Embarrassing Times to get Recognized [MAP]

So I hung out with my family last Christmas and one night after we finished eating out, We were walking through town and we went past a fountain my almost…ALMOST Four-year-old niece got really excited because a fountain to a four-year-old is like a kiddie pool that your parents never let you play in… She started screaming, “Coin coin! Now, the only thing funner than seeing a small object splash through water is taking your parents money away. I don’t know why but everyone in society has agreed that it’s fun to throw money away in fountains and I think the tradition started with wishing wells and then it’s somehow morphed into any body of water, Surrounded by concrete has supernatural powers that need money to work. “Yeah, I’ll grant you immortality!” If you give me a dollar ;). And what does an almost four-year-old child even have to wish for? Unless her wish is to always stay young. I can’t think of anything in your life that needs changing! I’m getting off into a tangent here, but what’s even the fun part of wishing fountains? Is it the big splash? Because if so, watch this!! *Water Splashes* Or maybe it’s the validation you receive participating with society submerging a coin next to its coin comrades *Sound of coin splashing into the water as the coin disappears forever in the non reflection water* He, he, he! Now I’m just like everyone else! At least with those spinny coin donation tubes you at least get to see your coin go on a magical orbit as it slowly gets pulled towards a black hole! *Sound of coin spinning down one of those spinny coin donation tubes* *BANG* Ha ha! That was fun, but I’m keeping this! Someone has to clean those fountains, you know, I wonder if they get paid in the coins They collect that can either be the worst job or the best job ever! Did you know the Trevi Fountain in Rome can make up to 3,000 euros ($3,468.52) in one day? And in 2016 1.5 million euros ($1,734,258.43) were thrown into the fountain What if instead of throwing coins into the fountain you throw it into my bank account? Hey Jim, how much did you make today? Well, I made almost 3,000 Euros ($3,468.63), Bill. How ’bout you? someone threw in this big rock I just feel like there’s a better of making your wishes come true then throwing your quarters away. “I wish for a quarter” *Bloop* No 2 quarters! *Splash* Wow, it does work! Anyways, I digress so my almost four year old niece is screaming, “Coin coin” and it’s 2017 no one carries cash on them anymore! Especially not coins I only have my debit card on me and I’m not ready to part with that. So I asked my parents, “Hey, do you have any coins?” and they both said, “What do we look like to you poor?” I knew what had to be done I had to do what any good uncle would do! The only coins that were attainable where the coins already in the fountain So I rolled up my sleeves and reached into the fountain to grab some doubloons *Splash* And right when I was doing this, a fan recognized me and said, “James?!” Uhhhhhh, It’s not what it looks like! I mean who? So that was probably a weird sight to see – a youtuber reaching into a fountain for coins the ad-pocalypse Hit me pretty hard… *Dramatic sounds intensifies* *Sound of giant coin crashing on James* But I was doing it for my almost four-year-old niece alright I got the coin I needed handed it to my niece and she proceeded to throw it back into the fountain And everyone was happy! And that’s the end of the story! It’s kind of short But I wanted to do something different with this video to show off all these amazing animators. A link to everyone who worked on this video can be found in the description. So please check them out Anyway, I’m just going to end the video now. Thanks for watching and as always Wear your seat belt!


  1. screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. anyone else thought of that one book called the Wish Stealers? that's what I thought of when James said he took a coin out of the fountain.

  3. 0:05Frisk: And you thought this would be a normal fountain, but NO! It is I, Frisk. Yes, this animator has put an Undertale reference, and until this video is over, I am stuck in the fountain, unable to reset. Send help.

  4. If you take a coin out of a well when someone wished it the wish is broken unless you put your hand in and splash it around But keep it in i was told that

  5. I clicked on this vid not know what tf a MAP was in animator language. So I was confused af why the hell the animation was not James animation, and why it keep changing.😑😐😑😐 big bruh moment

  6. I watched this waaaay before I even knew what undertale was and I came back and realized you put undertale in this video (what was the point of this comment? ._.)

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