Elimination Communication While Traveling with a Toddler

This is Heidi at EC Peesy. In this video
I’m gonna give you an update of how it’s been going
practicing elimination communication while traveling for the past month with my 13-months-old daughter. First, we took a short trip from Hawaii to California to
attend a friend’s wedding and visit my parents. Then pretty much as soon as
we returned back to Hawaii we flew to Japan and we’ve been here for the past
three weeks. First of all I’m gonna share with you what I brought with us. Which
potties and which backups we’ve been using. Then I’m going to talk about the
two separate airplane flights that we had how those went and third will be
just kind of an update of how EC is going at 13-months-old. We brought two foldable travel potties with us on both trips. They’re are these
ones here. This is the Buubla travel potty. It’s new to the market and the cool thing
about this is it squishes and then you can fit it in a little travel bag. The
travel bag is sold separately. So to pack the Buubla potty you can use this
little strap. It’s kind of twisted up here. You squish this. Like this. And if you buy just the potty it would come with just that strap. But separately you could purchase their little travel bag. When I saw
this foldable travel potty on Instagram I thought it was so cool that I reached
out to Buubla right away and ask them to send me one. So I was gifted both of
these. This is super nice and compact, very lightweight. If my travel diaper bag purse wasn’t full then I could fit this nicely at the bottom of my purse. So
that was one thing that I really liked. We’ve actually been carrying it in our
checked suitcase and it’s very compact. Doesn’t take up much space and it
doesn’t add much volume in our suitcase. So that’s been great and then the second
one we brought is our Potette Plus with the collapsible silicone liner. If you have watched my other videos you’ve seen all about this. I can link to my video comparing this to the OXO Tot travel potty. And I pack that in the Logan
Leonora portfolio. So I couldn’t make up my mind when we were planning for the
trip whether I should take just one potty or if I should bring two. I
ended up bringing two thinking that we would use one at home which is like the
apartment were renting through Airbnb and use the other one when we’re out and
about on long days sightseeing. I thought that the Potette Plus would work
well for that. This folded up also can fit in this purse but it’s a tight squeeze to
be able to zip the zipper shut. I’ll show you in a separate
video what I have packed in my Pacsafe travel purse as a diaper bag. It turns
out we didn’t need a separate travel potty to take around every day with us. Right
now my daughter’s been ok with me holding her in EC hold over the public
toilets and also since we’re in Japan a lot of the bathrooms are super child
friendly and EC friendly here. I posted some pictures on Instagram and Facebook
and they got a great response because wouldn’t it be so nice if everywhere had
these child friendly bathrooms. There’s usually a small sink that my 13-month-old
is tall enough to reach to wash her hands. There’s often a toilet seat reducer
included in one of the bathroom stalls or sometimes there’s even these
miniature little toddler size toilets that flush and everything. So I don’t
have to be bringing along the Potette Plus to use as a potty or to use as a seat
reducer when there’s already a toilet seat reducer in the bathroom. Next I’m going to show you the types of
backup we brought with us for practicing EC while traveling. This was by far the
hardest decision to make when choosing what to pack on our travels. We have a
really limited space. We just have a few suitcases and like our daypack backpacks
or carry-on bags. So we really had to make smart decisions with what we’re
bringing because we’ve don’t have a lot of room and our bags are really close to
the 50 pound weight limit as well. I researched and researched and went around and around in
circles and ended up deciding on our backups pretty much at the last minute. I’ll
show you what we ended up bringing. I brought about twelve cloth wipes and we
really use these just to pat dry after rinsing with some water. I ended up
getting eight of the Loveybums size large organic cotton fitted diapers.
Basically, I realized at the last minute that I had two types of backup that were
both not very absorbent and needed to be changed right away. We’ve been using Flaparaps drop-flap diapers which are specifically for EC and we’ve been using
cloth training pants. I realized if we’re somewhere like on an airplane, the
fasten seat belt sign is on, my daughter wakes up from her nap,
I know she has a full bladder and really has to pee but if we can’t get to the
bathroom, it would probably be good to have something
more absorbent. So I decided to bring along some fitted diapers. It kind of
felt like going back to what we had used when she was a newborn but you really
just have to make the decisions that are going to work best for your family
situation. I always thought that I would prefer the Aplix hook and loop
closure but after trying both I do prefer the snaps because the snaps make
a thinner row so it’s more comfortable for her to wear. I really do like these
diapers. They’ve worked out great especially with the wool diaper covers
that we’ve been using. They have this snap in soaker so they’re actually
pretty easy to hang dry like this since this snaps out. It doesn’t take too long
for them to dry. So the fitted diapers we use mostly for long travel days which so
far has been airplane flights but pretty soon we’ll be taking the Shinkansen
bullet train up to northern Japan. So for long travel days; we use them at
night; and I’ve also been using them out and about sightseeing because they do contain
better when she’s wearing her wool diaper covers. So cloth training pants are the main backup that we use when we’re just at home wherever we’re
staying at that moment. I’ve tried pretty much every brand of
cloth training pants that’s out there and it was still hard for me to find the
