Evengaze Knitting and Crochet Podcast Episode 5

so the Evan goes crochet YouTube channel my name is Jodi I'll be your host for today you can find me as Evan gaze on Ravelry and Instagram I am from Walker Hampton in the UK where I lived my fiance and my two beautiful fur babies who may or may not make an appearance on the podcast today they my two boys are asleep behind me and I'm always on the windowsill watching the neighbours cast very intently she doesn't like my neighbor's cat so yeah I'll put a link to my robbery and it's Grammer revelry endings from down below we also have a Facebook group and a Ravelry group for this podcast both of those those links will be in the show notes and yeah if you are a new viewer I would just like safe welcome thank you thought kind of watching this podcast and if you are a teen returning new you are welcome a returning viewer welcome back thank you for sticking with me and it's been a really busy two weeks I have a couple of works in progress a couple of finished objects and some frogged projects to talk about so yeah I will start with my first finished object and that is this cowl this is a simple stockinette cowl and it has been crocheted together to join it is game of crafting yarns I don't remember the color the base of don't believe she does this base anymore I'll have to check and it is the color white Stardust is absolutely gorgeous it's like this teeny turquoise color with pink and purple speckles and the odd little bit of white with I'm assuming to be honest the white is where how it just hasn't taken the dye but I absolutely love this I am really sad that I reacted badly to the yarn and I can't wear it because it just it's so lovely and it actually feels quite nice and but as soon as it touches this game around my neck I just I can't do it I'm gonna pop that down yeah I think I used size 7 or 8 needles it was really really quite big needles I just knitted until it was slightly too big for me and by which point I was really badly reacting and that's because I had another cow made up this year and I was fine so it's a recent thing that I've started reacting to it and then I bound off it upstairs for a couple of months before I actually crocheted it together but it is now finished and done win so yeah that's another one gone and I have another finished object this one is a crochet one which makes me so happy and it is the Bellatrix all I hold it that way you can see all the different colors so this is a short by Hannah from the cozy cottage crochet podcast she has really lovely patterns they are written so well it's so easy to follow it's a very intuitive pattern so you start I am you do it in sections and in her pattern it calls for two different colors and then you separate each separate you swap colors every section I changed colors completely for every section so you've got this white color this peach this is the only bit I'm not keen on I do wish there was a bit more contrast this lovely rose pink color purple a slightly darker purple a really darker purple this lovely royal blue to like a teal turquoise I'm not sure how you describe it this lovely powder blue grey and white and then the other change that I made was oh just single crocheted along the top just to make it look at that bit neater because where I change colors it didn't look very neat and that's nothing to the pan that that's just because of me changing colors and obviously there's no point carrying yarn if you're not going to use it again so yeah I just did that there this is a really lovely pattern she does say to use variegated yarn because when you use the short rows you get like these bumps but I actually really like them I think it's a nice little a nice little design feature so yeah this I think this is going to be worn quite a lot when it cools down a little bit it does need blocking I just need to work out how I'm gonna block it it's all DK acrylic mostly stash yarn yeah it's I think it's gonna be one that I wear a lot I do tend to gravitate towards my big DK shows rather than my small runs even with it being warm I'm still going for the bigger shores rather than smaller ones I think it's the size rather than the way so yeah I think that that's gonna be one that small quite a lot it just needs blocking and it will be finished my last finished object is a hat this is I did not have to use a pattern and I cast on 104 I did two by two rib stocking until I got fed up and it's slappy enough so and then I just did my decreases here to break the crown yeah this based on my hat that todd has in Bojack horseman I'm not sure if the color suits me but I have been wearing it it's really one it is DK though so it would be yeah it's a really nice hat it was nice travel because most of it was just stocking it I made a couple of mistakes here which you can kind of see you can see this is where I started just where I did the wrong stitches but once it's on my head you'd have to be looking pretty close to actually I think there's a couple more mistakes further on as well but like I said once it's on my head you're not gonna see them I've purposely put that bit to the back as well so yeah that is that finish I will write my notes up eventually on Ravelry because like I said I didn't use a pan but yeah that knitting is better for traveling for me because I ever tend to see to drop things and if I drop a needle the needle that's on a cable it's not the end of the world whereas if I drop my crochet hook they can be quite difficult to find so yeah that is my hard hat finished that's all my finished objects I really don't have that many I have a half-finished object and that is this sock this was trouble knitting to him from work last week it is the Mina Philips pattern Mina Philips vanilla sock recipe pattern which is a painful pattern on Ravelry it's the only pattern that I've used I cannot get my head round heel flap and gusset and it's probably it's a really detailed pattern I'm not sure we just saw that little peg move here he is investigating and so yeah this is seen at yarn I cannot remember the colorway name and this is happy in panda and then again contrasting you know and cuff the cuff is just too much you rip nice simple good for traveling nice little short socks I am gonna try and knit quite a few short socks out to be honest and trained as many as I can I know they're not