ENGLISH ADDICT – CHAT LIVE / 12th Feb 2020 / Clothes idioms & phrases / 5G / Flat Earth / Friendship

it’s a beautiful day today here in the
UK it’s a rather nice day can you see the view from my window here we go again
yes we are back once more back on YouTube and yes you are right it is
English addict live from the United Kingdom or as I
like to say good old England oh hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you feeling happy are you
happy today I really hope you are feeling happy because I’m feeling rather
happy I have to be honest with you I’m in a good mood because the weather is
rather nice today we have a lovely day outside and if you look closely let’s
have a look at that view once again the view that I was just
showing you if you look in the distance can you see on the mountains in the
distance there is snow we have had some snow however hid the snow has only
fallen on the high ground so that means all of the mountains all of the hills
have had lots of snow however here we haven’t but if you look in the distance
yes there it is a live view right now and you can see that the snow has fallen
across the hills and also the mountains looking over towards Wales and also
Snowdonia so there you can see in the distance there is some snow on the
ground however here well right here in my garden sadly there isn’t any snow
however the view is still nice some blue sky some clouds it is very windy however
all of this pleasant weather is going to disappear over the next few days
unfortunately we are going to lose all of that lovely sunshine once more typical so it looks as if the weather
this weekend here in the UK is going to be bad again can you believe it we had a
big storm last week which caused all sorts of damage and lots of flooding and
here we are again we are about to have exactly the same situation over the next
couple of days into the weekend can you believe it anyway enough of that I’m
glad to see you here it is nice to have you here we are now once more halfway
through the week I can’t believe how fast this year is going already
we are almost approaching halfway through February yes today it’s
Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday it’s Wednesday we
are halfway through the week halfway through the week how has your week being
so far has it been good I really hope you’ve had a good week my
week hasn’t been too bad even though it’s been busy one or two things that I
have to do as I suppose I would say that I have entered a new era on YouTube and
also the internet because now I have my new website have you seen my new website
I have listed all of my lessons and there are lots of other things on there
as well for you to watch if you want to join my website if you want to have a
look because now we are in a new era a new period of time things have changed a
little bit you might say so for those who are interested in the website I will
show you right now the new website address there it is you can see it on
the screen all you have to do is enter that address and you will be taken
straight to my new website you will see examples of my lessons also you will see
all of the playlists as well so you can actually find all of the playlists on my
new English addict website and there are lots of other things as well including
our special idiom and also our word of the week so there are lots of things to
see on my new website and yes it is now available so you might say that we are
entering a new era when we say new era it means a new period of time or maybe
you are making some changes which means that things will be slightly differ
in the future so we often say we are entering a new era so time a period of
time a new beginning things will be different and hopefully
they will also be better as well so I always try to improve myself and one of
the things I like to do when I think about how can I improve myself what can
I do to make my life better well we might think of a person or a thing that
might be described as an influencer so something that is capable of creating an
influence so quite often on YouTube you will hear people say I am a YouTube
influencer a person who will influence other people so when we say influencer
we mean a person who might set a good example a person who might encourage you
to do something that you’ve never thought of before or maybe to improve
your self-image so someone that can give you advice someone that can persuade you
to change the way you do things can also be described as an influencer so we talk
about you can see the word there at the top influencer then we have influence to
influence someone is to change their mind you might persuade them to do
something differently you were influenced you are perhaps under the
influence to be under the influence means that you are under control or
under the spell of something or maybe you have been persuaded to change your
ways maybe you have been out for a few drinks with your friends and
you have had too much alcohol we might say that you are under the influence of
alcohol of course influence can be good or bad so there can be bad influence
they can also be good influence so even though we often think of influence B as
being positive quite often it isn’t so you can be a bad influence you can also
be a good influence and the reason why I’ve mentioned this is because last
night I was watching a very interesting documentary about a TV personality who
was around in the 1960s 1970s and also the 1980s his name was mr. Rogers have
you ever heard of mr. Rogers last night on Netflix I watched a very interesting
documentary about a guy who was very influential for over three decades on
American television mr. Rogers he was a friendly approachable TV presenter he
presented children’s programs so his main area of expertise his target
audience were actually children and he became very popular in the United States
during the 1960s the 1970s and also the 1980s as well there is actually a movie
that’s just been made a beautiful day in the neighborhood
starring Tom Hanks which is also about Fred Rogers life and also the work he
did teaching children through the medium of television so if you haven’t seen
that movie yet I haven’t seen it yet however I did watch a very interesting
documentary last night all about Fred Rogers otherwise know
mr. Rogers by the way my name isn’t mr. Rogers my name is mr. Duncan I’m another
mr. Oh an interesting thing Tom Hanks who plays the part of mr. Rogers in the
new movie about Fred Rogers life is actually related to mr. Rogers did you
know that well now you do hello to everyone on the live chat do you have
someone in your life who gives you influence is there a person in your life
who gives you lots of influence a person who encourages you a person who gives