perfect ones to bring with us traveling. I really like Under the Nile organic
cotton training pants but i thought my daughter would grow into them better at
13-months-old. I think her thighs are about 12 inches.
The leg holes are still big around her thighs on these but the waistband fits
her well. We have seven pairs of these and what I ended up doing is pairing
them and she wears her Komfi Baby organic cotton underwear over them
because these ones fit great on the legs but are a little loose on the waist, so
together these fit her just right. That’s what we’ve been doing a lot when
we’re at home in the apartment were renting. Then right before our trip I
bought three of these Earth Baby Clothing training pants from Etsy. I
really like these but I ordered them so last-minute there wasn’t time to get any
more. This first blue pair I had
especially requested a shorter rise. It’s about a 14 inch rise if I remember
correctly which fits her perfectly on the back but it’s still like a little
extra that bunches up on the front. Then I realized I could just get the
normal sizing which these two other pairs are then just fold down the
waistband for her. A big difference in cloth training pants meant for babies
versus ones meant for toddlers is the ones meant for babies doing
EC have a much lower rise on them. You can watch my series on cloth
training pants to see a whole bunch of styles. These ones have a nice absorbent
layer. They’re super cute. They’ve been working out really well. That’s just
one pair, I don’t have to do the two-piece method with those.
So for the diapers and the training pants so far both places we visited I’ve
been able to machine wash them on cold water and then hang them up to line dry.
And so far that’s working. I think there has been some buildup and so at some
point I’ll need to get them through a nice hot wash and try to strip them. When
I pack I have one of these Planet Wise wet/dry bags all filled up with ten
pairs of cloths training pants and twelve cloth wipes. If you’ve seen
my other videos you know this is one of my favorite wet bags but this shape
didn’t work quite right with the fitted diapers so I got another wet bag right
before we left and it’s perfect for if you use either fitted diapers or
all-in-ones some kind of diaper that’s more rounded shape. This is my Blueberry
Diapers and it’s called a Berry Pod. You can stack the diapers up in here
and it fits perfectly seven of these large fitted diapers. If she’s wearing
one on a travel day then I can have the other seven in this bag. Then I
can either put this inside my backpack that I’m taking on the airplane or I can
clip it on the outside of my backpack. I still haven’t got the perfect system of
what to pack and carry on the airplane. On my first trip to California I had
seven extra cloth diapers; I had seven extra disposable diapers; and we ended up
using only two of the cloth diapers. So it was way more than I needed to be
bringing on the airplane. We’re also using some disposables.
I like Honest Company disposable diapers. We’re using them mostly for the
night before we fly somewhere because that means I can wash the cloth diapers
one last time and pack all the cloth diapers clean. When I put those in the
laundry, I put her into the disposables which she really doesn’t like and she’ll
tear them off so I have to put some Komfi Baby underwear over the
disposable to get her to keep it on. She’ll wear those the night before the
trip and then right before we leave to the airport in the morning I’ll put her
in one of the fitted diapers and one of wool covers. I have some Honest
disposable diapers in there; one thin pack of the Honest travel wipes, and I only brought two of these with us. We used one pack so far just for
cleaning hands after eating snacks. I brought one Logan and Lenora change pad
which we really haven’t used very much on either trip. When my daughter is
toddling around at home she wears usually just the training pants or
fitted diaper. But when we leave and go somewhere she adds her woolies over. So a
great thing about interlocked wool is it’s both clothing and it’s the
water-resistant diaper cover too. We have four different pairs. This style is
called a skirtie. So super cute! It’s like a little skirt and it’s got like a
soaker style diaper cover under. So she could have her fitted diaper and you just
pull this on up over. These are her capris. I think they’re still a little dirty from going to the playgrounds. There’s lots a nice playgrounds here in Japan.
These we’ve been using the most because when we visited California in May it was
still much cooler than what we’re used to in Hawaii and so she would wear these
during the day to play in, and she’d wear them at night to keep her warm, and during the day, and at night. They’re just like magic pants because when they get dirty, they get
things stuck on them, you can kind of pick it out, brush it off, and then she wears them some more and everything kind of falls off and they look clean again.
I’ve only had to wash these like once since we’ve been traveling. I can usually
wash them every two weeks or so. If you want to know how to wash wool diaper
covers you can see my other video on it. This one’s called a soaker. We
haven’t been using this one as much anymore but for a while this was the
main one we had. I think I technically could get away with just three pieces of
wool but I think having four really works well with her wardrobe. I chose
ones that match with all her dresses and her shirts. She’s got one bright
yellow wool bubble shorts. Since these are so light colored she’s mostly been
wearing them at bed time. Also because the bubbles, it makes them
really loose around the hips so it’s easier at night to sneak it on or off.
Sometimes she falls asleep with just her training pants or diaper on and so this
is easier to sneak it on without waking her up. This is just the wool bag that I
carry the woolies in. So on a travel day she’d be wearing one pair probably her
capris; then I have one pair packed in my carry-on as a just in case, like this,
and the other two would be packed away in the checked luggage. That’s it for
