[ENG SUB]남성셔츠리폼/Refashion DIY /Upcycle Men’s shirt/ women’s shirt

Hi guys, I will upcycle a men’s button up shirt. let’s sew together I want to redesign the collar. Draw new collar design on the paper roughly. open the shirt to draw & measure half of the collar. I am making a rough pattern at this moment. Do the same steps for the collar stand as well. draw the collar pattern nicely with a ruler. cut the pattern assemble them together and put it on the shirt to pretest the collar size & design. Cut fabric with the pattern. Cut 2 pieces of Collar & 2 pieces of Collar stand. attach interfacing on outer collar. Lay collar pieces face-to-face and stitch around the outer edge of collars. Turn to face (bag out), press and top-stitch. Press lower edge of outer collar stand upwards to secure seam allowance. Place collar between collar stands and stitch together. Turn to face and press neatly. Pin lower edge of collar stand Then top-stitch around collar stand 3 mm from the edge The New collar is all most done. Make button holes to attach on the shirt collar. I will add small buttons on the end of collar so that the collars stay together. you will see how differences when you put them together or now. I made a mistake on this part. I only was thinking about when i open the top button. but it blocks the top button hole. so i can’t close the shirt. So i add one more button inside of the new collar. If anyone gets inspo from my vid, Please consider button place before making holes. I will use elastic band to gather waist line. I use bias tape to put elastic band. Add bias tape and put the elastic band inside of the tape. Pin the end of elastic band. sewing the end of elastic band. finish. Trim the length. Trim the sleeve length. Here I am done with this project. I tried to make the shirt like 80’s style using the plaid pattern. Try changing your old shirt to something new! I hope you enjoyed my sewing-log today! Happy sewing.

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