Dressing For Career Success | What To Wear For Interviews, Promotions and Management Opportunities

Dressing For Success What To Wear To Work
[0:00:00] Dress for the job you want, not the job you
have. It’s a cliché saying, but I love it because
there’s so much truth in it. Gentlemen, whether you’re applying for a job
whether you’re in a company and you’re vying for a promotion, or if you are the man in
charge, you want people to listen to you, you want people to view you as competent. The way that you dress the way — the clothing
you put on your back is going to have a huge impact. In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you the secrets of dressing for success. [Music]
Now, I’m going to break this video into three parts. In the introduction I talked about three different
situations. First, you’re on the outside of the company,
you’re trying to break your way in, you’re interviewing, so we’re going to talk about
how to dress for the interview. Next up, you are in the company. Maybe you’ve been working there a year maybe
you’re just brand new maybe you’ve been working there a few years. In any case, you’re trying to dress for a
promotion. Finally, let’s talk about you’re a mid-level
manager. Maybe you’re the CEO, you’re the guy running
the company, you’re in charge. How to dress so you come off as competent
so people will trust you they’ll listen to you they’ll follow you. Let’s start this off by talking about dressing
for the interview. Understand when you go into a company for
an interview, they are assessing fit. Fit is incredibly important. This is the X-factor this is the thing they
can’t see on your resume on your body of work. They may have heard great things about you
and you may have a solid sales reputation, but if you don’t fit into their culture, they’re
— if they’re smart, they’re not going to hire you. They’re also going to physically look at your
clothes, so you need to make sure that you’ve got the right dress code and that the clothing
you wear does not instantly just say this guy doesn’t fit with us. Because if they don’t wear suits in their
company and you wear a suit to the interview, you instantly send that signal, okay, this
guy is different. And I know, you may be a suit guy you watch
my channel you love this stuff. The key I’m trying to hit on here is that
understand every company has a culture. You need to find out what that interview attire
needs to be before you show up. You may have to dress down a bit, you most
likely will have to dress up a bit, but in any case, you want to show them that you are
the right person and that you can fit in. What is that dress code? Do a little bit of research, but once you
know what it is, then you want to live up to it. So, first thing you’re going to do is focus
on the fit of your clothing. I’ve talked about this before, but you want
to take — know the name of your tailor. Take that and they can adjust it. So, let’s start off with the dress shirt. So, a dress shirt, go with a simple white
right here or a light blue. Either one of these are going to be acceptable. If you want them more formal, the white is
going to be classic and is more formal. Now, notice dress shirts they don’t usually
have pockets on the front. They can have a single pocket without a button. All of a sudden, when you get buttons and
flaps, that’s not a dress shirt that’s a casual shirt. Also, they are solid in color, you’re not
going to go for a lot of patterns. You can have an understated palette pattern
and that’s going to be basically where maybe there’s a twill pattern in the background,
something you can’t see unless you get up really close. Also, we’re not going to have epaulets on
the shoulders. We’re not going to have any pockets over on
the sleeves. Also, go for something like a simple barrel
cuff instead of going for a French cuff. You don’t need to go for two buttons or anything
fancy, you’re going for simple for classic. Remember, you want to look clean, you want
to look presentable, you want to be wearing the right attire and you want to fit in. Next up, let’s talk about the classic interview
suit. So, the classic interview suit is going to
be solid in color and it’s going to be usually in navy, we’re going to see in gray. Now, charcoal gray is going to be darker than
this. This color right here is a medium gray and
it’s the lightest I would go with an interview suit. Now, when it comes to black, I try to avoid
black. I think it’s too stark of a contrast when
it comes to colors. And it really isn’t just for classic for a
suit, it’s more for black-tie, but if that’s all you have it fits you properly, then go
ahead and if it works, you know, with your skin tone it looks good on you, you can go
ahead and pull that off. But, I like these colors especially the navy,
I think it works great for men it just makes them look a little bit younger. If you are a very young looking man, then
go for a charcoal gray which, again, is going to be a little bit darker. If you’re an older man with graying hair,
you may find that a medium gray like this is going to look better for you. Now, remember gents the definition of a suit
is a jacket and a pair of trousers made from the same material. They have to match exactly, they can’t be
close. So, if you find this jacket and you, oh, I
don’t have a pair of trousers to match it exactly, so you find a pair of darker trousers. It may look good, but understand that’s not
a suit combination. They’re going to view it as he doesn’t understand
how to dress properly, he can’t be customer-facing and that’s a big deal. Now, if you’re wearing a suit to an interview,
