gym and training someone who does yoga or pilates someone who just likes to run errands and wear athleisure type clothing they even make some nice little water bottles things like that's just accessories gym accessories and everyday lifestyle athleisure accessories and clothes and they're actually a really amazing company it's great that I'm partnering with them because I have actually been a member of fabletics for years years now like ears one of the reasons why I personally just love that letting so much and have actually used the website and been a member of the company and the website for so long is because not only do they just have great products but they have great products in my size as a curvy girl someone who's a little bit bigger it's really hard to find workout clothes it's like people just feel like we don't workout or something which is funny because Society tries to shame us into working out was like where's the clothes for us to workout in right I just love that they carry stuff in my size I isn't just like plain basic stuff it's very cute and right now fabletics is having a special where you can get to two leggings for $24 which is insane not only is their product amazing which I'm about to show you in this video but their price point is amazing as well so you can get two leggings for $24 with a VIP membership I'll leave the link down in the description so you can check it out for yourself and experience the amazingness the fab nosov fabletics and let me tell you as someone who has purse been using the VIP membership for over 12 months now like way over 12 months honestly it's definitely worth it the amount of money that you save and just the fact that you can pick out a very cute little workout set or just workout clothes not only does just having a new little outfit every single month to work out in motivate me to go work out because I want to wear my new Fit it look cute it's just nice to have as someone who runs errands all the time I love to run errands and athleisure type clothing I feel comfortable in it and confident and I also look good so if you want to see every single thing that I got from fabletics and also want to see me do a little wear test to make sure they are squat proof and just workout proof and everyday on the go running proof then keep on watching alright so this is the very first outfit that I have from fat let ik's these leggings are called the Milla pocket Capri I'm five-eleven and these are definitely Capri length on me I have very long legs so that's another thing that's super amazing is that they actually expect me they're long enough for me pick it up for me and I usually have different links that you can pick on the website as well so you could get tall option for me obviously I'm tall so I get a little bit of extra leg room which is really nice these leggings are valued at 64 95 which I definitely think is a very very fair price for the quality they have a really nice stretchy mesh material on the side AB Lennox it's actually one of the first places I got mesh leggings from and they didn't rip a hole in or anything like they didn't get all messed up I was scared I was resistant but they really have a nice stretch to the mesh another thing that's great about these leggings and actually even says on the tag is that they have this let me power control waistband so what this does is really it kind of just snatches you and hugs you and keeps you in for someone who's working out especially someone who is doing some training or weightlifting you really want your legs to stay up so having a nice thick waistband on them is really gonna help your leg you just staying up and your butt not coming out the back I know that I've actually a large problem with that in the past I also like my leggings super high rise I just feel like it's more comfortable for me more flattering and I definitely love the support band in these I love how thick it is I just feel really good securities are just all the way stretch leggings and their chafe resistant which is really nice especially for thick girls honestly anyone with thighs who's working out you can get chafing and that sub hurts really really bad so to have chafe resistant leggings is a major plus then we have this sports bra which is called the mila medium impact sports bra on the sports bra packaging it says has external pocket which is as I'm about to show you moisture wicking all the way stretch breathable removable cups and medium support this sports bra is valued at forty four ninety five I'm wearing a size extra-large in the sports bra and an extra extra large in the bottom so the extra-large of the sports bra is equivalent to a u.s. twelve to fourteen in an XXL in the bottoms it's equivalent to a u.s. 16/18 and I'm a US sixteen and it fits perfectly on me this sports bra is amazing I love how thick the band is underneath the breast I just feel like my boobs are in there secure I also feel like it makes the sports bra come down a little bit more which makes me feel even more comfortable to wear this like out what about just like this as a little crop top and the leggings match together I personally love a sports bra that has the cups or the removable pads inside just because I don't want my nipples poking through and I feel like regular sports bras my nipples personally poke through if I'm sweating I just feel like somehow it helps I love that this is a super super stretchy breathable material again for the sweating and working out having a stretchy breathable material is really gonna help not trap moisture inside and just have like a pool of boob sweat favorite part about the sports bra one the color too that it's comfortable but this mesh pocket right here it's a little hard to demonstrate on camera but I personally think that's per picked for someone who's going on a run going on a jog going on a hike that's the perfect little spot to store a little phone if you have a little phone your keys I would store my car keys in there and a heartbeat right there boom I love this set this set makes me want to workout take