you good advice or maybe a person that you just follow through example so maybe
you see a person who does something in a certain way and maybe that person
influences you so you might be influenced by someone to influence so I
think I think it’s a great word and some people believe that nowadays there there
is more bad influence around than good influence however I disagree I think
there is good and bad influence everywhere so we all have a chance at
some point in our life to influence another person either in a good way or a
bad way oh we have the live chat don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you
hello mr. Duncan and everyone I hope you’re having a wonderful day it is a
wonderful day in my neighborhood hello Rolfie guess what you are first on
today’s live chat congratulations to you for being first
well done Ralphy you have a very fast finger your finger is clicking your
mouse very quickly I think so Guadalupe is also here sweetness hello
there how are you happy winds-day mr. Duncan Wednesday isn’t too bad I’m
having a good day I’ve had better days I’ve also had worse
days so today is a pretty average day even though last night I had a lovely
sleep so I woke up this morning I got up very early this morning and decided to
prepare my livestream earlier than normal
hmm so I’ve been very busy since about 8 o’clock this morning
hello also to Vitesse watching in Lithuania I’ve received some lovely
photographs by the way from sue cat who has recently gone on a trip well I think
she’s back now from a holiday but she went for a lovely trip to a nice part of
the world somewhere quite remote and distant I will have a little look and
hopefully you will watch as well as I reveal some of the photographs that
tsukete took hello also Luis Mendez hello to Luis Mendez watching in France
Muhammad Aslam also Cecilia also we have T Trin watching in Vietnam a big hello
to Vietnam how are you today hello also Belarus see ya hello Pedro Pedro Belmont
is here today Pedro is here almost everyday hello –
Pedro nice to see you back I suppose the big question is how long are you going
to stay for because normally you disappear after a certain period of time
I wonder why Mujahid says hello everyone it is the first time for me to join the
live stream hello Mujahid hello and welcome and
congratulations for finding my live stream I have to be careful I might get too
excited you see we are only 20 minutes into today’s livestream so I have to be
very careful I can’t get too excited hello also Maksim Helena also sweet life
hello sweet life nice to see you here as well hello mr. Duncan and I hope you are
doing well and the weather is not so bad it is nice here cold but sunny
however this weekend we have another storm coming our way this weekend storm
Dennis that’s what they’ve named the store I was hoping they would call it
storm Duncan but no they have gone for storm Dennis so that is the storm that
is heading our way right now and it will be arriving over the weekend
hello marela hello Guadalupe again hello my hello also rose hello rose a rose is
a rose it is still a rose by any other name it will always smell sweet and look
pretty hello Vic Vic Sousa interesting name
hello also to Miriam nice to see you here as well lots of things to talk
about of course it is Valentine’s Day on Friday mm-hmm and I will be with you of
course don’t forget you can have me on your TV screen or maybe your computer
monitor or perhaps your mobile device every Sunday Wednesday and Friday I am
with you from 2 p.m. UK time and this Friday all of you romantic people maybe
you are in love with someone and you want to let them
know that you are there for them Valentine’s Day this Friday and also
next Sunday it’s mr. Steve’s birthday so a very busy
week ahead we have Valentine’s Day on Friday I will
be with you and also I will be with you on Sunday which is mr. Steve’s birthday
wow what a busy week I’ve got ahead hello also Stu Rose apparently there is
cherry blossom already near roses house very nice I have noticed in the garden
that some of the trees are already coming into bird so the birds are
already starting to come out on the trees which I’m quite excited about
hello from Russia hello to Eagle eggy’s Ilgaz ilgaz sab watching in Russia hello
to you lots of things to talk about today we are talking about idioms to do
with clothing we are talking about clothes idioms
so idioms and expressions things we can use in English relating to clothes that
coming up later on lots of things to talk about including oh here’s something
else it’s been in the news recently do you have 5 G in your country yet so most
countries now have 4G which is very very fast form of connection over the
Internet and also through your mobile phones however now there is 5g here in
the UK we have 5g but not everywhere just in one or two places at the moment
so in Manchester Birmingham and so London there is 5g but we are still
waiting to be connected in other parts of the UK so what about you do you have
your 5g connection in your country on your mobile phone
apparently 5g is supposed to be really really fast however some people are
slightly worried about the safety aspect of 5g for many years people have been
concerned about how safe mobile phones are especially if you use them often and
if you have them near your head and some people are concerned about the
transmitters that will be transmitting the 5g signal however here in the UK we
don’t really have 5g at the moment just one or two cities have 5g however we are
waiting to receive our 5g signal here in Shropshire I think it might be about two
or three years before we get it here but what about you do you have 5g where you
are if you feel like showing off if you feel like telling me that you have 5g
maybe you are watching me now with your superfast 5g connection very nice Netra
says we have 4G at the moment so just about here in the UK we have 4G and over
the next two or three years we are going to expand our 5g service but it would
appear that 5g is going to be super fast hello also to Falcon hello Falcon nice
to see you here today Miriam says it might cause illnesses
such as cancer and also Falcon agrees with
as well and this is the thing that I wanted to talk about briefly some people
are worried about mobile technology especially with all of the radio signals
that are going through the air however there are many different types of radio
signal many types of signal that can be received and also sent hello Rolfie
nobody speaks English perfectly not even me
sometimes I make mistakes when I’m talking because sometimes talking is
spontaneous so when you speak it is possible to make mistakes no one is
perfect hello to Nestor hello also Cecilia mr.
