e-cloth consumer review

okay today I'm going to give you a practical video tutorial of the eikhoff it's perfect cleaning with just water and I was surprised that it worked and I thought no matter what I write about it people are going to be skeptical so I'll show you and I'll show you a video and there's no one in the kitchen but me no camera crew hiding no nobody you know to cut takes out or anything like that so this is the this is the hob and oven cleaning system from a cloth and this is the cleaning cloth it's double-sided the stripey side is for really getting into stuck on food and once you do that you wipe it clean with the smooth side and then you follow up with the polisher and if you have a glass table like I do or stainless steel and you use that polisher it makes things gleam you'll see it it's amazing so what we'll do is we'll fill this bowl with warm water and I put this cloth underneath it so looking straight down into the bowl you can you can clearly see the detail on that cloth right so let's move it up over to the sink with warm water and it's such a simple simple process and it it's good for the environment it's good for you because you're not inhaling any any horrible fumes or anything like that so with the water in it you can see you can still see the the print on the cloth so we'll put our eClass in and get it nice and wet and bring it out so what I've done is I've put a little bit of mango coulis on my hob and I've turned it on and just assembly you know when you spill food during cooking and by the time you come back to clean it up it's been baked on it's been you know stuck on and it's it's hardened and dry and you know just turning on the hob and and simulating that they did a lot easier so what I'll do is I'll do happen so that's that's based on you can see that that's pretty pretty good and baked on pretty sticky so we use this equation just just watch this is just water nothing else hot water tap water good old Manchester water nothing but water elbow great practice so stop there for now and it's it's gross right so what I like to do is I like to rent in between and then so this this o'clock it's reusable and the package says that it removed 99% of bacteria and it's good for a 300 washes so once you've done with it you just chuck it in the washing machine I let mine air dry and I just pop it on the radiator for add a half a day let it air dry and that I'm good to go so the next slide is our smooth side we just wipe up any leftover debris with our smooth side and then what I like to do take a normal kitchen roll just dry the area just dry up like that and then I mean look at that look at the difference right but now this is our polishing cloth all I'm gonna do just I like to do it in circles my dad taught me ah from watching him wash and polish his car every weekend you polish in circles and absolutely gleaming look at that right and look at that gross water it has a yellow tinge to it and it's gray and it's murky and it's disgusting and that's just hot water a bit of elbow grease so let's test it this is an ordinary kitchen towel you might have I'm sure you do have loads of these and your flat and your house bring it out and let's see what happens same amount of pressure red crab rep I mean already I've been you know I've been at it with this towel longer than I have with the e-class but look look at the difference that's when I clean with the e-class watch that squeaky clean did you hear that and this is where I just clean with the green towel no snow squeak and you can you can see that there's still muck on there and it's disgusting so let's go back roll wet our towel ring it out get all the excess water off and go over our entire I do circular motions again just because I always clean the circle but look at that not a bit of that mango coulis left behind not a trace of it and when I use the green towel there was nothing but mango coulis left behind and look at the state of that water now no chemicals just water I'm using this the other side of the cloth the smooth side – and just for the purpose of this demonstration dry in and let's get our polish ah shine that make it look beautiful and gleaming that is a beautiful hob and that is the power in Econ go buy one go buy loads they're amazing


  1. I have been using and a zig zag motion to clean. I find that I use fewer swipes to get my surfaces clean. I saw a demo on Youtube of this method.

  2. The camera jumping made me a bit dizzy at the start but it was worth it to see your demo on the baked on stove. Thank you for sharing this!

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