going to match exactly but if I wanted to match exactly I would he just never put longer because the legs longer but I wanted some short socks it feels really really soft it's got a bamboo content I can't remember what it is right now yeah it's coming up quite true to color I thought that was the color it was but then when I'm taking it outside its got like a pink sheen um I'm not sure about that but yeah I'm gonna cast the other one on either tonight or tomorrow and that will be my work meeting for the next week the next work-in-progress is one that you will have seen quite a few times if you've watched the podcast before I am so so close to finishing it but and he's asleep right now so we shouldn't have the same problem every time I've picked up strand work on it boomer has been there waiting for me to stop working on it or if I'm working on it on this side he will climb on this side and click on go to sleep and the reason waiting for me to move at which point which this is what he did yesterday he will kind of talk it all into a big ball as dogs like to do and lay on top of it there's a picture about if you go on my Instagram so let me show you I really haven't done as much as I want to do this is where I was last week and I have added all of the purple and this blue color so not much not as much as I wanted but considering the wave boom has been with this monkey I think I've done quite well I am now unborn then cake number 11 and to me cakes aren't cheap for 150 grams I pay I think you pay about 6-7 pound depending on where you get them from and I found that that there's none here that I can show you I have already looked through kind of I'd have to go a bit further into the cake but there's parts that are really really thin I mean they make my sock yarn look thick which is really worrying I do think I am gonna have to spend a lot of time once this link it has been used a little bit going in and reinforcing stitches or replacing stitches because the yawl gets that then but then at the same time there's on that's really really thick and the first complicates I thought okay maybe it's just the odd thing but it seems it's happened in every single cake and what there hasn't been knots which is good constantly getting this thick and thin and it is worrying I might have to go back and replace certain stitches and the other thing is these nets and there's little you can see they literally some of them have just pulled off which considering this blanket is sorry that that's kind of considering this blanket is for our sofa where our dogs are gonna use it the dogs probably can use it more than us it's worrying how easy these necks just pull off I mean okay that one's hardly attached um so yeah I'm a little bit concerned about how easily they come off I don't remember if that was the case with the first boiler board which I used to make a virus shawl but yeah I'm not impressed with the iron I wouldn't buy it again um oh sorry I need to sneeze I wouldn't I definitely wouldn't buy this yarn again but I have a one cake I'm one a little bit so all I've got now is the rest of this blue cake and then one pink cake I probably won't use the whole cake I'm gonna use as much as I can and then I don't really want to plan your chicken on this because it is a lot to rip out so when I'm kind of not sure how much I'm gonna have left I'm just gonna run some single crochet along the top and then because it is supposed to be doing a yard anything left will be going into my big bag of DK acrylic scraps and once I have another graph done that I want to make I've seen a Pokemon one and then once that's finished all my DK acrylic scraps and literally every scrap I can find in the house will be going into one giant blanket and probably another one for the sofa may be either single crochet or half double crochet I think would look would look really good with what I'm thinking so yeah hopefully my goal was the end of July I've still got about ten days so hopefully this will be finished soon that is it for my works in progress and my finished objects I do have some frog projects I was making the garter stitch of slippers I was using 2 shens of DK acrylic yarn and so that's going into the scrap blanket how these intuitions of acrylic yarn and I was at the very last point on the first one which is where you use the three needle bind off to create the toes which were really pointy considering the kind they were gonna be a present so considering the kind of sleepers they normally wear they were quite pointy but Bobbie who is my staff II literally walked over for his port in the blue of wind of my needles pulled which has pulled the needles out and because it was two strands he'll double and I was knitting so tightly I mean I was so tightly it was hurting me to knit on them and I couldn't pick the stitches up so it would have meant frogging quite a lot to then pick the stitches up again and it just felt like such a chore and I don't want my knitting to feel like a chore so the project has been completely fogged the yarn has gone into my big bag of DK acrylic scraps like I said that's eventually going to be a monkey I'm gonna just do one more one more background and then I'm gonna start on that maybe two more backgrounds this is the problem this is why that you wanted me never so long because I'm like if I do another DK for a little project but yeah so but they have been frog completely I'm gonna look and see if I can find another slipper pattern that can be used instead it was a bit of an odd pattern as well because there was no sizing so I had to go up and look for size feet and said like in measurements to them work out the slippers were gonna be the right size but it's a free pattern so it's not the end of the world but it just it felt like a relief to have it off the needles so I'm not working on those anymore it was a Christmas present so I thought like how many months to find different pattern and the other frog project is the ill barato which is a pattern by supplementation which has been set up stairs per year and it was the same it felt like such a chore to go back and work on it and I was getting really frustrated and annoyed when I was working on it every single time I was working on it I would be frustrated and annoyed within like half a row and I'm not sure if that's a problem with the pattern or if it's something