Duncan’s lessons are relaxing and at the same time very useful well I’m pleased
to hear that it’s very nice to hear that broken boy is here again it’s nice to
see you here as a regular viewer thank you very much for joining me
apparently my 4G connection is only available in my country we don’t have 5g
yet so I think a lot of countries around the world still don’t have 5g I think in
Asia such as I think in China and I’m sure Japan they have 5g already and here
in the UK it is being introduced very slowly however people are concerned they
are concerned about their health and how safe these things are from my own point
of view I don’t really think too much about it however I am always very
careful when I’m using my mobile phone I never put my mobile phone by my head and
I never use anything that transmits near my head because my brain is very
precious I need my brain what there is of it the other thing I’m
a little concerned with have you seen those little earphones that go in your
ears well of course they are they’ll go in your ears because they’re called
earphones and they are wireless and apparently they use a wireless signal
however those things are right next to your brain so I wonder how safe they are
but I don’t really like putting anything too close to my head that uses a
wireless signal or maybe uses a signal that’s very strong so I tend not to do
it hello also – Lee Kwang I hope one day
here there will be 5g all over the world well some people are looking forward to
it and some people are not and already there are many 5g mobile phones
available including Oh Samsung so Samsung have just released their new
phone the Samsung is it the s20 hello Gigi how to pronounce how do I pronounce
comfortable comfortable is that okay I will say it one more time
comfortable are you feeling comfortable comfortable Elinor I’m at work now so I
can’t be with you for long I have also I have a bad connection
oh I’m sorry to hear that you could always watch it later
hello also to Jean and Sean ferry oh I like the British accent but it’s quite
hard to imitate I suppose it’s hard to imitate any accent so maybe there are
certain accents I like however it’s very hard to imitate them or to copy the
accent so I’m sure there are many accents that are around
that you hear and maybe you think mmm I wish I could sound like him or her
hello also – flower flower Espoir nice to see you here as well today so 5g is
still a long way for many people including here in the UK however if you
go to London or Manchester or Birmingham and I think also Cardiff as well I think
Cardiff also has 5g would you like to see some lovely photographs sooo cat has
been on holiday sooo cat has been to the Falkland Islands would you like to see
some of SU cats photographs okay let’s have a look right now shall we so thank
you very much once again to sue cat for sending these photographs and here you
can see some views of a very interesting part of the world the Falkland Islands some very nice shots and you might
notice one thing it looks very remote and very peaceful which is true it is so
thank you very much – sue cat for sending these photographs some lovely
shots some lovely views and look there are some penguins oh I’ve never seen a
real penguin in the wild I’ve seen them in zoos that looks like a seagull yes
there is a seagull flying overhead so here are some photographs sent in by
tsukete of a very remote part of the world the Falkland Islands and it looks
as if sue cat had a very nice time in fact in the message that I received from
sue cat she said I would love to live in this place I would love to
live in this location because it’s quiet peaceful and most importantly of all all
the people are very friendly so thank you very much once again to sue Kat for
sending your photographs that’s very kind of you thank you very much it is
live English it is English addict for all those who can’t get enough of the
beautiful language that is English thank you very much for your company today
hoping Chang is watching from Beijing hello to Beijing of course China and
many other parts of the world are now being affected by what used to be called
the corona virus but now it has a new name have you seen the new name of the
corona virus they have now decided to call it covered 19 or kovat 19 it sounds
like a type of software for your computer but it isn’t it is the new name
that has been given to the corona virus which is now affecting many parts of the
world including here in the UK so not only China even though at the moment
China is still the worst affected place the corona virus or as they call it now
like covered 19 which does not come out of your mouth very easily covered 19 why
didn’t you just call it SARS too much easier so the corona virus causing a lot
of havoc around the world and can I send all of my best wishes to everyone in
China of course I spent many years working in China in fact I was in China
during the SARS outbreak in 2003 so I was living in China way back in
2003 during the SARS crisis so I know what it feels like because I was there
when SARS was around in China hello to my roots
hello mr. Duncan I like your English addict live lesson very much yes I am
live three times a week you can have me live coming out later we’re going to
talk about a conspiracy theory have you ever thought about something that may or
may not be true well here’s something that apparently has become very popular
again this is something that has been talked about over the past five or six
years mainly because of YouTube apparently YouTube is responsible for
this particular conspiracy theory have you ever heard of the Flat Earth Society
apparently there are people who believe that the earth is not a globe but is in
fact flat like a pancake have you ever heard of the Flat Earth Society there
are people who believe that the earth is not a globe it is not a sphere it is in
fact flat and they are called the Flat Earth Society but apparently the
popularity of this particular society came about through YouTube in 2014 and
since then a lot more people have joined in with the conspiracy theory that
everyone is lying everyone is lying about the shape of the earth first of
all why what do you have to gain by lying about the shape of the earth
what do you have to gain what can you win what can you gain by saying the
earth is flat instead of spherical I don’t know also how do you explain the
North and South Pole how do you explain that how do you explain the oceans why
don’t the oceans just flow over the edge of the earth if the earth is flat where
does the sea go how do you explain the seasons in the north and south so in the
northern hemisphere in the southern hemisphere how do you explain winter and
summer if the earth is flat how does the Flat Earth rotate does it go round and
round or does it just flip like a coin being thrown in the air so the Flat
Earth Society yes there are people who still believe that the earth is flat
however we do live in a strange age where many people believe strange things hello – rose again yes does that idea
still exist apparently it does in the United States there are many people who
