Embroidery Art for Clothes: Easy DIYs to do at Home

today I'm going to show you hand embroidery design thank you all for 300,000 subscribers this is a huge milestone I never thought I would make it this far and it's all thanks to your support I've been working very hard on this channel and I'm always looking for new opportunities to make it better for you thank you very much stem stage is my favorite hand embroidery station because it is so versatile and so attractive it is one of the easiest to be done and perhaps even one of the first stitches to be taught to any beginner in craft embroidery today it is quite common to embroider with all six strands in the needle at once this creates that chunky cute style of embroidery that's very popular right now if you want to refine your embroidery and manage more detail with finest teachers you can decrease the number of strands until you find the weight that looks right with whatever you are planning to to stitch the fishbone is another stage with a plaited Center that's perfect for embroidering leaves feathers or wings the stitches cross slightly at the center and the resulting plaited effect forms the central ribbon fine DIY stitching on YouTube for more videos so of milliner leaders have an eye and shaft that are equal in thickness which makes them ideal for French knots and boolean knot or any stitch where the needle must pass through multiple wraps of threads you to finish off your stitch basically to create a knot the embroidery thread on the other underside to security once you master this technique you can apply it in many different ways such as putting them in a picture frame and make a nice wallet or table decor or serving it on a decorative cushion float or bag and so on if you followed any of my tutorials and made something send me pictures and I will post them on my Facebook page please share this tutorial with your friends I would love to hear your comments please leave them below thank you for watching handiworks please subscribe my channel for more videos


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