I have 2 children of my own subhanAllah it was horrible you know, the children- the little boy was so terrified. He was like shivering and I thought no, I can’t sit here. It was scary- Wallahi (by Allah) he was very tall and very overpowering, I don’t know, I’ve always been- I’ve
always had a hard time growing up in London, you know, I’ve always had like erm…abuse hurled at me, you know, -people pulled off my hijab
-No way Were you aware of the news that happened earlier this week in Australia where a pregnant -sister got…
-Yeah -I was actually yeah
-woah Let’s just say worst-case
scenario if if you were stabbed at doing what you were doing, would you have any
regrets? No, because that’s what Allah (s.w.t) has written for me. And look mashaAllah how Allah has honoured you because of your patience, because you used your hardship to remove someone else’s hardship, and that requires a lot of
selflessness I know, I’m sorry I’m just a bit emotional subhanAllah (Glory be to Allah) Asalaamu Alikum guys and welcome to
another episode of Smile2jannah All right guys I’m sure you’ve seen the video that’s been going viral of a Muslim woman defending Jewish children and
their father from being hurled abuse. Alhamdulillah (All praise be to Allah) I managed to track down the sister and we had a phone interview wallahi the sister blew me away. The longer I started speaking to her the more she was just giving me gems. Wallahi she is
an amazing amazing woman. Guys you cannot miss this interview check it out. I am mega
excited to tell you about our sponsor: Myilm A Netflix type app for kids that has
loads of Islamic cartoons and videos with no dodgy adverts, music and it’s
overseen by scholars. Yours for a modest £3.99 a month. Mate, it’s daylight robbery. Let’s crash the app by downloading it like crazy guys yeah -Asalaamu alaikum
-wa alykumusalaam warahmatullah so sister- I mean you got
loads of interviews lined up how you feeling? You’re famous. Oh God, no I don’t want to be astaghfirullah (May Allah forgive me) This was not something that was in my intentions. I didn’t know the man was filming to be honest with you. It was very surreal to be honest, you know subhanAllah (glory be to Allah) you know everyone has our differences. I did even mention it to the abuser (ayah) if you are a person of the book then let people practice their religion (inaudible) peaceful you know. I did mention that but obviously- what happened is they filmed it at the beginning but then afterwards they shut the telephone. They stopped filming and the man that was filming came in between him and the man that was the victim And then obviously it got really heated afterwards so, yeah subhanAllah that was just the beginning of it really Oh man so it actually got worse afterwards? It did yeah because he came into my face, he was quite erm he was shouting in my face, I did panic a little bit but you know I just I was just saying Astaghfirullah, I was saying all sorts of duas (supplications) Oh you were doing duas? Yes off course I was saying: There is no might or power, except Allah. It was in my head while he was coming up to me, because subhanAllah you know when you’re put in that situation? you don’t realise the impact that you do- that you have. And this person can actually come and you know, he can attack you. -You know what sister…
-I have faith in Allah subhanAllah you know, I always know that Allah has never left me on my own. -So you know alhumdulilah.
-Allah hu Akbar That’s amazing but but you know what sister when I was looking over the footage the thing that
stood out to me the most was as soon as he told the other guy “look I’m not a
pastor, back off otherwise I’m -gonna lamp you in the face”
-yeah and then he looked towards you, that’s the time you decided to start talking -and I was like Allah hu Akbar
-yeah yeah exactly like that’s that’s probably the
worst and riskiest time to start your dialogue but that’s when you started Oh I dunno, my husband was so angry with me. I have 2 children of my own it was horrible you know- the children- the little boy was so terrified he was like shivering. i thought- No, I can’t sit here You know it’s our duty as Muslims to be honest with you. Yeah yeah, so empathy kind of kicked in But I was going through the headlines as well, I took a few screenshots and mashaAllah I think 4 of them them Evening Standard, I think Metro, Sky and I think another newspaper all of them mashaAllah have got the word “Muslim” in the headline and Alhumdulilah, this is what we want. Yeah it’s amazingly positive and
especially. And sister I was also wondering were you aware of the news
that happened earlier this week in Australia where a pregnant sister got…
-Yeah -I was actually
-woah OK sister so what went through your mind because I’m thinking, after seeing that
go viral and then you’re facing up to this guy who’s just threatened
somebody else. Yeah. No but subhanAllah it’s just like. I don’t know I’ve always had a hard time growing up in the London -I’ve always had like erm- abuse hurled at me. People pulled off my hijab
-No way During that time when I was going through- growing up as a teenager really because I wore hijab when I was 12 So erm growing up as a teenager, especially during that time there wasn’t much awareness of the Islamic community They used to rip my hijab off, that’s the first thing they would do. Sister was this when you were older or was this in secondary school? No, secondary school And I used to get the male, you know the older boys, they used to also kind of like… abuse me as well. But alhumdulilah through that