believe that the governments around the world have been hiding the fact that the
earth is flat but why why would you hide it why does it have to be kept a secret
that the earth is flat I don’t know Rolfie says how can you make sense out
of nonsense that is crazy well it does seem hard to believe but there are
people who believe that the earth is flat
Falcon says we have two weeks we have to respect everyone’s opinion fair
well I suppose so I don’t think anyone is telling other people what to say or
think however it is an interesting idea and it is all always worthy of
discussion so if the earth is flat why would we keep it a secret why would we
say that the earth is a sphere instead of flat what do we have to gain by lying Palmyra
hello to you all so Miku hello Miku I am planning to go to Australia in April I
hope you have a super time some of my friends some of these students I used to
teach in China are now living in Australia and also New Zealand as well
so some of my former students who I used to teach when I was in China now live in
Australia I hope you will have a great time there I hope you will have a really
good time here in Australia Pedro says it is impossible that the earth is flat
due to the fact that a person can fly from Australia to Chile crossing the
Pacific Ocean so yes maybe but I’m always interested to know where the
water goes where does all the water go to if the earth is flat where does the
water go to does it just fall off the edge like a giant waterfall and how come
no one has ever gone off the edge of the earth if it is flat very interesting
hello to Perry’s Perry sir hello mr. Duncan I record your lessons and then I
listen to them in the car ooh very interesting so can I say hello now as
parisa is driving along in the car hello curry sir this is mr. Duncan saying
hello to you whilst you are driving your car I hope you drive safely and I hope
you concentrate on the road ahead hello also Rolfie again I think this
topic deserves a whole lesson mr. Duncan it is very interesting well I think that
whether or not that the earth is flat isn’t really important because if it’s
flat then why why would it be kept a secret why why would you keep it a
secret why would you have to cover the fact that the earth is flat up why would
you hide it from other people there is gravity to keep water on the earth yes I
suppose if it’s if it is spherical yes I suppose so but I’m not sure about flat
if the earth is flat where where does the water go it would just flow off the
edge surely hello also – Jean bear thank you
very much for your message as well oh so many people joining us today
so the Flat Earth Society is a group of people who believe that the earth is not
spherical it is flat like a giant pancake oh dear I feel a bit hungry at
the moment I could just eat a delicious pancake covered with syrup very nice
Thank You broken boy thank you also to tau tau hello to you as well we have a
lot of things to talk about today we did the other day mention learning curve
remember this so on Sunday I mentioned learning curve it is a way of learning
and it’s something you do over time so as you learn something you start off
with a little knowledge a little information and then over time you build
on that knowledge and you gain more information you put more information
into your brain so we call that the learning curve however quite often when
you are learning something you might progress for a while and then suddenly
you will not progress you will stay on one level and we call that a plateau so
the plateau effect is when you have learnt a lot however you can’t learn
anymore or you feel as if you can’t learn anymore so the learning curve is
part of learning anything I suppose even in life and something I always say that
is the most valuable thing when you are learning anything is experience you
cannot compare anything to experience I think experience is the most valuable
thing that a person can have however old you are if you are eight 18 or 80 there
is no such thing as bad experience or maybe experience that serves no purpose
all experience is valuable when we talk about experience of course it’s not just
about learning things that might help you to store more knowledge or know more
things of course it can also help you to learn values as well I mentioned mr.
Rogers earlier have you heard of him he was a big TV personality during the late
1960s and also the 1970s and 80s and quite often he would talk about values
also he would talk about lots of difficult subjects as well hard subjects
subjects that aren’t easy to talk about so your morals also the way you behave
the way you treat other people the way you behave in your day-to-day life your
morals so when we talk about experience well experience gives you the chance to
pick things up so we say that you pick things up you experience things and
through experience you gain knowledge you pick things up Rolfie like this
lesson so more English students can join the live stream oh yes that’s a good
idea thank you for mentioning that yes if you like this give me a big thumbs up
if you don’t like it please tell me but if you liked it give it a thumbs up and
say mr. Duncan we really like what you do and if you want to join in as well
you can subscribe also if you want to subscribe you are more than welcome to
do so thank you very much for joining me today it is nice to see you on the live chat
hello – just variation who says if the earth is flat then the water gathers
somewhere underneath and then is pumped back like a fountain or maybe in a
fountain but where is the fountain where is it hello also to Miriam hello also to
Falcon Horus hello also to Perry sir if we don’t learn from our experiences then
we will lose our life well I always remember during my early years of life I
didn’t know much however I was lucky enough to gain experience in many things
so I didn’t just learn one thing and then do the same thing for all of my
life what I actually did was learnt many different things and did many different
types of job so that is something that I believe in sometimes an experience might
not be a good one however you will still learn something
from it you might even believe that an experience in your life serves no
purpose or has no meaning but I can tell you now
that that experience will give you something even if it’s only one thing
you can always learn something new from experience hello toad to zero or to zero
hello to you watching in Sicily nice to see you here as well Ralphy says what
about the CERN does it go round in a circle the Sun
stays in the same place but we we go around the
it has pretty much been proved if you wake up in the middle of the night and
you notice that it’s dark that is your proof I suppose hello Miku
hello also Luis Mendez in the 15th century when the Portuguese started the
discoverers all along the African coast the Portuguese sailors were terrified
because the sea appeared to end of course now we call it the horizon so
when you are on the ocean it looks as if the ocean just disappears over the edge