with me or if it's the way I I don't know what it was I just I wasn't enjoying work on it working on it at all so that has been frogged the yarn is gonna sit in its box for a while and I think once I've got a few more things finished it will become the walls within by Pokemon tile and pattern a as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted it I knew what colors I wanted it in and I think I bought it like quite soon as after I saw it and I was searching through Etsy looking for yah I think Theon I've got this year on is actually slightly too thick but that just means it's gonna be bigger so I knew I knew exactly what I wanted and I was going through Etsy looking for John that was what I wanted and then I was upstairs the other day came across the over ATO which has been up there for right here in a box waiting to be worked on and it just clicked it was exactly what I wanted except for there's two additional colors so that's something I need to work out is how these additional colors will come into play because I think I don't think the two colors that I was thinking they're gonna be enough to do the whole scarf so yeah that that is gonna be the next kind of Devonian project because I enjoyed up with eating I really do but there's just something about that pattern I didn't like and then with everything that has happened recently I don't I'm not sure how to describe this but sometimes when I buy a pattern I feel almost guilty not finishing it like I'm doing something against the designer especially if it's a paid-for pattern I kind of feel like I should be enjoying it um but that's not the case I don't think oh he's got my money he doesn't care and that's gonna be the same with a lot of designers I think they don't you don't owe them anything in terms of finishing a pattern so that will be frogged and I I think I'm gonna make the warrants within with yarn which is something I've wanted for a really long time whereas the old barato I think I wasn't that I'm not that forced about and I don't know how much I would have worn it because it they're very very busy so yeah that has been formed after sitting in a box for a year yeah that so that's all the kind of knitting stuff like I said I haven't bought anything by the yarn to finish off my my Bellatrix and yeah so we did go to London last week I went up we went down on the Wednesday and we went to see the cursed child which was really really good I bought tickets right at the back because there without them they were a lot cheaper and I thought that way if I do have any sensory issues it's not a big deal for me to leave because I'm right at the back I'm not gonna be disturbing as many people but I was fine my fantasy players in the past were I've had a lot of sensory issues which is quite difficult so but like I said we were in the back I didn't have any problems the only she wasn't is because we were so far back you couldn't see everything that was going on I think if I was to go to you again I'd try and get better seeds and then on the Wednesday we went to the Warner brush studio tours which was really really good as well yeah it's kind of it's amazing to see these these kind of sets that I've seen in films and that films that I've watched so many times and films I remember getting so excited about when they came out it was amazing to actually kind of be there and see them yeah I really enjoyed that but then when we came back I literally just slept for like we came back on Friday morning and I just that until the Saturday no this Sunday I said all a Friday on a Friday night most of Saturday most of Saturday night and a fair chunk of Saturday and that that's kind of your week my weekend gone because back at work on Monday um so yeah I haven't really had time for anything else and we did watch Torchwood agreed we were on the last kind kind of series of Torchwood I think we've just got a miracle day left to watch and I'm really enjoying that and then when we've watched that we're gonna go back to watching Doctor Who I think we've kind of stopped watching Supernatural although I do want to go back and watch more of it we just haven't I don't know we just haven't really started watching it again um we will do I think because the episodes are that bit longer than other things we were watching Friday night dinner again as well for the house like Jim knows half the jokes before they even land so we're watching that at the moment as well I'm still watching season two of strange things I haven't been able to get through that yeah I think I've nearly finished it now but because Jim hasn't watched out I'm struggling to find time when I can watch it because I don't want to ruin it for him because he does want to go and watch it so I'm I'm having to watch it like while he's at work and stuff but yeah that's that's pretty much everything from the past two weeks I didn't go to yawning him a cover if I said I was going to just because it was the weekend that I came back from London and I don't think I would have been able to drive up there with how tired I was and it's not really Jim's thing as well so you think he's not on a tie he doesn't get it and he probably would be quite horrified with some of the prices of Yanis are um because he just doesn't really pay attention to and yannis stuff really so he wouldn't know much of the work and everything that goes into it but yeah so I didn't end up going to earning him it just it was bad time and I think so yeah it just it's been a really kind of strange two weeks I've managed to get some stuff done I've been left with a lot of plans for what I'm gonna make in the future which you'll see kind of as I make them I'm not going to go too much into my maker plans at the moment beyond the walls within scarf which I have I really don't know when that's going to be cast on anyway but yeah so that's everything I think I hope if you have any questions let me know in the comments down below even if you just wanna pop up and say hello I am trying to get better at remembering to reply to comments I do have an I've had a few issues with my phone recently which is why it takes me so long to get back to people because I'm just not getting notifications and but yeah um but that's everything for today I hope you had a lovely t weeks and I'll see you in two weeks

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