Dresses from the Magical Dress Shop – comedy – crossdresser videos

Welcome to my channel and I hope you enjoy this video Look at that. That’s so funny. Yeah that’s quite interesting. What else did you do today? Usual computer work, editing etc. You know the conference that I am going to next week? I need your help. You know [have good taste] You need to help me. I need to do it before next week A parcel came today from the Magical Dress Shop oooh, the Magical Dress Shop Where is it. I will go get it. Here is the parcel that came. That is so tiny Are you sure there is anything in there. The instructions say it is magical, you just throw it at the person and they end up wearing a dress. Give it a go Wow, it actually works and it looks quite good How do you like it? My turn Here goes, are you ready? Look at that. I like this. Thats very nice. Give it a twirl, up and down Yes, I have to get used to this. Hurry, they want to see. Give it a turn, Twirl, twirl. I don’t like what I have got. I need to change, give it another go. Let’s do this again. Here we go. Wow, that’s different. Yeah, I like that as well. Now you will have to pick one. I guess we can get ready and go. Totally agree Oh this is so nice. Yeas its a very nice evening. Who’s that. That’s Bill Why is he looking at you like that Probably because I am wearing a dress. But you are so pretty and sexy Exactly, look at how ugly he looks. He’s just jealous. Let’s move on. You are sexy Yes, I look nice. He does not.


  1. Love your videos! It might be really fun to watch you try to teach your husband to walk like a woman or even a runway model.

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