which I suppose is one of the reasons why people in the past used to think
that the earth was flat however nowadays we know that it isn’t hello Bobby
hi mr. Duncan I’ve just got back from Marks and Spencers with a nice piece of
salmon and a bottle of red wine for dinner since you’re talking about the
flat earth should I start on the red wine now well Bobby you might need more
than one bottle to be honest with you you might need a couple of bottles in
fact my suggestion would have been you should have opened the bottle in about
two o’clock well you shop it Marks & Spencer Bobby
all I can say is you must be wealthy you must be richer than me hello Rolfie
hello also Shawn Cecilia very interesting subject today do you
have any friends in your life here are some words that I would like to show you
now when we talk about friendship it’s interesting how many words we can
actually associate with being friends with other people friendship is
something that brings us all together it is something that gives
commonality it allows us to share our ideas and thoughts in a respectful way
so I always think that friendship is a very deep thing it isn’t just about
knowing someone and liking them it is also about knowing someone and being
able to share your feelings your experiences and maybe even your secrets
as well bonding is part of friendship
so bonding means that you get to know someone you know them well you
understand their thoughts and their feelings you are willing to get to know
them well as a friend bonding you bond with someone you join with them and you
go out of your way to try and understand the way they are oh I like this word
camaraderie have you ever heard of this word camaraderie is another way of
describing loyalty or friendship a person who will always be with you no
matter what happens camaraderie is the thing that you have a
strong close friendship loyalty you have a faithful friendship you will always be
true and honest with each other a camaraderie I think that’s a great word
by the way and look it has it has a lot of A’s and E’s camaraderie I like that
one we might also say solidarity as well so solidarity might mean that you stay
with your friend you agree with your friend or you are willing to join a
group of people who all share the same view you have solidarity it is a type of
friendship Oh companionship so companionship means
to have someone else nearby someone with you who you can cherish love and spend
your time with so companionship means to be with
another person you have another person in your life with whom you are close
however companionship can also be a bond between a person and their pet honestly
pet so maybe your dog or your cat maybe you have an animal that lives with you
and you see their company as being companionship so you can have
companionship with another person or maybe an animal I remember when I was in
China I had my little companion my little dog was my companion and here it
is here is the word companion a person who is near you companion a person who
is close to you or maybe a thing that is living but not human so in China my
companion was my little dog called potato there are some slang words as
well such as pal so here in the UK we will often describe their friend as pal
so your best friend is your pal a friend is a pal pal so this is something we
often use in British English it is an informal word that means friend are you
my pal you are my best pal pal oh he’s another one Chum a person who is your
Chum now some people might complain and say mr. Duncan Chum is a word that we
use anymore however some people might use it you are my Chum you are my friend
you are my my buddy buddy has another one quite often used in American English
wingman I like this one wingman who is your wingman a wingman might be a friend
who is with you to give support maybe you are going into a bar and you are
hoping to meet a beautiful lady you might take your friend with you to give
you support and to be with you he might be your wingman you will hear this used
a lot in American English so the wingman relates to a person who is there to give
you support and encouragement here’s another word I love this word soulmate a
person who is close to you a person with whom you have a strong bond a person who
seems to share all of the thoughts and feelings that you share with others they
really understand the way you think the way you behave they seem to be the
perfect person to have in your life your soulmate
do you have a soulmate I do simply we can say also mate your mate your best
mate your close mate are we mates we are
mates so you are my mate and I am your mate we are mates we are
friends so mate is another way of saying friend
some people are friends for many years some people will stay together as
lifelong friends if you are really lucky in your life you will find someone who
will always be with you someone who will always be close to you someone whose
friendship you will always treasure and hold close to your heart lifelong
friends I know in certain countries I noticed this in China when I lived in
China a lot of people who went to school together would stay in contact for the
whole of their lives so there were people who were older than me but they
still had contact with their school friends and they would sometimes meet
with their school friends so the people they went to school with they would
always stay close to so you might say that they became lifelong friends if you
are lucky you will have a special person in your life a special friend that will
be with you for all of your life if you are lucky it is just after 3 o’clock
here in the UK hello to everyone who has just joined so I know that some people
can’t join me at 2 o’clock however some of you might be joining me right now in
which case hello to you welcome it’s live English with English addict and
guess what I’m here with you for another 30 or 40 minutes what about that yes look at that it does help if you
open your microphone mr. Duncan look at that look out the window
everything is looking rather nice today don’t you think so I’ve been asked what
the weather is like today the weather is not too bad it is cold it is windy and
this weekend we have another storm coming our way can you believe it yet
another storm oh I can’t believe that we’ve had so much wind and rain really
we’ve had so much wind and rain it’s been one of the wettest and windiest
winters that I can remember for many years
oh hello to Anna hello also to me when did we hello to
you as well how can we say how can we express a friend that we have
communication with but we never meet directly well I suppose there are many
ways of keeping in touch with someone without meeting them especially these
days so in the past you used to have a paypal or pen pal so a pen pal is a
person you would write to so in the past many years ago before computers people
would write letters to each other they would send letters and quite often the
person you were sending the letter to might be someone who you’d never met in
your life and we call them a pen pal pen pal however nowadays because of modern
