Episode 1 – First Day of School Clothes

Hello everyone, and welcome to my channel! I thought since school is starting soon… I thought I could do a back-to-school video on what I should wear on the first day of school. Please comment down below on what you think that I should wear on the first day of school And whichever outfit gets the most comments, I’ll wear… on the first day of school Music “Shot Away” by Siine feat. Willow Outfit #1 is a shirt from QLUV And pants…from TJ Maxx I don’t normally wear pants Next Outfit! And for outfit #2 I have a rainbow t-shirt with a little knot from TJ Maxx And high-waisted shorts from H&M I love H&M… Hashtag “Not Sponsored”… but feel free to if you’d like Now it’s time for outfit #3 This green tanktop is from QLUV, and these are the same blue pants that I had in outfit #1 from TJ Maxx Bye! Gotta go in the elevator Beep Outfit #4, I have a tanktop with a little sloth on it… ‘cuz I love sloths and these pants; the blue pants from TJ Maxx I love these pants ‘cuz they’re a really pretty blue Do you?!? Well, We’ll find out in the comments below And for outfit #5, I have this cute little t-shit dress from either TJ Maxx or Q… (music stops) I forgot Time for outfit #6! (music continues) For outfit #6, I have this green t-shirt with a stripe and a pocket right here and… black skinny jeans from TJ Maxx I like this outfit… Do you? Comment down below Next Outfit! Tadaaaa! Last outfit is a little stripped t-shirt With red here, here and here (pointing) from Q, and the same high-waisted shorts that I was wearing earlier from H&M. That is it for today’s video, thank you SO MUCH for watching my video guys… Please remember to hit that “like” button and subscribe to my channel so you can see more videos just like this one Please remember to comment down below which outfit you liked best So I know which one to wear my first day of school… so I don’t look like a fool BYYYYYYEEEEEE! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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