Eingeengt 2 from Jean Claude Constantin – Solution

Hello and welcome to Puzzle Master. This is the puzzle guy and in this video
you will find how to solve Eingeengt 2 puzzle created by Jean Claude Constantin. This puzzle is made of
wood, acrylic and metal. It has difficulty level eight out of
10 and the object is to put all the parts inside the square, but it is
a constraint packing puzzle, which means that you have
to put all the parts inside, but the top acrylic layer
makes it a little bit more
difficult since the opening is smaller and it has a weird shape. If you like Eingeengt 2 puzzle and you
want to buy it and go to puzzlemaster.ca and now I will show you
how to solve this puzzle. But first you have to remove all the
parts and it is pretty difficult to do as well. Some parts can fall out pretty easy, but for some other parts you have to move like two or three parts to remove the part what you need. For example, this one, now to remove this part,
you have to move it up and to the left. This part can be removed by moving it
to the right and rotating it a little bit and these two parts are pretty easy to remove. It’s, it’s almost done. And now to make it a little bit
easier for you to solve this puzzle, I recommend to make a square shape
with all the parts outside the tray. So it’s going to look like this. That’s it. As you can see, I made
a square, it’s gonna fit inside. But now the most difficult part.
When I was solving this puzzle, I’ve been trying to put all these parts
through this opening when it was facing me like this, but only after 20 minutes I realized
that I can rotate this tray and with the parts, different ways. So the
correct orientation would be this one. And that’s how you can put all the parts. So start with this one. Put it right here. Next goes this part, then put this part inside. This part goes here. Then you
have to rotate it and move. Then goes this small part and next goes, this part. And now you have enough space to put
this part. And the puzzle is solved. As we can see, solution is pretty easy
when you know it, but it was for me, really difficult to find that. I have to rotate the base to be
able to fit all the parts inside. Very interesting puzzle, and I like it a lot. If you like this puzzle and you want
to try some other great puzzles created by Jean Claude Constantin.
Go to puzzlemaster.ca. See you next time.

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