Exerpt on Basket Weaving at the Bushcraft 101 Class

that way just like it was it's right here and it's just going over there so I'm bringing this one down in the front and I'm gonna rotate my work and I'm gonna keep my work up here and I always want to hold the last place that I have woven or weaved or whatever you want to call it but right here so now now this one is the horizontal so I'm gonna come down behind this keeping this nice and tight and bring it down in the front and I'm holding tension this way you don't want this thing to be loose because if this thing gets loose your whole basket is gonna be loose okay so now this one is the horizontal and now the one at the back is coming down to the front again okay so there's my horizontal here's the one at the back bring this down and I'm just gonna continue that three or four courses around okay and you see they're kind of they're overlapping in the corners so having the one behind no the one behind they're bringing it over just like this so I'll bring this one over and then I rotate it and bring this one behind and bring this over so after we do this there's no set amount of time to do this we'll just do three reps then we're gonna start what we call twining or paring and that's gonna be we're gonna work these two Weaver's around and the one at the back is always gonna come to the front so we're gonna so we're over you see this you see this Weaver right here is over this bunch it's over that bunch so that means it's got to go under the next one so while we're while we're working this around we're starting to get these spread out right we want them to be we've got to get them in this configuration we want these to start spread now you can see the four by four so this one is going this way and the more uniform you get these the better it's going to be


  1. Dave, I've been watching you for a decade or more this is not to your standard. I couldn't tell what he was doing, not blaming him. Just saying I remember when you made a willow basket much easier to see and understand along with believe a paracord version.

  2. just wondering if anyone knows or to dave himselfΒ Β  that new book, how long till it comes out?????

  3. Dave, how about this project video idea: How to make a woven water bucket with pine pitch to waterproof it? I remember reading that the Apaches would let the sap dry, pound it to dust, coat the inside with it, heat it over a low fire on a stick.

  4. Hey Dave, I was watching The History Channels Alone season 5 info about what 10 items people were taking with them, it looks like Larry Roberts had your Pathfinder bush pot with him!….Pretty cool, eh? :>)>

  5. You gotta have Jamie send out a class calendar for the year or something. Totally forgot about bushcraft 101.

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