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  1. I'm not sure if I'll get a response but it's worth a try. If I'm understanding correctly you do light attack >skill and other guides with rotations do skill > LA is there any benefit to doing it "your" way compared to theirs ? Hopefully this gets a reply because I can't seem to get weaving down properly with a bow.

  2. Deltia, thanks for the videos, I have like 4 pages of ur website that stay open so I can 'consult' as I progress my characters, really appreciate the info. U said ur favorite is the healer is that just because they don't have a teacher? Ha ha thanks man

  3. What's so special about this. I discovered how to do this literally on the 1st week of playing. I have only started playing 3 weeks ago?

  4. Deltia was wondering if you would accept my friend request to play in game with me to well train me on this as well as help me do dungeons being your a very skilled player and I always keep skilled players on my friends list man could use you most definitely PSN: FreshCaliSwag91

  5. Good video, terrible mechanic. Still in the game as of 5/5/2016. Still proof that zenimax is garbage.

  6. thx so much man, I improved my gameplay so much since I started listening to your guide, hours of crazy useful tips. Keep up the good work deltias !

  7. I am new and I have been using xeloxi technique of med-abil-bash-repeat it seems to be working better that light weaving as a stam DK what are your thoughts? I use you guides exclusively so I want the deltia seal of approval just for confirmation. Also is your burning butcher guide for DK still viable? Been playing a month and almost at min max with my first toon using your build so thanks for everything! I did switch skoria with neir'neth two piece as they nerfed skoria. Have a great holiday!

  8. I've seen vids of some people weave a heavy attack right after the wrecking blow, I'm mesmerized by it but I can't quite figure out how to do so… I see it being done and it looks amazing, especially when people use it with the mephala helmet and it procs the webs. How do I weave a heavy attack to go off right after a wrecking blow? Can someone help me out please?

  9. I'm a dota player, and I really enjoy this kind of mechanic. I think it bring a lot of complexity and room for improvement in the game. It really require skill and that's what I look for in a game I plan to spend a lot of time in.

  10. hey maybe some one can clear it up for me, I understand the concept of animation canceling. Have done it myself in many games. But most of the time you would use a light or heavy attack to cancel the animation of the the ability being used. But here it seems like you're canceling the animation for the light attack with an ability…..

  11. I looked this up because I thought it was something hard -.- but I literally do this in every game ever -.-

  12. Hi Deltia! Would you happen to have a guide on heavy attack weaving? Is it the same general idea?

  13. You can also weave in heavy attacks… or more like medium attacks (not fully-charged heavy attacks) when you manage to hold the button for auto attack longer and time it right. If you add block to cancel heavy animation it'd be even faster. Depending on the enemy, spec and rotation you can get 800 to even 1200 sustained single-target DPS.

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