the backups. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions
about what types of backups to use while traveling. I’ll also link below in
the description box my blog post that’s all about EC while traveling and I go into
more detail of why you might want to choose one type of backup over another
for your travels. When we flew from Honolulu to Oakland in California that
was about a five and a half hour flight and it was my first time traveling just
me with one of our kids so myself and our one-year-old daughter. Normally we
travel all together as a family so I was extra nervous about me being
the only adult going and I tried really hard to prepare but I think I brought
way too much on the plane. I brought her Potette Plus. We never used it. Brought seven
cloth diapers, seven disposable diapers, only used two of the cloth. And we had been
doing really well with going to the bathroom and her using it on the plane
and after a while I just felt like I had been asking the two people sitting next
to me in my row too many times can I please get through to get up that I just didn’t
want to bother them anymore and so that’s when she had two misses in her diaper.
But that wasn’t so bad for it was like an all-day travel day. The flight was
five and a half hours but we left in the morning and we didn’t get into our
destination until like dinnertime. So it was pretty much an all-day travel day.
It was a Southwest flight so you just grab a seat when you get onboard and I had chosen a window seat to have a little more privacy while nursing her.
I realize afterwards I should choose an aisle seat because I actually get up
and I take her to the bathroom and so it’s just easier to be on the aisle and
be able to have easy access. On our return flight back to Honolulu it was not a
full flight and we were super lucky we got an entire row of three seats for the
two of us even though she was a lap child so I technically only had one seat.
We had three seats so she was able to lie down and sleep and since she slept most of
the return flight she only had to use the bathroom a few times on that one.
I think she didn’t have any misses on the return flight back to Hawaii. Once we
got back to Hawaii we had two days to wash laundry, re-pack, and then the whole
family headed to Japan. It was a really quick turnaround and that was a
nine-hour flight from Honolulu to Osaka. I put her in a fitted diaper and her
wool capris right before we headed to the airport and she arrived about 15 and
a half hours later at the Airbnb we’re staying at in Osaka, Japan in that same
clean dry fitted diaper. I don’t remember now the details of how many
times I offered the potty but it really did help also having my husband and son
along so that we can like switch off you take a turn with baby I take a turn with
the baby so it wasn’t just all on me to be feeding her; walking her up and down
the aisles to get her to nap; taking her to the bathroom. When we’re on flights or just
traveling in general I tend to rely a lot on offering at transition times which
often can be, “There’s a bathroom, let’s all go use it!” because we don’t know when
the next bathroom will be available. At the airport it’s things like offering as
soon as we get through security; if we’ve been waiting a little while at our
gate, like an hour at our gate, then offer again before getting on the plane. If I don’t
have an opportunity to do that then just offer immediately once we get on the
airplane. Then the first time that they turn off the fasten seat belt sign
I’ll offer again. Any time that she wakes up from my nap. Or after she’s had a lot
to drink like when they come around with the drinks on the airplane
after that once it’s all cleared up I’ll take her to the bathroom. Again, once we
arrive, we get off the airplane, take her as well. But normally she can hold it
pretty long so if we have to get through security before we find a bathroom or we
want to get through immigration when we arrive she’s usually able to wait until
we can find a restroom. Now I’m going to share a quick update of how it’s going
practicing EC now that my daughter is 13-months-old. We started full-time EC with
her the day she was born. Right now nights are awesome. She
normally stays dry all through the night and uses the potty first thing in the
morning. Very rarely we might have one wet diaper or she may need to use the
potty once at night. During the day she still has pees in her training pants but
she usually lets us know right away if she’s wet and I go with her to the
bathroom, let her have a chance to sit on the potty, and then change into some
clean dry training pants. On outings she wears a fitted diaper but she usually
keeps it dry the whole time. Every so often she might wet a diaper and that’s
normally just if we haven’t done a good job finding a bathroom for her to let
her use. We normally use transitions when we’re on outings and then also her
natural timing every couple hours we should offer. Every now and then she’ll
signal to us that she needs to use the potty by blowing raspberries but in
general at this toddler stage were using transitions. Things like first thing in
the morning, anytime she wakes up from a nap. When we’re out and about before we
leave a store, before we head home, those times. It’s rare that she’ll let us know. If you’d like to learn more about elimination communication and early
potty training please subscribe to this EC Peesy channel and then come check
out our EC Peesy blog.


  1. Are you preparing to practice elimination communication while traveling? Do you have any tips to share for EC away from home?

  2. OMG! I love those woolies!!! So cute!

    I traveled for a week when we moved internationally at 9 months old with my three kids. We exclusively used disposables (7th gen diapers and water wipes) which made it super easy to pack one backpack for the trip with a tophat stuffed inside. Sadly I left that tophat on the plane!

    Kudos to you for packing your cloth! It makes sense when traveling long term to carry more with you! Sounds like EC is going great!

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