you pretty much need to wear a necktie. You want to look for something that’s classic
something conservative something that isn’t going to draw too much attention to itself
and something that is going to work with your clothing. Now, everything we talked about those dark
colored suits with light-colored shirts, all of these neckties are going to work. So, go for small repeating patterns, don’t
go for colors that just aren’t going to stand out. Don’t go with anything neon or anything like
that. So, small repeating patterns like this dot,
you can go with a solid here small repeating pattern small repeating pattern. Now, red, you can go with a small repeating
pattern on red, but what you want to avoid is a brighter red. You don’t want to go anywhere in that superpower
tie because, again, you’re trying to fit in not overpower your interviewer. [0:05:10]
So, up to this point we’ve been working to fit in. Now, let’s have a little bit of fun, let’s
look at the shoes. So, you can go with a pair of black cap toe
oxford. That will work with either suit we just talked
about. You can go with dark brown cap toe oxford,
a little bit different or you can go with a two-tone cap toe oxford. Look at this right here. We’ve got the slightly different colored leathers. So, you can have a little bit of fun and hopefully
what I’m opening your eyes up to here is in the interview attire, you can have fun with
it, but it has to be in the small details. Maybe a little bit here with a pocket square
go with the presidential fold. It may be you having fun with your shoes. Now, here’s another oxford here. We’ve got a medallion right here on the front
an oxblood maroon color here, very nice. You could actually wear this with either outfit. This one right here, this is going to push
it and I wouldn’t recommend this for an interview. Why? I love the broguing, but this is going to
make it a very casual shoe. Another shoe you want to be careful of in
an interview is going to be the blucher. Now, the blucher, this may look classic, you
may think it’s going to go great with that medium gray suit and it would if it wasn’t
interview attire. Now, here we have an open lacing system. Remember the difference? We got the back quarter it’s been thrown on
top of the front part which is the vamp. Again, you could wear this if it wasn’t interview
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where it should be. So, something like this I love it when a company
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I’m linking to Ace Marks down in the description. Use that link. Use that discount code. Go check out the new designs. Awesome company. Congratulations, you got the job. Now, you want to start dressing for the promotion. You’ve been working there six months maybe
you’ve been working there two years. In any case, you want to move up at that law
firm, you want to move up to the top of that consulting firm. To do that let’s look at how the people at
the top are dressing, how they’re presenting themselves. You have to look confident you have to look
the part. You’ve got to have your day-to-day clothing
that simply makes you look the part of that competent banker, that competent consultant. So, to do that, okay, so this is going to
be one of your go-to shirts. It’s classic its casual it’s something you
can in a pinch dress up with a suit, but most days you can dress down and not even wear
a necktie with this. This is your classic oxford. Basically we have white going down blue going
across and what that does is it gives it from a distance that light blue look. But this is a casual shirt, so maybe you need
to dress it up a bit. In that case, you can still bring in a small
repeating pattern, but this one has a bit of a sheen to it. This is a classic dress shirt and when I come
in here, I see a dot pattern. Again, this one has a little bit of a spread
collar. I can still wear this with a maybe a half
Windsor or a full Windsor necktie knot. I could dress it up dress it down by not deciding
not to wear the necktie. But this is a classic dress shirt, it’s going
to look great and especially if I wear this maybe with that power tie, if I wear this
with a dark-colored suit. This one definitely going to look good, I
can stand apart from the crowd. Look at this one right here. It’s got a small repeating pattern. This pattern right in here is going to be
a little bit of a check pattern. This is going to be more casual. Now, I can still dress it up with a necktie
with maybe a medium colored suit, but this is something that you wouldn’t want to wear
into the board meeting, but it’s definitely something you can wear day to day. So, this next one may be a little bit controversial,
but I think a man that’s looking for a promotion can stand out in a positive way with a pink
shirt especially if it complements his colors. So, if you have darker colored skin you have
darker colored hair, pink will work great for you. Again, focus in on the fit and wear it with
confidence. [0:10:07]
So, this last shirt I’m showing you right here is the most casual of all the shirts
I’m showing you because of the pattern. The pattern is very strong, it grabs attention. Now, you could throw a jacket over this and
you can wear this maybe on a casual Friday. If you’re in a more casual work environment,
you could definitely throw a sports jacket on this and it would look great. But, in a very conservative business environment,
understand this may not pass for a dress shirt, but it’s still a great looking shirt that
I think many men can wear in many situations. So next up, let’s talk about sports jackets,