technology it is possible to communicate with someone you can even see a person
live like this for example you have never met me however here we are
together sharing sometime so thanks to modern technology it is possible
nowadays for us to share time together without ever meeting isn’t it strange
isn’t it amazing so yes when we talk about virtual reality we are talking
about things that appear real and maybe seem real but they aren’t so a virtual
friend may be oh thank you Pavel yes a virtual friend might be someone you can
communicate with through the internet however
you never meet them my mother had a pen pal many years ago we used to send
letters to each other we would send letters to the other side of the world
and sometimes the letter would take maybe two weeks to get there so you had
to be very patient in the past you couldn’t rush these things
you had to wait Guadalupe says mr. Duncan you are a very dear friend to me
thank you very much it’s very kind of you and I love doing this I get very
excited on Sunday Wednesday and Friday I always do because I know that I’m going
to be here spending my time with you so yes I also feel very lucky and very glad
to have so many regular viewers mr. Duncan is our virtual friend and also
our virtual teacher I suppose so so here I am now your
virtual teacher I don’t think I’ve ever described myself as that mr. Duncan you
are our best friend for many years this is true I can’t argue with that
something very interesting that appeared in the news this morning something I
want to mention you may have heard a lot about internet policing internet control
the things that are put on the Internet the things that are sad the things that
are shown and this morning I saw a variant
Sting’s story a very interesting story concerning the laws here in the UK
apparently the UK government will appoint a new regulator to police what
is posted on the Internet it has said the decision was made as
part of a new online harms plan which ministers say will protect people as
they use the Internet but critics say the addition of new
rules and regulations could stifle free speech on the Internet giving the
government unprecedented powers to decide what is posted and available on
the Internet campaign group Big Brother Watch has called the plans dangerous and
wrong and suggested they are a direct attack on the fundamental right to
freedom of expression so a very interesting story that I noticed as I
was looking on the internet what about in your country how is the internet
controlled in your country now here in the UK we already have rules and
regulations that are there to help people stay safe on the internet however
it would appear that here in the UK we want to have more control over what
people say and do and think on the Internet
there are some countries around the world who do control what people say and
do on the internet and it is something that many people have been talking about
the internet is a controversial topic I think so it is controversial but it is
also something that many people are concerned with especially here on
YouTube because YouTube have to stick to many rules and regulations including
here in the UK as well Anna mr. Duncan has definitely become a
friend for us thank you very much that’s very kind of you to say I always feel
glad to get your positive messages it always makes me feel very happy today we
are talking about clothes idioms so things relating to clothing or
clothes things that are related to the things we wear the items of clothing and
in English there are many ways of expressing clothes we can say clothes
garments clothing attire gear Kluber I like that one
Kluber we use that in British English and it means your clothing your clothes
your clobber your threads it is another informal expression that
means clothes and also we can use the postfix wear and we can use the prefix
men so men’s wear ladies wear children’s wear so that means the clothing that is
designed for one group of people for girls boys men women sew clothes
garments clothing so clothing is the general term for anything that is worn
your attire so attire means clothes quite often we use it when we are
talking about wearing smart clothing maybe you are going for an interview and
they might say if you are coming for the job interview
please we’re smart attire and that means smart clothing you
must present yourself in a suit of way gear the things that you wear your
headgear your eye gear quite often hats are described as headgear or maybe
something that is worn to protect your head is also described as headgear
clobber clothing threads clothes let’s have a look at another one well let’s
have a look now at some expressions and idioms that can be used to express
various things in the English language for example you might lose your shirt if
you lose your shirt it means you lose your money you have
lost your shirt you have lost your money maybe you have gambled some money on a
horse race and your horse doesn’t win we might say that you lose your shirt you
have lost your shirt you have lost your money pull your socks up this is
something we might say to a person to encourage them to do better to encourage
them to do more with their life or maybe to improve their performance you haven’t
been doing very well in my class it is time for you to pull your socks up if
you pull your socks up it means you have to improve yourself you have to do much
better you have to concentrate more you have to pay more attention in my
classroom you must pull your socks up I like that one
to be collared so this part of your shirt is called a collar so there is the
collar so if you are Collard it means someone has caught you
they have grabbed you they are they are taking you away by force so to be Khalid
means to be taken away quite often by the police so the police might collar
you someone who is after you someone who is hunting you might catch you we can
say that they have collared you they have got you
you are now there’s another interesting one oh I like this one you could have
your collar felt so to have your collar felt well of course the word felt is the
past tense of feel so to have your collar felt it means you have been
captured or you have been in trouble with the authorities maybe the police
have stopped you and they’ve had a word with you mr. Duncan you were walking
down the road too fast you were speeding your legs are far too long
you must go slowly in the future so we might say that you had your collar felt
the police came to you and they had a word with you
or maybe they took you to the police station to chat with you
you had your collar felt oh dear me here’s another one oh I like this one it
refers to your shirt you might have to roll up your sleeves as you can see I
have rolled my sleeve up look at that hey what’s that what’s that can you see
that what is it that is disgusting oh dear me I don’t know what that is there
we go that is my horrible elbow it’s okay now what is happening to my body my
skin seems to be stretching so there is your elbow and there is your sleeve
if you roll up your sleeves it means you get down to business
