today you are not going to be reacting to a video oh okay okay just I'm filled with trepidation you are going to be reacting to fashion all right man I'm in a fashion mister fashion they call me oh I love fashion I'm a fashionista but I'm just a plate of fashion honey you're gonna be reacting to modern fashion yeah I could use an update I guess it's pros and it's cons too much of glitter I think sometimes if only I had their body and their looks if I were younger I would use whatever they use now what do you know about modern fashion today very short shorts their tummies fashion today seems to be looking stupid as in it seems to be kind of a confusing potpourri of undeceive I don't like the one that is like when they wear the pants like halfway down as the older generation you know what Martin almost like pulling too far out the first thing we have for you today is an item of clothing that can be traced all the way back to the 1800s Oh way back there in the 19th century and today they're as popular as ever these are jeans oh okay Levi's okay these are second-rate jeans I could tell right off the bat those are called skinny jeans gauges okay do you ever wear skinny jeans ah no too skinny isn't good I would find it uncomfortable how do you move and if you have to sit you know do you hike your pants up down so the first thing we have for you today is something that was really popular in the 80s and is now back in full force today oh really these are patterned leggings I like it it looks cool when I go in the stores I would grab something like this ah and then I go wait a minute I'm 67 I can't get away with this anymore but I wish I could if you're a tiny young girl it would look great I didn't wear leggings in the 80s maybe I did for like PE class or something but not not run around clothing now the next thing we have for you today is a popular type of top okay let's see what we got here that's kind of fun top mystery patriotic I this for both gender um I thought I'd pretty much wear the same thing you never wear hey I wouldn't wear them I don't I don't think these are really apropos for the elderly okay because you gotta hang out bozo the next thing we have for you is very popular with girls today oh crap taps babes club no ' babes club I don't know where the strangest things if I wear this my Tommy would come up on the young girls this looks great a woman of a certain age can't have a sleeve like this and to finish off the modern wardrobe we've got one more thing for you yeah all right pressure time the bane of my existence I never liked baseball caps my granddaughter though a true heir sits back for it she's does grandma wear it backwards this is the one I love oh yeah oh that's practical isn't it well I guess you're protecting your neck from the Sun if I know where I add I want to that's it covers everything and the Sun can't get to you this you get some of the back your neck their ears the sides as you get older you tend to have bigger hats well you might not want to hear this oh but it's time for you to try everything on them I can do that you're kidding what no no no are you serious if it's me I don't think that's everything oh my god you see my ball Jess you're talking about me putting on those particular pants yes what are you kidding I have to sit down all this sit down when they put their pants on I'm telling you straight out that this stuff is not big enough I can't hold my breath you what – it's a good thing that were clean Underpants today oh my height should have worn my bird oh whoa oh I put my feet into that rippling I think my circulation is being cut off well under please yeah I think I look great what a wonderful color combination God can I come out yeah come on out these are nice jeans I mean like a good weight actually he's passed fits pretty well see I'm not so bad 475 right let's go fast cuz I can only hold myself in for so long what do you think now that you're wearing modern fashion I'm thinking the bells are too tight I feel really uncomfortable and exposed maybe when I was 16 I could get away with this I'm a few away mystical I like things to be a little longer so this gets hidden it's cute if it's backwards I think and then with this tag on mm-hmm I'm stylin man all right how about this yeah you want a date you take me to lunch do you think I look stylish I think you look great so how would you say that today's fashion compares to fashion of your time I'd say we had some goofy looking trends back then as well as today yeah she always reinvents itself in a 70 you know shorts that both men and women wears like disjoint people used to be so conscious about the hair and then the dress should be like feminine right now you really have to be in good shape to wear these clothes my mother would not have let me out of the house and yes is there a time in your life when you wore something that your parents just hated yes miniskirts my legs are really pretty before I'm not sure it was my parents who hated it so much but the school was very upset about how short our skirts were colored jeans were just coming in a friend dared me to get a pair of red ones and I got a pair of red jeans and my Paris oh very upset they're not supposed to wear nylons in a certain age and you're not supposed to wear makeup to a certain age so I guess now that I think back yes why do you think that as people get older they tend to knock keep up with the fashion trends the same way they did when they were younger he's a hassle dry-cleaning bill is high when you're young you want to be fashionable and as you get older you want to be comfortable for the majority of people though you know stop disapproving how can people wear that how can they I don't feel that way if I could get away with and I go to parties and my younger my friends would say look at that lady while she's trying to look yeah it doesn't suit her they're not concerned with impressing anybody or or worried about who's gonna say something or look at them or care things that look great on you at sixteen are not gonna look great in 67 whatever you try on even though it may be trendy you've got to be realistic about like but does it look good on me and finally what do you think people will think of this style when they get older and they look back on it don't laugh they'll laugh and it'll all come around again you know they'll get old and go oh are they in my 20s most people think their own style their music their their culture their their clothing everything today that's always the best those people in the past they don't know maybe they'll think it's okay maybe though they won't think it's that bad because like now I would look at myself from before the clothes that I would wear it didn't look bad per se Jesus did I wear that actually you know that's not true I'm thinking of my granddaughter now she looks pretty good most of the time thanks for watching this episode of elders react wanna see more hit that subscribe button the bye guys can I please take this off now hey guys it's Kylie associate producer here at FBE we've had the teens react to 80s fashion the elders react to modern fashion what type of fashions we have what generation react to next you


  1. Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for spending part of your day with Elders React trying on clothes (all but the jeans came from Forever 21 – maybe we'll try other stores in the future!) We will be back tomorrow at 2pm PST with another video! – FBE Team

  2. what a gr8 idea for an episode :))))))) love it ! You should also prepare some crazy celebrieties cloths for elders to try on – like Lady gaga's meat dress maybe 😉

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