a little workout selfie ASAP I think the color is very beautiful I was drawn to this color of course they have other colors on the website this one's just stunning and now let's test these leggings no touching they are still up yay doing squats and leggings is scary or it can be but not in fabletics I love this set I love this set can even work you could even twerk in it you can even wear y'all I'm back and I'm better I'm in a new fabletics outfit let me just give you a little spin this tank top is called the kachelle logo back tank and why it's called that is because right here down the center you'll have the logo going down the back I really like how it kind of just is a loop and you can pull love how simple it is really nice structure to the back you have not a lot of strap here on the shoulders which I prefer when I'm working out so I'm wearing the same sports bra as the last outfit just to show you you can really piece obviously these pieces with different outfits you don't have to wear them in the set if you don't want to this tank top is such a nice like thin breathable material which is amazing for when you're working out something just super lightweight not to allow you to feel like you're just crazy overheating super breathable you can even get some airflow going like this I love to do this with the shirts I love the cut of it the silhouette how it has a high slit right here I also prefer that when I'm working out when I'm weightlifting will tuck my straps into my sports bra with this one I don't even have to do that I just feel like it hits at the perfect spot it's covering me in the front where my belly is but not excess material right here on the sides and then in the back it kind of scoops down and covers this booty portion super stretchy as you can tell I could fit a whole other human in here white can be a dangerous color to wear but I love wearing white I love working out and white I don't know why I just feel good so this is priced at 3995 of course though if you had the VIP it would be less expensive to get in onto the leggings this is the high-waisted printed power hold 7/8 legging so 7/8 obviously referring to the length of the legging once again I'm basically six feet tall though some nights this is what it looks like on me so this is moisture wicking always stretched compression fabric shape free internal waistband pocket for cash card I rise waist slimming power mesh line for compression and this is valued at eighty four ninety five this is a super compression legging this is up there with some of the higher-end leggings for our workout and I agree with the price I think it's a very well done functional but also stylish fashionable piece does feel a lot more compressed than the other leggings still stretchy but I definitely see what they're saying about the compression we are not getting the pancake of the booty booty still looks great also as you can see on camera hopefully it's showing up a little bit better but it has this really nice camo print which is what drew me to it I love the camo print on this it's not too loud for me I feel like this is a perfect camo print covering my belly button hitting me on my smallest point on my way sick waistband for a compression and control and then here on the inside of legging you have a secret little compartment where you could fit your keys a card something small right there really smart again not only fashionable but functional I love pieces that are well thought out let's hit it with a couple jumping jacks legging check still up ah this is totally something that I would go to the gym in and do a hard weightlifting workout in let me know how you feel about it here is the next Publix outfit that I have for you so these are the leggings that I first ever tried from fabletics that made me fall in love when I tell you these things are stretchy they are so stretchy so these leggings are the high-waisted power leg the straight and narrow they are moisture wicking compression fabric all the way around stretch chafe resistant in a slimming power mesh lined waistband it's also quick dry and sculpting this is valued at 69 95 I am wearing a size 1x indeed so when I tell you these things are stretchy it like I I'm not like they are so stretchy it's insane one thing that's great about how a chi they are is that you are free to move around and you don't feel safe you don't feel like your leggings are just gonna rip up the booty at any point you don't feel like you're gonna get holes like they are so stretchy and comfortable moveable breathable love the length of them love where they hit I love that they are shaping shaping as in they are more designed for a more quote-unquote womanly body too stitching on them I know you can't really see because it's flat but the stitching on them is literally designed it's not as straight it curves out a little bit for the booty my booty looks great in these oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah like I can do so many things and they are not moving now I have the le high support boards zip-front bra and this has removable cup high support always stretch breathable cut-out back design and it's valued at 64 95 raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by a bra or sports bra me I'm the type of person who still attaches her bra straps in the front of her body and twists it around to the back love how thick the strap is underneath here I feel like my boobs aren't gonna be falling out but another thing that I really love about this sports bra is that it has this zip front technology not only does it have zip front technology it has these cops right here to help you zip it up don't you take this portion line it up with the zipper and then you just sip you see how easy that was boom boom boom easy way sometimes it's a struggle to get sports bras off sometimes you just want to go in and wipe off your boob sweat and then here is the back I love the design of the back it's so cool super like I can move my arms any which way functional fashionable basically fabletics in two words fashionable