East Downtown shop turns ‘trash’ into charitable fashion

when I learned about Magpies and Kiko it really changed the way I viewed fashion it is a movement and make pies and peacocks bringing this to the Houston area way ahead of their time got this in LA when they had their pop-up shop there I bought it for my son but I got compliments when I was wearing it so I can’t stop worrying it you’re at Magpies and peacocks 501c3 nonprofit design house our founder Sarah Jane Smith was interior designer she was in the closets of her residence and she saw there was a lot of waste and so she had the lightbulb moment what about if we took these post-consumer textiles everything from clothes jewelry accessories even ends of boats of scrap material and up cycled it into something luxurious eco-friendly and sustainable and that’s how Magpies and peacocks was both anything that we can do that creates a vehicle for the mission understanding that waste material is resource which is need to be taught about textiles fashion design our it’s not about money it’s about creativity and if we can do something that really is good for the planet as well as the soul and as well as the people involved and we can employ people to make here from stuff that we’re throwing away why wouldn’t that be a good idea [Music]

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