English Pronunciation 43: clothes vocab (British accent)

Hi, in this video, we’ll practise the British
English pronunciation of words relating to clothes. If you like, switch on subtitles using the
‘captions’ button below. Listen carefully and repeat each word after
me to practise the pronunciation. belt
boots cap
coat dress
gloves hat
jacket jeans
pyjamas raincoat
scarf shirt
shoes slacks
slippers socks
stockings suit
sweater sweatshirt
t-shirt tie
trousers Great, listen again to this video and repeat
the words after me to practise the British English pronunciation. Subscribe to my channel for more videos to
help you practise speaking English! Goodbye.


  1. thank you for your help 🙂 can you put British English pronunciation of words relating to Transportation please!
    and all words X2 time one normal one slow,I think it's better!

  2. would you mind if you share about kitchen tools vocabulary?
    i am a beginner in learning english,… could you share some conversation as well sir?? 🙂

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