experience, is what’s actually made me strong person. I feel like I’ve been through a lot in my life. By the will of Allah it has- its made me much stronger as a person as a Muslim as well. You
know I’m thinking Allah doesn’t put you through tests unless it makes
you a better person. Injustice is something I always stand
against. injustice (zulm) Allah (s.w.t) always mentions in the Qur’an- Zulm Allah doesn’t allow it on himself,
so he would not allow it on anybody else. So I’ve always lived by that kind off motto, do you understand? -Yeah
-Walhumdulilah And also sister what’s also profound is a lot of people have this misconception that Muslims hate Jews per se -Yeah yeah subhanAllah
-and what’s very interesting is the support that
you’ve received from the Muslim community. I mean had it been something
that was in our scripture that we were encouraged, you probably wouldn’t have
received this much support. I mean how much support have you received from Muslims? I have you know and that’s whats overwhelming I thought I know I’m going to get- I didn’t even know I would get praise for what I did. Yeah sunhanAllah. I don’t like anyone praising me at the end of the day. I don’t want to be like proud or anything because at the end of the day I didn’t do much- what did I do? There’s a lot of much more better heroes than I am in the world But yeah if it gives that glimmer of hope for the Muslim community that you know, we stand up for that kind of stuff and it shows us- because I’m always a supporter of showing Muslim people in a good (kind of) good light A good picture yeah. Everywhere it’s so negative and I get so angry. You know when I see negative comments on Islam and how people try to say things and everything like that It’s really not nice. So I thought you know… Alhumdulilah the reason why I wanted to take these interviews, and do them was to- you know what let’s push this forward let’s give a good positive view of who Muslims are and what they truly believe in. What it means to follow Islam you know>100% and you know what like
you said, you didn’t want to be famous but just, just practicing your religion,
as we’re encouraged- I mean we give long -lectures but I mean practical Dawah, just
practicing your religion can have such a -profound impact
-yeah you know my mom always used to say to me, there’s a hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) when he said “if you see something you
have to change it physically. If you can’t change is physically then change it verbally, if you can’t change it verbally you change it with the heart and you dislike it in the heart, and that’s the weakest of iman. -Allah
-SubhanAllah we’re put in this non Muslim country we have to be an example But then also, another thing is- I wanna- we live in London This is where I was brought up. This is my country- I mean I’m
originally from- my mom and my dad are from Libya I speak Arabic and
everything but I’ve only been there 6 times, I don’t know anywhere else apart from England- do you know what I mean? -Yeah
-I want to show them this is my home -This is my city you know?
– mashaAllah sister just hearing you just saying ayaat (verses) and hadith it shows how much Islam has -permeated your heart.
-Oh barakallahu feeq And in turn sister it permeated- kind of the – your reaction Because a lot of people they separate the 2 but for us- and to see kind of the Qur’an and the sunnah being put into action at a time that it was needed. MashaAllah may Allah bless you sister. And especially what you’ve been through I think you are something that- it’s truly a breath of fresh air that’s happened this week. Barakallahu feeq, wallahi I’m so humble for all those lovely comments. SubhanAllah I just become so overwhelmed with everybody I just say Alhumdulilah wa shukr This is my opportunity, my time, Allah has given me this- this kind of platform to sort of show Islam- what Islam is really about. And also what’s profound is you were mentioning all the hardships you’ve done through in the past. But at that moment in time we don’t know what the future holds just if we’re patient and look mashaAllah how Allah has honoured you because of your patience and you know- because you used your hardship to remove someone elses hardship And that requires a lot of selflessness. I know…I’m sorry, I’m just a bit emotional. SubhanAllah, Alhumdulilah you know- also I have to be an example for my kids you know. My kids- I’m their role model, they only see me and my husband so we have to show them how, how it is to be a proper Muslim How it is to be a proper citizen Sister wallahi because I make videos as well about current affairs and whats going on Allah give you the strength to that wallah You’ve got my full support, whatever you want me to do I don’t mind doing it No Jazakallahu it’s just that honestly with the news that I see I’m constantly aware of- this wasn’t mentioned- the person was Muslim but In this bit of news wallahi it just seems like the sincerity is oozing through. SubhanAllah, I think Allah (s.w.t) sent a sakeena (peace) upon me because I’m a very- I’m a very- how you say, fiery kind of character. I’m a very fiery character and if I see injustice I do get quite upset. -But subhanAllah Allah sent like a sakeena (peace) on me that day.
