Escape the Babysitter! The Grinch Babysitter Showdown! Escape the Room to Save Christmas !

“Every Who down in Whoville
liked Christmas a lot” “But the Grinch who lived just
north of Whoville did not.” Ready to go?
[Claps] Babe, I don’t know, I
know it’s our anniversary but how are we gonna go
out on Christmas Eve? Who is gonna babysit? Honey, do not doubt me. [Doorbell rings] [Sneaky music] Hello! Hi there! Thanks for coming on such
short notice, come on in. It’s my pleasure. Is that the…?
Come on honey, let’s go. But, but, but… See ya later!
Thank you! Have a good time, don’t stay out too late, you have a curfew.
[Door shuts] [Snickers] Is that the Guh-guh-guh…? Guh-guh-guh, the Grinch! Aaah! Why are you dressed like Santa? Why are you holding a bag like Santa? Did you bring presents like Santa? You bet I did! [Bag rustles] Why don’t you get ready for what I got inside the bag for ya? [Bag rustles] Close your eyes and hold out your hands. Here you go. I can’t wait to see what it is! Here you go. And, something extra
special for you, my dear. Just for you. And, now open your eyes! A greasy banana?! Ew, an old sock?! An onion?! [Laughs hysterically] I’m ruining Christmas already! [Gasp]
Ruin Christmas?! And what a perfect place to start! Right under your little noses. [Box thuds] [Kids gasp] [Wrapping paper rips]
[Kids gasp] You can’t do that! Why’d you do that? [Kids gasp] Ooh, Santa’s little cookies, huh? How about those next? [Smash] [Kids gasp] [Laughter] Not Santa’s cookies! Ooh hoo hoo hoo, what do we have here? Is it Cindy Lou Who’s handiwork? [Kids protest] [Grinch snickers]
[Candy clatters to the floor] Ooh, it’s the fat guy. [Kids gasp] Delicious. We spent hours on that! Oh ho, that was delicious. So whadda ya think about that?! You can’t do that! [Thud]
[Onion thuds] And what are you three
going to do about it? [Kids gasp] [Grinch snarls] [Kids gasp] Boo! [Guitar music]
Ahhh! [Door clicks shut] Well that was easier than I thought. I know! [Bag rustles] This’ll work perfectly! I didn’t know the Grinch was real! And now he’s here to destroy Christmas! [Guitar music]
[Wrapping paper rustles] [Grinch snickers] Oh ho ho ho, oh yeah! These are the worst! Now, what could I do next? Doo di doo, doo di doo, Hahahah, hahahahoho, ah ha! Hoo hoo! Gotta get it all out! [Trash clatters on floor] [Trash bag rustles] [Grinch snickers] [Thud] This looks perfect! Except it needs
something a little more… I know. Brought my little toy with me. Never leave home without it. Ah.
[Leaf blower engine] [Guitar music]
[Leaf blower engine] Hee hee!
Whoo! [Trash rustles against wall] [Leaf blower engine] [Grinch blows on leaf blower] That’ll hold ’em. But just in case. [Adventure music] That’s Grinch-tastic!
They’ll never get outta here! Guys, we just ran away like babies. Yeah, we can’t let him ruin Christmas. We have to stop him! [“Up On the Rooftop”] [Grinch squawks] [“Up On the Rooftop”] [Water splashing] [Feet thud on floor] This is our house, he can’t boss us! Get the blasters!