you mean to work hard you roll up your sleeves and you get to work it means you
do something with lots of energy and enthusiasm you roll up your sleeves and
you start working gene says yuck I think I might have an operation to have the
skin on my elbow taken away but I think everyone has that don’t know do you have
that do you have a little bit of skin there on your on your elbow or is it
just me maybe next week I will have some plastic surgery so to roll up your
sleeves is to do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm oh he’s an
interesting one to get caught with your trousers down if you are caught with
your trousers down it means you are caught doing something you shouldn’t be
or maybe you are caught unawares or by surprise so if something happens if
someone discovers that you are doing something wrong or maybe you are doing
something you shouldn’t you might get caught with your trousers down I like
that one very much have you ever been caught with your trousers down here’s
another one tell someone to belt up of course a belt is something you wear
around your waist to keep your trousers up or maybe to keep a skirt
up around your waist you tell someone to belt up the phrase belt up means be
quiet belt up shut up belt up so if we tell a person to belt up we are telling
them to be quiet for goodness sake belt up be quiet stop talking you might have
a bee in your bonnet you have a bee in your bonnet if you have a bee in your
bonnet it means you have something that is bothering you or maybe something that
has made you irritable or maybe something that is on your mind that is
causing you distress or anger you have a bee in your bonnet something is really
causing you a lot of annoyance and distress you have a bee in your bonnet miku is going to sleep goodnight Miku
sweet dreams to you I hope you have a nice rest and you feel refreshed
tomorrow morning a female a lady might wear a skirt a piece of material that
goes around the waist and hangs loose around the legs is a skirt
however we also use the word skirt as a verb to
skirt around something if you skirt around something it means you avoid a
certain area or place you go around the edge instead of through the middle you
skirt around you might skirt around a certain subject or maybe something
people are talking about you might skirt around a certain subject or topic
something that is not easy to discuss hello to patch her again Oh keep it
under your hat what does it mean if you keep something under your hat it means
you keep something to yourself you keep it secret
you don’t tell other people maybe something was told to you in confidence
so you have to keep it under your hat you keep it secret
you don’t tell other people about it to keep a secret means you are keeping
something under your hat or maybe something that you are not willing to
tell other people you keep it under your hat so I hope that helps you hello to Bobby a game to knock someone’s
socks off is to do something that impresses people so much their socks fly
off of course it is figurative not literal so their socks don’t really fly
off however it is a great expression that means to impress a person so much
their socks almost flew off so yes that there is another expression using the
word socks the socks that you put on your feet you
can knock someone’s socks off you can blow someone’s socks off we can use the
word dress and there we can see it as a noun and also a verb so in this sense
dress is something that is worn an item a dress and in this sense dress is verb
which means to put your clothes on so in the morning when you get out of bed the
first thing you will often do is have a wash and then you will dress yourself
dress so in that sense it is used as a verb but in this sense it is used as a
noun to describe an item of clothing the way someone is dressed their dress sense
the clothes that they like the clothes that they enjoy wearing we can say it is
a person’s dress sense ah now this believe it or not can be used as a verb
so trousers are the things you wear on your legs men wear trousers women wear
trousers dogs sometimes wear trousers have you seen dogs wearing trousers it’s
true the big thing now here in the UK you see people walking their dogs across
the field and the dog has clothes the dog is actually wearing clothes so the
word trouser can mean keep you keep something for yourself if you trouser
something it means you keep it so maybe there is some money that you find in the
street and instead of going to the police station you put it in your pocket
you trouser the money you keep it for yourself so to keep something for
yourself something that you don’t want other
people to have you keep it for yourself you trouser something it’s true so that
can be used as a verb where we get dressed well we can use many expressions
and sentences of course you can there it is
you can clothe your cell you can dress yourself you can get dressed you can put
your clothes on or put on your clothes so you can put your clothes on or you
can put on your clothes you get changed however this particular one the last one
get changed has more than one meaning of course get changed
can also mean to change your clothing from one thing to another so quite often
a person who gets changed it doesn’t mean that their personality is different
they don’t become another person they just change their clothes so they wear
one type of clothing but they need to get changed so they put something else
on maybe they are wearing their office suit but later on they’re going to play
some sport so they have to get changed into their sport clothing hello Pat you
says what is a feather in your cap if you have a feather in your cap it means
an achievement something you have achieved maybe a thing that you have
been praised for or maybe something that people have noticed and they’ve said oh
you’ve done very well there well then we might say that that is a feather in your
cap or in your hat we just talked about getting dressed what about the opposite
what about taking your clothes off well you can get undressed get undressed you
can undress yourself so to undress yourself is to remove your clothes you
can take your clothes off or take off your clothes you can strip so you strip
you take your clothes off maybe you do it quickly or maybe you do it slowly you
strip or we can also say strip off as well so if you take your clothes off you
strip your clothes you strip off you remove your clothes I’m sure you will
have some fun with that one there are many different ways to damage to cause
damage to your clothes you might damage your clothes somehow so your clothes
have become damaged you might rip your clothes so you rip the clothes so maybe
with a knife or maybe a sharp object rip rip you tear your clothes the clothes
are torn torn so damage is damaged rip ripped tear torn stained if you have a
stain on your clothes it means something that is on there that cannot be removed
so quite often if we say that something has a stain it means there is something
on your clothes that cannot be removed maybe you spill some wine