-Allah I don’t know how, but subhanAllah he did it and he gave me the peace and the patience. (Ayah) Allah always mentions patience in the Qur’an. We were even looking at your body language mashaAllah, the way you were calm I mean your facial expression, the way you were kind of communicating with him. -So err it was definitely evident.
-He…when the video shut He actually came up to me and goes to me “what about your people” I was like ok “your people” look where we are. We’re on a public transport. What are you going on about? And it was scary. Wallahi he was very tall and very overpowering Sister have you done self defense? Well my brother used to do kung fu, so he used to teach me When I was at school I had to- I really had a lot of self defence- I had to self defend myself Physically, you know- subhanAllah- my dad took me out of the public school and put me into King Fahad academy, I don’t know if you know it- in London I’ve heard of it yeah Yeah so he put me there because of my safety really. That’s how bad it was to be honest- it was really- it was quite. I had to learn self defence at a very young age. But I would never ever like- like hit somebody just for the I would self defend myself
-exactly not to provoke someone I would never start anything. If you follow any of my accounts, I don’t like putting pictures of myself- I don’t like being in the limelight I’m not a very social media person. I like to go on there just to look at- you know-Islamic videos Just to look at Smile2jannah and stuff isn’t it? -Yeah Yeah, I havent really hear of you to be honest, I know it sounds bad.
-God damn it I will start following you now inshaAllah. Jazakallah sister wallahi it was such a breath of fresh air speaking to you, hearing about your experience -and the stuff
-thank you very much, jazakallahu khair for calling me Wa iyaak sister
-Even when I first had someone asking me for a statement I gave it to Ilmfeed, I thought let me give the Muslim media the opportunity first before I give it to anybody else. And Ilmfeed sister that went viral after that, I think even the Sun and the Daily Mail quoted Ilmfeed as well so that was brilliant mashaAllah. It’s the cowards that always go on the women and children- that’s the first thing but subhanaAllah if you do stand up to them they do get scared he sort of like- when he saw that I was quite firm -yeah
-he sort of backed of He was like, ok- you know what I mean? You have to be firm. I did encourage people when I went live on Radio BBC, I encouraged people to talk But I also said you know- be wary because some people are crazy you know All this knife crime all this -there’s a lot of people being killed.
-That’s true as well So sister what if- let’s just say worse case scenario if you were stabbed doing what you were doing. Would you have any regrets? No, because that’s what Allah (s.w.t) has written for me. This is the creed of Allah, we have to believe in that- it’s one of the 6 articles of faith. It says you have to believe in whats happened to you. Whether it is a good or bad thing. And if I did get somehow stabbed or something like that, then at the end of the day this is what Allah has written for me and that’s my test in this world, you understand. Wow, sister wallahi the more I speak to you, the more you’re just blowing my mind Because people have to hear this aspect. I mean mashaAllah the other interviews they will focus on the kind of the factual element but the spirituality that kind of drove you and that gave you the strength is I did try to get it in there because their questions are quite straight forward they gave me like, they like ‘just talk about the facts, don’t talk about anything else’ I said, no, no, I have to bring Islam into it, because at the end of the day that’s what made me talk up That’s what made me talk up at the end of the day you know Yeah subhanAllah, Oh they said that yeah? -yeah yeah
-That’s made Allahu Akbar sister, may Allah protect you, may Allah bless you Barakallahu feeq, thank you. Your duas don’t forget that’s the main thing, that’s what keeps us going And may Allah make your videos something that will reach thousands and millions of people- Ya rabb Ameen and if you need anything, any kind of support, any kind of- I don’t have any problem. -Jazakallah sister, that means a lot.
-Wa iyaak, barakallahu feeq Ameen, sister have a lovely, lovely day and let me know also if you need any of my support, or anything from me -Barakallahu feeq
-or from smile2jannah Same to you brother, if you need anything, just let me know. Wa iyaak may Allah bless you sister Jazkallahu khair


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