Yeah! [Kids gasp] What the heck? [“Up on the Rooftop”] Oh, Merry Christmas! [Bell jingles] Take that, and the puppy’s. He’s gift-wrapped us in here! That can’t hold us, it’s just
a bunch of wrapping paper. Yeah, let’s bust through this thing! Yeah, that’s a great idea, ready? Three, two, one! Aaah! [Paper rips]
[Guitar music] That Grinch can’t stop us! Yeah, let’s tear this down! [Wrapping paper rips] [Kids cheer] What in the world?! Looks like the Grinch put a whole wall of garbage here to block us out. Yeah, how are we ever
gonna get through this? Let’s try to push it over! [Grunts] Yep, it’s definitely a wall. No way we can get through. [Cheery Christmas tune] [Boxes shuffle] How’re we ever gonna get through the wall? Let’s get a chair and see
if we can see over the top. [Sneaky music] [Cheery Christmas tune] [Sneaky music] Good thinking, Kaden, I can
see right over this wall! Jack, what do you see over there? Whoa! Looks like there’s one of those leaf blowers over there. But how could that help us? [Gasps] I got an idea, maybe we can blow down all the garbage! That’s nice, but it doesn’t really help that it’s on the other
side of the garbage. That’s true, but maybe we
can find a way on how to get it. Hmmm, what do we have in
our room that can help us? Hey Kaden, I have an idea.
Our drone’s pretty strong. [Gasps] That’s a brilliant idea! We can use your drone to fly over there and pick up the leaf blower. And blow all the garbage down. But how great are your flying skills? Oh, you watch and see! [Silly music] [Ornaments and bag rustle] [Guitar music] [Drone beeps and whirs] [“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”] [Grinch snores] Huh, huh, huh? [Upbeat Christmas tune] [Guitar music]
[Drone whirring] Uh, go down more. [Drone whirs] Okay, a little bit more to the left. Lower the string down and catch the hook. Good, you got it!
Now raise it up! [Whoosh] [Mischievous music] [Candy drops] [Plastic clatters] [Box thuds] [Trash shuffling] [Guitar music]
[Drone whirs] A tiny bit more up. And go around. [Kids cheer] No way, Kaden, you actually did it! Those are some awesome flying skills. I know! I’m pretty good, right? Yeah, let’s blow this garbage pile down. Yeah, wait a second, let me take this chair out of the way first. Eat my dust! [Leaf blower whooshes] [Kids cheer]
[Garbage rustles] [Garbage wall crashes] [Kids cheer] [Grinch snickers] Uh oh, guys. Tinsel trap! What will happen if we knock
down some of that ribbon? I dunno, but I don’t wanna find out. [Grinch snickers] Hoo hoo, oh yeah! Okay, follow me but be careful. Get your blasters, everyone,
take the Grinch by surprise! Oh ho ho ho, oh yeah! [Snickers] [Mystery music] Extra TP! [Bells jingle] And some night-time glasses
of water, Cindy Lou! [Mystery music] Careful, guys, we have to make it through. [Garbage crunching] How do you like my wrapping? Excellent! [Mischievous snickers] [Mystery music] [Soft Christmas tune] Hey, try going under, not over. [Fridge door opens]
[Rustling] [Glugging] Urp! Yes, we made it! [Kids exclaim in relief] Yes! [Jaunty Christmas tune] [Kids gasp] He’s TP-ing our Christmas tree! [Grinch mischievously snickers] Stop right there, Grinch! If you wanna ruin Christmas, you’ll have to get through us! Too late, I already have! [Laughs] Let’s blast him! Aaah! [Nerf blasters]
[Guitar music] Nah nah nah nah nah! Ahhh! He hee hee hee hee! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I can play your game, too! [Kids yell] [Laughter] Aaah! Aaah, I’m gonna get you! After he throws his last
ball, let’s charge at him. Great idea, guys, get ready. Give up now, Grinch! It’s never gonna happen! Hahahahaha! Let’s get him! Ahhhh! You’re trapped, Grinch, surrender! No, nonono, no please!
I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it, I
didn’t mean it, I promise. I’ll never do it again!
Ever, ever, ever, ever! [Boots thud]
[Bells jingle] [Kids gasp] [Nerf blasters drop] Hmm, what’s going on here? I thought you were on the nice list. Santa, it’s not what it looks like! Oh no, anybody but Santa Claus! Yeah, we’re just trying to
save Christmas from the Grinch. Hmm, Grinch! You’ve been on the
naughty list for years. The naughty list?
Yikes, I’m outta here. Ho ho ho ho hooo! Yay!
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