and functional again if you have the VIP membership you're gonna be saving yourself so much money to get such amazing quality pieces onto in my favorite pieces of the entire haul we have these leggings the seamless high-waisted statement Capri these are Dimas moisture wicking fabric high-rise ribbon waistband for compression light compression value that 39.95 in I am wearing a side extra large which is sizes 12 to 14 as you can tell when they say high-rise they mean high-rise look how high this goes honestly this is what I want in a workout legging I want them to be this high and just wow these are seamless they have this really pretty pattern right here one thing about seamless materials is that they always do the booty right like I feel like my butt looks so good in these maybe that's just me like look in the mirror look in the mirror Wow I feel like my butt looks so good in these I love that this like little pattern that they have going on it goes all down the leg the waistband on these super thick super controlling not in an uncomfortable way though not like your organs are hurting when you're done working out these leggings feel so good if it almost feels like I'm wearing nothing because oh they just feel so Wow and to top this whole seamless outfit vibe off I have this Delta seamless long-sleeve zip up and this is so nice so stretchy just like the material of the leggings so it's moisture wicking breathable chafe freezing this fabric in a fitted silhouette I am wearing a size extra large which is a twelve to fourteen us and this is valued at 64 95 again we have when I bend my elbows you can see have such a pretty design to it can see right there when I stretch it out it just feels so good it's so stretchy that seamless fabric just like these leggings let me zip it up for you so you can see this is really really nice for people who love to wear things like this it also has some things which are really nice people who like to take a little morning jog or something and want a light jacket and kind of see the fabric a little bit better in the low-light just the shaping of it everything is so nice the mock neck almost turtleneck super fitted to the body but it's not constricting like I can't move in it honestly just a great little jacket you could pair it with so many different outfits as well something you kind of just snag and throw on when you need something a little bit lightweight all right so you guys know I had to say one of my favorite outfits for the last so I it one of those people that really enjoys wearing biker shorts whether it is to work out to go walk around somewhere for a long period of time or to just run errands or to just lay inside of my house and do some work I have been looking for white biker shorts everywhere that aren't see-through listen I'm obsessed so these are the mila pockets short they are backs compression fabric UPF 50 plus sun protection moisture wicking and breathable side pockets for phone / device all the way stretch in shape great these are valued at forty nine ninety five I am wearing a size X X L and M which is a 1618 US size this top and I'm wearing is the kachelle medium impact MIDI bra this is moisture wicking all the way stretch fabric mesh paneling for breathability tunneled draw cord to adjust length removable cups and medium support I got this in a size extra large which is a US twelve to fourteen and it's valued at forty nine ninety five base top is amazing it is a sports bra and a crop top in one so it has a sports bra aspect to it has the strap underneath to keep the boobies in it has the removable cups and then it has the little side portion so you can adjust the length of it so you can wear it kind of more like a crop top or you can kind of cinch it up to be even more cropped I love it I think it's really smart it's very cute I love me a good little crop top especially when I'm working out or running errands doing something cute love low crop top just love the simplicity of the back the racerback style people might say I'm crazy but this is something I would go hiking in I would get a really really really cute photo in it I love all my outfits so yeah I would definitely go hiking in this although I know it would get dirty but I just really like these shorts I feel like they're fashionable they're very cute very trendy it has a nice cute little mesh detailing you could definitely just wear like a graphic a big graphic tee with this and it would just look like a cute little stylish outfit to a couple squats in this one just to you know really really check if it's see-through or not [Applause] let's get in a couple jumping jacks boobies are in secure still up and high all right those were all of the fabletics items that I had to show you today let me know what you thought about all the items down in the comments below I definitely have to say that that teal piece the blueish piece and this white outfit were my favorite outfits of the haul I just love the colors I love the vibe of everything I can't wait to start wearing these new pieces to go workout in this is motivation for me to go do a workout look good and feel good don't forget to check the link in the description so you can get to 2 pairs of leggings for $24 that's an insane deal the leggings from fabletics are amazing everyone needs at least one pair in their life in their wardrobe it will change the game for you everything else that I showed throughout this video is also gonna be linked in the description down below I'll also put the sizes that I was wearing just a huge shout out to fabletics for parting with me for this video I love you guys I've been loving you guys I've been held it down for you so I'm just so excited to be here if you guys want to see me do any other fabletics hauls let me know in the comments down below yep any lights of halls you want to see me do don't forget to like this video if you haven't liked it already and to subscribe if you're not already subscribed and hopefully I will see you in the next video bye

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