Dry Dock: Jean Bart | World of Warships

Battleship Jean Bart, the second
Richelieu-class battleship constructed, received her name in honor
of the legendary French corsair and national hero. The battleship was intended to counteract Italian battleships
in the Mediterranean Sea, menacing the enemy
with her eight 380 mm guns mounted in two turrets. At the time the ship
was put afloat in 1940, she was one of the most
state-of-the-art ships in existence. Richelieu-class battleships were equipped with the most
effective defense systems available. She was also capable
of great speeds of up to 32 knots thanks to the combination
of the hull’s length and its sharp lines that made
for low resistance at higher speeds. The layout of the main guns at
the bow end reduced the citadel’s length and allowed for thicker armor
for the ship’s protection. Moreover, the turrets
had optimal firing angles, which simplified fire control. During her post-war modernization, Jean Bart received the best available
anti-aircraft artillery armament in the world at the time. The history of Jean Bart
was full of drama: the ship’s construction
hadn’t been completed when she had to
transit from France to Casablanca, Morocco, in June 1940. Later, in November 1942, she engaged U.S. battleship Massachusetts
in a defensive gunnery duel. During the battle
she suffered an aerial assault that flooded
and sank her in shallow water. After World War II concluded, the battleship
was raised from the bottom, and her construction
was finally completed in 1953. Battleship Jean Bart appeared in World
of Warships in November 2018. In our game, this Tier IX
French Premium ship is fast and has effective
anti-torpedo protection, good concealment, and a long firing range. The comparably fast reload
time of her main guns, decent AA defenses, and effective secondary
armament should also be noted.

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