blazers, and odd trousers. And when I say odd trousers, I’m talking about
jeans, I’m talking about chinos, I’m talking about a wide range of different pants here,
but none of them actually match with the suit. Now, you can actually pull off a casual suit
at this level especially if it’s a company that’s going to be a bit more formal and it’s
going to be let’s say a casual Friday, then you can wear that casual suit maybe even not
even wear a necktie, have a nice pocket square. Yes, if you know what you’re doing. But, for most guys I think that they can step
up their game they can separate themselves from the crowd when they’re vying for a promotion
in a company maybe that’s a bit more casual by donning a sports jacket. We assume authority when we see a man in a
jacket. It almost looks like a suit, it’s not to the
level of a suit. Now, let’s talk about what to match with this. So, getting into odd trousers, there’s a wide
range of trousers that you can pull off. So first off, we’ve got khaki. Khaki, very common, many of you guys have
seen that. Then, we’re going to start going into browns
and tans. Browns and tans are — and khaki, they’re
all in the same family. Now, all of these are going to work with gray
because gray is a non-color. Now, if I wish to go over here to the green. Notice, they’re all going to work with this
and then even with the blazer over here, all of these are going to work. So, that’s why I really like when you’re building
your trouser collection, all of a sudden you look at a few variations. I like these because they simply work with
a wide range of jackets. Now, when it comes to grays. Grays are a non-color. When you’re matching gray and gray, you want
to be careful, I don’t really like it as much. I think you can go if there’s a big shade
difference you can make it work, but gray will work with the green it will work with
the blue it will work with any shade of blue, again, because it’s a non-color. So, when you have a non-color matching with
colors they work well. Now, we’re getting into casual, so jeans. Where do jeans fit in all this? Now, if you work for a company in which jeans
are acceptable and we’re not talking about the interview. Guys, you want to be very careful when it
comes to jeans in interviews. But, I think that jeans can be pulled off
in the right business environment. And guess what? Because of the color, they’re going to work
with any of these jackets here and match almost any of those shirts which by the way have
you noticed I’ve been building an interchangeable wardrobe? So, jeans if the culture accepts them, I think
a dark indigo may be going in with a dark gray may be finding black even. I’d be careful about black, usually it turns
into a dark gray after a couple washes. Now, casual pants. This is where a lot of guys don’t know a whole
lot about, but let’s talk about cords. So, cords are casual by their very nature,
but these trousers right here could go with any of those jackets right there and look
pretty good I think and, again, because we’re bringing in that brown tan color. Now, a color like this, what do you think? Now, if you’re going to wear this, you’re
going to stand out you’re going to grab attention because of these pants that you’re wearing
right here, the color is just going to stand ou. But, it’s actually in the same family as the
browns and the tans and because of that guys, it’s going to work with any of the jackets
over here. Now, let’s talk about pants like this. This is going to be made from a canvas material
and these are not ever going to be — you shouldn’t confuse these with dress slacks. Anything made from a canvas from a moleskin,
that is going to be more casual. Now, depending on the business environment
and, again, this is where you’re looking for the promotion, you’re looking to stand out
a bit, but still fit in still be trusted. Well, you could probably pull it off and look
good. Now, let me talk a little bit about each of
these jackets. So, this is going to be the most casual of
all the jackets you’re seeing here. This one’s going to be a little bit dressier
than this one simply because it’s got the classic herringbone pattern and it’s darker
in color more solid. This one right here is going to be a blazer. Now, if you’re going to wear a blazer, I would
be careful with the nautical buttons or the white button or something like that. I like it where it almost looks like a suit
top. This is something that many men pull off. This blazer right here just works, it’s a
great travel blazer, but understand this is going to be the most formal, this is going
to be mid-level, and then this one right here is going to be the most casual. Now, let’s talk about the shoes you can wear
when you’re dressing for a promotion. So, something like this is classic is conservative
and it’s going to work with all the outfits I just showed you, but it’s not really going
to grab too much attention. Instead, maybe you look at something like
this that has beautiful broguing on it and is definitely going to get you compliments. It’s going to be something that people like
this guy has style. You don’t want to wear this with a suit, but
you can wear this with those outfits I was just showing you. [0:15:02]
Now, when you bring in something like this that has nice suede on it a little bit of
a contrast to the leather with the broguing, understand that these are casual as well and
these are going to get compliments. These are going to grab attention. These are going to send that signal. Again, this new pair right here just beautiful
with the wingtip on this with suede, beautiful. Now, you could dress it down a bit. And if you’re in a position where you know