on your clothes well of course wine is not very easy to get off so once you get
something on your clothes and if you can’t remove it we can say that that is
a stain the clothes or the clothing has been stained stained you can wear
clothes and when we say where we mean the clothes start to look old so maybe
if you wear your hat too many times maybe it will start to look faded and
old maybe the material will start to fray or tear so you wear your clothes
out so if something is worn out it means that it has been damaged with use so
over time your clothes will become worn and old crease if you crease your
clothes it means you have put a fold or maybe a mark on the clothing that you
can’t remove so your clothes have become creased sometimes you will put a crease
in your clothes so sometimes especially with shirts you might have a crease in
your shirt can you see it there crease or fold Helena says in French one can
say she wears the breeches it means her husband has nothing to say she is the
boss well that is true yes here in England we have the same expression so
in England if the woman in the relationship is the boss if the woman is
in control and the man is not we can say that the woman wears the trousers
so Oh have you seen have you seen Jenny and unday vieni wears the trousers in
their house it means that Jenny has control over
everything hmm what are worn out clothes asks Amit if something is worn out it
means it is old maybe it can’t be used anymore maybe
something that looks battered and used so maybe you have an old hat that is
worn out or maybe you have a shirt that is worn out or maybe a pair of trousers
maybe there are holes in the trousers we can say that the trousers are worn out
they are worn out yes there are some very interesting phrases concerning
trousers the lady in a relationship the woman who has all the control we can say
that she wears the trousers look outside the weather now is gorgeous look at that
the Sun is out there is a little bit of blue sky everything is looking rather
nice at the moment look at that so there is the view from the window right now I
hope you’ve enjoyed today’s livestream we have covered a lot of things today so
many things we have covered and I can’t believe it
to be honest I can’t believe how many things we talked about
there is always something to talk about I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson a
lot of things that we’ve talked about today I’m going now I’ve been here for
92 minutes so 92 minutes I’ve been here I hope you’ve enjoyed it don’t forget I
am back on Friday and this Friday it is Valentine’s Day are you going to buy
something special for your loved one do you have a boy or girl who you fancy or
maybe someone that you want to tell that you love them you want to say hello I
have been watching you from afar and I really like you Jean says where is this
lovely country well this is where I live the place you can see on your screens is
actually where I live right now so this is the place where I live
much Wenlock in England hmmm it’s looking rather nice out there
at the moment mr. Duncan please tell me can we say blood for our friend in the
UK blood i I understand it the word blood can be used for a person who
shares some sort of commonality so maybe something that you have in common with
another person you might describe them as your blood relative so a blood
relative for example is a person who is in your family so you share the same
blood type so quite often we will talk about blood relative a blood relative
but of course a friend can also be described as your blood and as I
understand it that came from Street Street slang many years ago so yes some
people will refer to their friend or close friend as blood however we don’t
use it very often to be honest hello to marina a very interesting lesson a nice
place see you soon on Valentine’s Day yes on Friday love will be in the air
because it’s Valentine’s Day so if you have any Valentine’s Day cards if you
have any cards from anyone who is in love with you
then let me know I will see you on Friday don’t forget I have my new
website as well for those who may not have seen it yet why not I have a new
website you can catch all of my English lessons you can even watch my live
stream through my website and there you can see the address on the screen right
now so there it is if you want to check it out you are more than welcome to do
so that is my new website address after many weeks of waiting for my new
website it’s finally arrived isn’t that lovely
hello to Val oh hello Anna a lot of chocolate is given on
Valentine’s Day yes there are many popular gifts that people give on
Valentine’s Day and that is something we will be talking about on Friday because
on Friday it is Valentine’s Day and next Sunday don’t forget it’s mr. Steve’s
birthday so lots of things coming up over the next few days I will see you on
Friday this is mr. Duncan saying thanks a lot I
hope you’ve enjoyed today’s live stream a very long one once again highly quang
on Valentine’s Day I will show you my girlfriend oh really okay as long as
your girlfriend doesn’t mind hello Pat you hello also Ally thank you very much
Thank You Lois see you on Friday I will be with you from 2:00 p.m. UK
time I hope you’ve enjoyed this today we’ve talked about a lot of things today
to be honest with you we’ve talked about friendship look the learning curve
experience flat earth we’ve talked about 5G we’ve talked about words connected to
clothing and idioms so many things that we’ve discussed today thank you very
much for your company Thank You mog mog thank you very much to Pat you thank you
Shawn see you on Friday this is the final time
that I’m saying goodbye until we meet again on Friday
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching see
you later and of course… take care stay well ta ta for now 😎


  1. Hello mr duncan, nice weather and lovely photographs.I only know about the internet connection is when you live on you tube it starts acting up.useful vocabulary about clothing and helpful in our day to day life.I like the idea of word of the weak on your website, it definitely will take off.mr duncan you didn't see my last comment.bye from karachi, Pakistan

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  3. Hello Mr Duncan , i wish to make a video for most political words used , i interested in this field and i want to learn and understand a lot of political words , thank you

  4. Sometimes I think that it is better to write letters to friends. The one who writes doesn't trifle around because there is a unique experience in the act of sitting down and writing it. Less small talk. The words have more weight. The one who reads it pay more attention due to the possibility of re-reading it along the day before answering it. All of that delay leads to a more careful exchange of ideas and adds up some air of mystery to the whole thing.
    Hmmm, anyway, I know there is pros and cons!

    Great lesson, dear Mr. Duncan. The first thing I do as I wake up is to watch your lessons⌚🐾

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