Florian: Okay guys I’m back in the studio Florian: and last time we had a
really really good EXO tour right? Florian: and we selected some nice clothes Florian: I’ll give you a chance to win one of
those little tiny clothes Florian: leave us a comment if you liked
on one of these places Florian: and we are going to send this to you guys Florian: Now i’m going to give him a little make over


  1. I WANT A EXO DOLL AND ALSO A CUTIE SMALL LIGHTSTICK, we love your exo howl last video I hope I win this giveaway hoohohohoh.

  2. Me please! 😘 I want a EXO doll as well❤❤❤ those are cute and I hope I can win this giveaway!😍 I enjoy watching your videos btw!

  3. OMG, OMG i been watching, I got one of your videos as an ad and I been binging them all, you’re really good and funny, I’m a EXO-L from Colombia and I really really like dolls, but they are quite expensive to buy and ship them or their clothes to my country, so I’m entering the giveaway no doubt heheh, the little military uniform got me melting. Keep on with the videos, I will look up for them and suscribe obviously ❤️

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