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hi guys welcome back to my channel Incase you are new to this channel then Hi.. I am tanu this is my channel where i share my simple tips and tricks to help you dress in elegant manner of course in a budget and other than that I also share my skincare and lifestyle videos so if you could please take a moment and
subscribe to my channel and that would genuinely mean the world to me so now let’s move on to today is video and as The title suggests it’s my ethnic wear a
collar for upcoming wedding functions many beautiful a guy pick up key hair in
a very good budget so if it is knowing what’s in store including this gorgeous
attire in advance and keep on watching then sweaty season is right here and
there are so many different kinds of function that events to attend and
obviously was Kelly China up with different nice attire so here let me
share it with you four different lines of tires to penny pick up key hair may
change from suits to lend us and even a saree and all the beautiful pieces I
picked up the website and keema because if you CH are video so you
can pick up all of these beautiful pieces at a great discount so without
wasting any more time let’s start on with the whole so first item on the horn
is a suit said that I picked up it’s in a very nicely green color or a scary
combination hair mint green and baby pink and I love wearing like these two
colors so here in Texas I had to pick it up this cool tea has a beautiful
embroidery both around the neckline Coquina color combination have mint
green and pink which complements this holes would fail beautifully I think
it’s a standout piece by itself and the nest of the hotel in a net material
between equity and Behati softer body comfortable happen now Plus this cool T
also has this power detail all over the cookie line and the fourth is obviously
in a high-low affect literally like this please UK net material man and it is
full length Lee so it has this ruffle detail at the end and it’s coating is up
the jaw bottom says they’re also in a very same color of the foods inner light
mint green color and I just love the Newport types in a very nice color
combination of baby pink honest Cupid ef3 line here on the bottle
and it is in a mint cream color and it also has this pearl detail on the factor
which matches up with the fall detail of the food see I think it looks super
elegant this beautiful coat you set a picnic for 1 7 5 0 so I mentioned the
links of all the items I shared in the heart down below in the description box
if you actually can check it out now I also want to mention it again
if you have an amazing say char various of things are available at up to 50% or
less than there are people orders at the head so then you get extra 5% of his
bill so now let’s get back into the hood next
item on the heart is a gorgeous like that I picked up on many to pick up just
only because of the college in a very nice mustard yellow color and a skirt
part of the leg that which has been a very nice mustard color in a beautiful
neck material box off a box Lafayette looks very elegant and I really have the
chewy design of this language thank you case you put a mirror okay all over it
the subtleness of this code there’s a beautifully with the blingy without
chili and I really appreciate that Kim would you all over blimp another
I just like you know doesn’t think you’re in there and I’m good with it
I also like to two-putt Outfitters when it’s in a very nice must Akana again a
similar net material so a for the bedding functions if you want to wear it
for cocktail for the wedding day or even holiday I mean you’re good with it
this beautiful must feel like that at first but 2500 rupees next item on the
heart is the most gorgeous eye that I picked up and I fell in love with the
color just look at this beautiful baby pink color of the sorry it looks super
elegant super stylish and effortlessly graceful I just fell in love with the
whole thing and I picked this awning up solely because of the blouse you can
just look at the glass has a beautifully embroidered work all over it which is in
a very nice color combination of baby pink and gossiping and since sorry
before the simple night color my hair so the next le pop of color is elected by
the beautiful blouse gracefully matches up with the side opposite kissing a very
function scalloped ends at their beach reception beach wedding it’s such a
graceful P then you go with everything this beautiful sari and the blouse we
said I picked up 1550 next item on the hall is a gorgeous shelter that I picked
up our many difficulty is only because of the work on the leg a skirt just look
at it it’s such a beautiful embroidery work all over it hotties are till here
for hot delicate I really like the color combination of it is very okey then and
o is overall didn’t create color but is super to enjoy Travolta which it in a
very nice coil spring color looks very effortless very elegant goes really well
with the gray color as well I really like the factually of this language
became body beautiful you did color my hair which is in a coral pink color to
match that is exactly the coral pink color embroidery on the length I said
and I really like the packet is laying uh skirt but it’s not embroidery work on
it so the only part of it is very subtle and very nice keeping a languor scott as
the highlight of the whole outfit and I really like this a part of it as well
you keep AHA these are till he bought the elegant laconic agenda material of
this length as it is also very beautiful very apt and I just fell in love with
the whole embroidery book so this beautiful green headliner I picked it up
for 3500 the item in a free market everywhere outfits or bedding functions
inside items Kay Lichtman in each a description box I mentioned that they
have whichever item that you like you can pick it up from Viva Viva Baker if
you see each other a so most of these items
available in up to 50% of and Phillipa the only option be available to place an
order and in case you make a prepaid order then you get additional 5% on your
hotel last rebar pay seven days exchange period policy P hex you can make use of
it so that was ordered by ethnic well how alphabetic functions I overcome it
up with your pacifier hookah oh come on please hit the like button and subscribe
to my channel and don’t forget get in the bed I can write next which that
you’ll be notified every time I upload the videos see you next time


  1. Hey my cutie di😘
    I'm very very happy after watching the video😊😊
    Thankyou Thankyou thankyouuu sooo muchh😘😘😘❀❀❀
    :-)your swati😊😊

  2. Hi Tanu, Everything looks beautiful on you! I have a doubt though, that something as beautiful as the yellow lehenga can be available for such a price. Most of the online buying doesn't turn out to be as expected ,esp with Indian clothes. What's your take on this

  3. Your colour taste is really awesome…. 😍😍😍😍 i just love all ur outfits πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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    U r looking gorgeous in allβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯😘😘😘😘 first pastel color dress is so pretty nd mustard lehangaπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  5. Yellow lehange ka link glt de diya apne. Actual link ye h:

  6. Try to speak little slowly so dat its convenient for all kinds of viewers..We kno dat u kno fluent need to proove.

  7. O m g yellow lehnga is awssmmmmmm wase to saari dresses ap p suit krti h didu but yellow lehnga to bss pucho hi mt love u didu πŸ₯°

  8. Choli is semi stitched right? And what about lehnga..?
    You are looking beautiful in the dresses. I liked the last one the most.

  9. Hi didi I love ur videos but I think this indian attire dint work out plz do some more Western wear and winter wear outfit videos
    PS I love u didi

  10. Hey i want to know that is that pink saree really worth it for the price? I mean the detailing, quality and all the things

  11. sare he dress bhout ache hai di😍😍..or di please summer jacket Jo kurti k sath bhi pehn sake ese video banaiye please di

  12. We baniyas know very well how to maintain our budget and I think she is the most appropriate example of this saying … πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜™

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  15. The picture in the website slightly differs from what is looking here. Wanna know whether the things will come like what you have shown or not?

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