Embroidery Flower by Hand: Easy DIY for clothes by HandiWorks


  1. Lovely enticing even for those who don't follow this hobby….
    You deserve open hearted appreciation….

  2. ayiye mage channel eke chanux bro labkaawe 5 video eke ur comment ekata labunu reply eka balanna

  3. This is a great tutorial! I appreciate the information about the Milner needle. I haven't had any luck finding a Milner needle with an eye that's big enough for the thread usually. It looks like you're using rather thick thread. Is there a particular size of Milner needle that allows for all 3 strands or even 6 strands?

  4. Please: you have the most beautiful fingers and hands I have ever seen. They actually look like a work of art. Because of your talent, I have fallen in love with embroidery again.

  5. Como siempre súper hermoso todo lo que hacen esas lindas manos. Felicitaciones, feliz año desde Querétaro, México. Gracias por compartir.

  6. wow mam very very beautiful embroidery. please upload more video .please upload some hoop design for wall decor.

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