that, hey, everyone else is wearing shoes that aren’t really looking that great or you
see other people wearing loafers, you could bring in a monk strap, you could bring in
something like this a classic penny loafer. This is something that actually I love it
for travel. You can slip on slip off. So, I think that this would work great with
any of those combinations I just showed you. Congratulations! You got the promotion. You’re now the man in charge, you’re the manager,
you’re the CEO. You are the guy running the company, but you
still want to dress in a manner that people take you seriously. That whenever you go to meet with a client
they view you as competent because now you’ve got even more responsibility on your shoulders. So, when you’re in charge, how do you dress? You dress you could say however you want,
but I still think that you need to dress with style. You have a lot more freedom at this point,
but understand the way you dress the way you present yourself will actually have an impact
on the entire company. So now, let’s get into the clothing specifics. So, I’m the man in charge of my company, I
can wear whatever I want. For this video, I decided to wear, you know,
some peak lapels, so you could pull off a casual suit like this. With nice peak lapels structured shoulders
going for the nice pocket square in here with a shirt with a small repeating pattern, go
for a nice half Windsor tie. Again, understand you’re sending a message
throughout your company. Maybe you want to go for something that’s
more casual, so all of a sudden, you’re bringing in a sports jacket something a bit louder. This would – it’s something that if I
was going in for an interview, I wouldn’t wear it. It’s just too large of a pattern it’s a little
bit too loud, but if you run the company, you’re a mid-level manager you want people
to see that you’re the man in charge, always wear a sports jacket. I think that it’s just something that separates
you from the crowd. Now, you could also bring in a fun shirt. This shirt here uses bolder colors. It’s got a bolder stripe in it. Notice, it’s got actually a contrasting stitching
here right on where the button goes and it’s got French cuffs to boost. So, this shirt right here definitely is one
that says it has a power feel to it and you can wear this when you’re in charge. Now, let’s say you want to mute it down you
want to bring it down. You can still always go with a pattern like
this. Normally, this would be casual, but because
it has an absence of color it’s actually got a gray almost like a blue in it, this right
here is going to be something that you could pull off as well. And just because you’re in charge doesn’t
mean you have to wear anything outlandish. I love going with basically understated elegance
I like to call it. And here we’ve got just a small what? Various — I got light blue, medium, blue,
black, and all that mixed in with here. It’s actually going to be a suit, I got my
nice little pocket square. You’ve probably seen me wear that in a few
videos. So, when it comes to the shoes, you can wear
all the shoes I showed you. Any of these are going to work. I really love these right here, they have
that beautiful medallion on them. Shine those up nice. Again, these brogues and as you guys know
I am in love with these new wingtip with a blue suede on them. This would look really good. I could even wear jeans with that — with
that sports jacket there and wear these boots. I probably wouldn’t wear these boots with
that little bit of suede with the wingtip and the broguing. I’m — I probably would not wear these with
any of the odd trousers I was showing you the dress slacks, but I could definitely wear
that with jeans. Guys, at the end of the day, when you’re in
charge when you’re going for that job when you are looking to move up, understand your
clothing sends a message. Control that message because when you do that,
all of a sudden you – it just gives you a power and advantage over those that don’t
know how to do this. Guys, go check out Ace Marks. I love this company. For two years, I’ve been talking about them. Again, matching shoes with matching belts,
beautiful shoes which I just can’t get enough of, fit, the overall — the fit is very comfortable. They’re a very lightweight built. They’ve got actually a specific type of flexible
sole that they use. And I mean, when it comes down to it, they
just really care about their customers. I mean, who else is going to develop a last
type of shoe tree one that actually is going to reshape it whenever you get your shoes
wet if you ever because I know I’ve got my shoes wet and I’m worried about damaging them
or you just sweat a lot in your shoes. Yes, that can damage and destroy your shoes. Guys, they’re going to take care of you. Go check out their website check out their
new collection. I’m linking to them down in the description
with that new discount code. Go check it out, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.
[0:19:37] End of Audio


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    I can't be the only guy who wonders how to dress for non-business grad school interviews.


  27. My company wanted me to dress a blazer but I am working as a salesman and I am constantly receiving no's… It does not feel comfortable

  28. At one time l wore a black pair of wool slacks with a powder blue shirt with a maroon stripe tie and a gray blazer with black kiltie slip ons!! I did get the job, and a few years later they relocated!!

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