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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. My name is Doroteja and I am a blogger and crochet designer behind Croby Patterns. This video is going to be a little different from the videos you usually watch on this channel. For those who are just familiar with my
work here on YouTube I also have a blog and online shop where I share and sell my crochet patterns. So for each video tutorial I post
here on my Youtube channel I write instructions and make them available on
my blog CrobyPatterns.com Not all crochet pattern on my blog have video tutorials Hopefully, they will in the future. But all video tutorials an my Youtube channel have written instructions that you can find on my blog. Since many crocheters like to have written instructions that they can download and have them on their
phone or table or print them out. I’ve started making beautifully designed
PDF instructions for my crochet patterns that are (in the smallest size only)
available on my blog and YouTube Channel. I put a lot of work into each
and every single one of them. I try to write the patterns in a way that is easy to understand. So if you can follow the instructions that are usually written on the top of my videos. You will most probably be able to read my written instructions and PDF pattern too. So don’t be afraid to try. The PDF instructions are not just a bunch of words but a beautiful pattern with many pictures
and helpful tips. And I work really hard to make my patterns nicer, better and more helpful with every pattern I put out for the world to see and use. Most of my patterns have an additional size available within the pattern. You can’t find those instructions anywhere else. Which is a little thank you note from me to people who actually decide to go one step further and purchase the pattern and support my work that way. But this video is not about that kind of PDF patterns. Here and there I find some extra time to make very special patterns which I call premium patterns. They are available in my pattern shops only. Not on my blog and not on my Youtube channel. And recently I published one of those.
Which is super exciting. And I would like to tell you more bout it. So I’ve made a pattern for crochet baby dress. The pattern is available in four different sizes,
which is a big step forward for me. I was publishing my patterns in sizes 0 – 6 months
and 6 – 12 months for a couple of years now and I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and add two additional sizes to my pattern. And now I can proudly say that the pattern is available in sizes up to three years. So I’ve added 1 – 2 years and 2 – 3 years. The last two were super challenging for me. I am very used to making baby garments
in sizes up to 12 months but I have never ever made a pattern for sizes bigger than that ever before and publish it for the world to see and use. I was trying to make the instructions for larger sizes many times before, but they have never ever made it to the testing round. I have to admit I was quite stressed about it. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong. Especially the measurements of the finished dress. That’s why it is so important to check the gauge before you start. and make sure you are suing the correct crochet hook and yarn for this project. The equation is pretty simple.
If you use a larger crochet hook or thicker yarn then recommended in the pattern,
your finished dress will come out bigger than mine.
And if you use a smaller crochet hook and thiner yarn, your dress
will come out smaller than mine. So you have to measure the
gauge before you start and make sure you are suing the correct yarn and hook for your project. My initial idea was to use Paintbox Yarns
in two different colors. One for the upper and lower part and one just for the lower part, the skirt. And that was exactly what I did. But I was also planning to use that yarn in two different yarn weights. Aran weight for the upper part and
DK weight for the skirt. Which I did not end up liking that much. Just because the fabric on top
was way to heavy and thick. I wanted something more soft and airy. That’s why now the entire dress is made with one yarn weight, which is DK weight And I really like it the way it looks now.
I think it came out super beautiful. The next thing that I wanted to talk about is the stitch pattern I was using on the skirt. It’s a mix of yarn in two different shades and a bunch of DC, HDC and chains. In my first round I was working sets of DC stitches. And in the next round HDC sts around the chains from the previous round. And that is how I got this beautiful stitch pattern. The instructions in the pattern will ask you to cut the yarn at the end of each round. and start a new one with the next color. The bad side of this technique is that you will end up with a bunch of yarn ends. I advise you to hide those yarn ends between the stitches as you go. Because you simply don’t want to be
almost complete with your project And all you have to do next is to weave in
a thousand yarn ends. We all know that the yarn ends are worst. I am pretty sure we can all agree on that. 🙂 Especially because you have to make
sure you are doing it right or else the yarn ends will come out.
The project will start unraveling. And everything after that
will be a disaster. So one of the testers gave a great tip on how to solve that problem. And that is by using the stitch marker
to block the round you are currently not working on.
Start a new one. block that one and chain to lift the
round to a proper hight. But let me explain why I did not use it
as the main technique and rather stayed the crazy yarn technique. I was trying really hard to hide the transitions, so going from one round to another. After a few finished dresses
I finally figured out the best best way to hide those transitions. and that is to move for one set of stitches each round. The trick is in moving the end of each round away from where the initial seam would go. Pulling one color to your right and
the other one to your left. Moving further and further away from
finishing your rounds in a straight line. As we would usually do when
we are working in rounds. I’ve decided to mention this as an option here because it’s really a great idea and it will save you a lot and I mean A LOT of time and energy. But since it can be a little bit
challenging to do it right I decided to leave the instructions
the way there were so cutting the yarn after each round
and mention this technique here and in the pdf pattern as a great
alternative to the original one. Also I would recommend working
your stitches around the chains you’ve made between the rounds. So chains to lift the round. Just so the chains are nicely hidden between the stitches. I did that very well with the beige yarn and not so much with the pink as you can see here. The next tip is on how to make the
stitch pattern on the skirt nicer. When you work on your sets of
DC stitches make sure you are making them tight enough. And when you complete the
lower part of the skirt Stretch the fabric a bit
And push the HDC out To create even more texture. And the sets of HDC stitches
will start looking like tiny berries and not like a flat fabric anymore. The very last thing that
I would like to mention here, are the straps. They are tied together
in a beautiful bow on the top of each shoulder. Some testers reported that
the straps were falling down. That’s why I changed the
distance between the straps on the back
before I published the pattern. I placed them closer together.
So they should stay in place now. But if you still have that problem,
that the straps are falling down just position them closer together
and you should be fine. So the pattern is made with
Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK yarn and 4 mm crochet hook. It’s labeled as an Intermediate
skill level pattern and that is honestly only
because of the stitch pattern. It’s super easy once you get
a hang of it, but it has a tiny learning curve. In the PDF pattern are included written
instructions and step by step photos to help you understand and learn the stitch pattern. but you might keep that in mind
especially if you are a brand new crocheter. I think that would be all… A special thanks to my testers
who went through the pattern and shared their notes and tips on how we can make the pattern better with me. You can find their names and links to their social media accounts and shops in the description box below. Many of them are selling their finished
items on Etsy or on their own websites. So please go and check those out. I always get questions on where you can get finished items and i think they would would be more than happy to help you with that. Also, thank you so much to all of you who are buying my crochet patterns. It really means a lot.
With your help I can support my small business buy more
yarn and work on my crochet patterns. Share them with you and
hopefully help and inspire as many people as possible
along the way. Don’t forget to share your work with me
using #crobypatterns on Instagram. So I can see your work.
You work inspires me to stay creative and make
even more crochet patterns. Thank you so much for watching!
Have a beautiful and until next time. Bye! 🙂


  1. My first time seeing your videos & I must say you are so very thorough. I can't wait to check out your blog. Congrats on your new design and I am sure the extra sizing will be appreciated. It makes me wish I had a little one to make a gift for.

  2. I love this, the dress and the extra work you put in for different sizes!
    I’m more of a visual learner will you be doing a video on the dress or the special stitch? Once again thank you😊

  3. Plz mam send baby premium crochet full vide pattern this a fab pattern I loved this pattern Plzz upload this full video soon

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